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     Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium   July 5, 2005

The delays in this here construction process are really getting ridiculous. Here's hoping things improve... as is I have an awfully big backlog of stuff I can't do from this laptop brewing.

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A letter from a timewarp.

Google!  You went to the Dear Friends concert?!  Okay okay okay.  Did you notice that after they played Terra's theme, a young lady allllll the way in the front and allll the way to the left leapt up in a one-woman standing ovation and almost fell onto the stage in her enthusiasm?

Well.  That was me.

This is like touching God's toenail.

-- Nistelle

Nope. My seat was about as far from that as possible, up in the balconies. So I wasn't really in a position to see much of anything.

Again and again and again...

Hi Google, I'm new reading your column, and it's  excellente.

I have some questions for you:

1- Did Hironobu Sakaguchi left Squaresfot because of the failure of Spirit Within?.

That would be quite the delay between cause and effect if he did. The only real effect of that movie doing so poorly that I can think of would be that it discouraged them from following it up with another. Unless you want to get into the whole "What if?" game and extrapolate how things would be with more money in Square's pockets, but I'm against that sort of thing.

2- What hapenned with Crono Break, i knew the name was filled by SE but never heard what happenned after that.

Uh... it never existed, and thus there was nothing to happen with it? Companies randomly register trademarks "just in case" all the time really.

3- Why grandia 3 is not called Grandia 4?, Is not grandia Extreme part of the series, or is it only a spin off?

See yas, and continue doing such a nice job.

When you number some games in your series, then have some with just subtitles, then go back to numbering, generally you pick up where you left off and say everything in between was a spin-off yeah. Personally, I'd prefer it if everyone just numbered all their games, if for no other reason than to help me keep count. Capcom makes that sort of concept tricky though.

Ooh, here's a good one.


What with 'true' RPGs becoming more of a niche genre   than they were before, more and more games containing RPG elements without   being, er, 'true' RPGs (since they obviously don't make it to RPGamer),   what's your view on the future of RPG sites such as this one?

- Person -

Well, there would be more of a concern there if not for the fact that we also cover TRPGs, whatever qualifies as Action/RPGs, and a few things that really don't fit any reasonable definition.

Anyway though, there has indeed been something of a drop off in your good old by the numbers, party of characters, experience and menus all over RPGs. You need to look back a few more years though. 10 years or so ago, there was maybe... what? Half a dozen teams dedicated to cranking out RPGs give or take? Then in the late 90s, a boom started, and just about everyone jumped on the bandwagon. A lot of those developers seem to be dropping off or cutting back, but others are sticking with it and doing quite well. Heck, just look at the momentum of the Shadow Hearts series there. There's always going to be a minimum base of solid, clean cut RPGs out there no matter how many weird pseudo-RPGs you see on the shelves.

Short and to the point.

when will fire emblem for nintendo gamecube in the u.s come out

October 17th it seems. I know I'm looking forward to it.

Lost: One Ogre, answers to Fluffy.

Dear Google:

I'm aware of that Square/Enix has possession of the "intellectual property" of the now-defunct Quest games, which is actually at the centre of my email.

I'm a big fan of the "ogre battle" series of games, and I was wondering firstoff if any plans for future releases of the series were in the works, and secondly if there were any non-english games in the series released.

Thanks a bunch!!

We missed out on Ogre Battle Gaiden for the NeoGeo Pocket Color, for reasons that go without saying. Unfortunately, everything has been quiet these days when it comes to that series, but here's hoping another comes out one of these days.

The Last Laugh:

Rocky times persist around here. Here's hoping things go smoothly over the weekend for you everyone.

Googleshng "Wave'o'babies..."


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