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     Fortunately for humanity, the aliens had Macs with no firewalls.   July 4, 2005

Todayish, 236 years ago, a bunch of farmers officially stopped paying freaky high taxes on imported tea. This is considered to be one of the most important events in a good 6th or so of the world. Seems rather silly when put that way, until you stop and think of how most holidays came about through greeting card companies getting sick of dry spells in their sales. I'm looking at YOU Secretaries' Day!

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Here's a letter for your columm, just something I thought up. With Xbox 360 on the horizon and the current generation of consoles soon to be left behind, which of its RPG's (Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast) do you think will be looked back upon as memorable, along games such as Chrono Trigger and Xenogears as are now? What will stay in the minds and hearts of rpger's long after the current generation?


That's a very interesting question, but honestly, you're asking it a year or two before you should. As a general rule of thumb, the best and most impressive games for any system come out just before they fade into obscurity. Especially if we're talking about RPGs, which for some reason take longer to establish themselves than any other genre on new platforms.

That said, I can still name you a couple. Skies of Arcadia seems to have left quite a mark for itself, and FF10 is going to get some nostalgia factor going just from the number of people who played it. Past those though, I really do think you're going to have to wait.


say there, answer drone,

do you ever troll around various gaming/political forums? and if so, do you ever get the feeling that we as a people are all doomed unless someone (oh, we'll just say me) comes out with a game that is so spectacular that people will forget to bemoan whatever nuisance they are currently bemoaning? Really. I think that a spectacularly good MMO could solve the world's problems. That, and the steady drip of your iv pumping you full of morphine. ahhh..... hmmm... this seems to be rambling. In conclusion, I think that an MMO based loosely off the events of the tv show Lost would be pretty neat. Surviving in a jungle, working together to build a neat raft, attacking polar bears....

Have a good one,

I make a strong point of not doing so, largely because of what you're hinting at there. Anyway though, no matter how amazing and popular anything is, there's going to be a lot of people out there who don't like it. There's also going to be an awful lot of people who will complain BECAUSE it's so popular, regardless of what they'd otherwise think about it.

As for your specific notion here, that flat out wouldn't work as a MMORPG. The players of such games are always going to establish a community darn fast, and flood the market with anything players can create for themselves. Plus thematically, having more than a dozen people on some deserted island makes it kinda hard to call it deserted. So you'll have to just be happy with Lost in Blue there.


Since you asked you shall receive (a letter that is).  Apparently I’m one of the few who enjoyed Golden Sun and its sequel.  The story didn’t come to a complete close at the end of The Lost Age and it allowed to save clear data like the first did.  It has been several years and I’ve heard nothing about a possible Book 3.  I did some searching, but didn’t come up with anything.  In fact, the only Camelot Software Planning site I can find is in Japanese.  So the question is:  Any news of a possible Golden Sun 3?


Plenty of people liked the Golden Sun games actually. So it's safe to assume a sequel will show up sooner or later. In fact, it's pretty safe to assume that about any game ever made really. There's a Robopon 2 out there. Heck, there's a 3D update of Pong. Anyway, when such a sequel is announced, we'll mention it.

Evil Anticipation

Hey Cast,

Well I don't know if you've been following the GameFAQs Villain Battle, but Sephiroth won.  So today they have a poll up asking if Sephiroth really is the greatest villain of all time and the majority have said yes.  This irks me.  Sephiroth is not a villain.  He is a confused individual driven insane by the misconstrued knowledge of his heritage.  He doesn't really have "evil" designs, they just happen to be bad ones that no one else will particularly like.

Meanwhile we have true villains like Kefka and Gannondorf who crave power and will stop at nothing to get it and crush whoever gets in their way. These are true villains.  I think it just annoys me that the real reason everyone thinks Sephiroth is so bad is because he's bad ass.

And so we have a question, what game are you most looking forward to that is coming out within the next 3 months?

-- Kalledon --

No, the real reason people are so obsessed with Sephiroth is that FF7 was somehow the first thing they ever came across containing a silverhaired prettyboy who was ticked off at the world, and so they get that whole first=best=everything else is a pale imitation mindset. It's like that imprinting thing baby birds do.

As for what I'm looking forward to the most in the next 3 months, hmm... Zelda's out of bounds, so I'll have to go with Makai Kingdom.


Sorry about the lack of letters, you woulda had one from me if i had internet access.

Anyways i've been having this problem with rpg's i'm playing.
Non-expressive characters.
Seriously it pisses me off, guy happens to be angry, but he stands perfectly still. Girl is sad, she doesn't move her damn body. She maybe sobs a bit. I know I shouldn't expect too much, it's probably not something developers think about, but it really bugs me. The only two games i've played that really satisfied me in this category are BOF3 and BOFV. Do you think the same thing? Do you think characters act like robots most of the time?

I have a non-rpg question as well. I believe Canadians are awesome. I don't know why, I just feel it. Can you explain this phenomenon to me an American? Canada has some crazy power over me for some reason.


That's actually a perfectly legitimate thing to expect from developers. Even 16-bit RPGs have the capacity for characters to physically display emotion, and if you're using high detail polygonal characters in cutscenes like most people do these days, there's really no excuse not to concentrate on that. Now that I stop and think about it though, with a few notable exceptions like Skies of Arcadia and Zelda: WW, there are indeed too many wooden characters out there these days.

I'd love to get into the Canadian bit for you, but I'd be smacked.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry about the lack of a column yesterday. I'll explain all the strange events keeping me away from computers during these construction delays once it's all over and done with.

Googleshng "Comatose! Another C word!"

Ah, The Tick. How I missed you.

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