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     SPOOOOOOOOOOON!   June 28, 2005

It turns out Toon Disney is currently showing The Tick at 11 PM every night. I'd like to congratulate yon channel for finally justifying its existence.

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Gaaah, I can't believe this! Where are all the RPGs to the DS console? I know of three: Lunar Genesis, Mario & Luigi 2 and some Pokemon game? C'mon, there has gotta be more! I mean, imagine all the great things you could do with the DS. Let's take spells, for example. Instead of choosing them the old way, you draw a symbol on the screen with the stylus. The better and faster you draw that particular symbol, the stronger the magic will be. Or something. And instead of usin the D-pad to choose who you're attacking, you simply mark him with the stylus. The battles would be a lot faster and go a lot smoother. Hooray for the DS capabilities. But... Where are all the RPGs..? Best regards, Quincy

Uh... the system JUST CAME OUT you realize. There aren't a lot of RPGs out for it yet, or action games, puzzle games, etc. etc. There's never a lot of games for any system when it's only been out for a few months. That said, if you take a quick look at our upcoming games page, you'll notice a dozen or so RPGs in the works, many of which look quite drool worthy.

Oh, and just because it's a major pet peeve of mine, the DS isn't a console. It's a handheld.


About a week ago, I popped in Shadow Hearts Covenant.  I played it for about 2 hours.  The next time I turned on my TV to play a video game, I found myself slipping in the Zelda Collector's Disc into my gamecube, and all of a sudden, I was playing The Adventure of LInk.  I still haven't gone back to Shadow Hearts.  Sometimes I'm just a sucker for some good old retro gaming.

Anyways, what's your favorite under-rated game of all time?  I think The Adventure of Link is pretty far up there on my list.  It's a really fun game, that for some reason, not too many people like.  That's probably because of what came before it (the original) and what came after it (A Link to the Past).  Because of these superior games, The Adventure of Link became under-rated.  It's different, but fun.

an RPGfan

I wouldn't say Zelda 2 is underrated. People don't talk about it much, but when they do, they tend to have nice things to say about it. The worst I've ever heard anyone say about it is that various other Zelda games are better, and you said that yourself just now.

As far as a game that's truly underrated, I'd have to go with SaGa Frontier. Most people can't stand it, but if you're the sort of person who can look at a SaGa game and not run away screaming, it's fantastic. 7 characters, each with their own plotline, and unlike most SaGa games, you can actually take time out to build up your characters and reach a point where the final bosses can actually be killed.


Dear Andrew,

aside from the xeno series and tales series, has namco releases any (good) RPGs?

Also, I read an interview with Namco's localization manager as to why he chose tales of eternia over tales of phantasia AND the reasons why he called it tales of destiny 2 instead of tales of eternia, and as such I am thoroughly convinced it is all his fault.  So for my question, how do I go about getting him fired and/or replaced? (just kidding)  But seriously, are there any good namco RPGs aside from the xeno series and tales series?


Well, there's Baten Kaitos obviously. They also brought over the latest Arc the Lad game, and there's a few other games of lower profile too. As far as the Tales names go though, well, that's the sort of headache you get when not every game comes across the pond, and publishers want to make it clear that they're all in one series. It's not as bad of a headache though when, after rereleasing all the SNES FF games, we had games released in this country by the names FF1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7... but didn't really have 2 or 3. Must have confused the heck out of the less informed.

Weekend Fallout Part 1



I just wanted to point out to Andrew that Gilgamesh (FF5) actually defeats a boss for you, just prior to the final boss.  I'm not sure the fight is required, though. But if you enter the fight, Gilgamesh shows up, does a long pep-talk, then blows up both himself, and the boss.


So he's not really a member of the party, but he does help you...

Thanks for the time,

That was a bit of a tradition in the SNES FFs now that I stop and think about it. 4 had a lot of last minute ghostly aid too.

Weekend Fallout Part 2

Info for Stu:

First of all, yes, Gilgamesh did fight on your side at the very end of the game, albeit briefly during the last battle. His "ghost" has a change of heart at the end and decides to help you.

Stu lists Rydia already, so the one writer from yesterday can't technically list Young versus Old... it's still the same character, however, including X-2, he can also add Paine to the list.



Yeah... by that logic you'd be counting Cecil as two people because he has a class change, Celes as two people because she puts on a dress, Locke as 3 people, Terra as two, etc. etc.

The Last Laugh:

It looks like tomorrow you're going to be having a guest host. My power is getting shut off so yon contractors can finally get the bulk of the work done on this here roof work.


Why do little blue midgets hit me with fish?

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