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     I feel like Dr. Moreau   June 14, 2005

They say if you can't take the heat, you should stay out of the kitchen. Guess I'll have to get water from the bathroom sink instead.

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Hi Google

Thanks for answering my question about a third chrono game, I completely agree with your answers.I'm also glad i'm not alone when I said that if a third chrono game came out on a new system, it would be the one to buy.

ANYway, my question is pretty light hearted. Out of your favourite rpgs, which character do YOU feel is cooler than most people perceive? Meaning, I suppose, out of all the secondary characters out there, which is your favourite?

Billy from Xenogears was a pretty neat concept. He was a priest, not uncommon in rpgs, but a priest with a shotgun, which IS pretty damn cool. Glider from Skies of Arcadia is also an AWESOME character in my mind. His SP move Gunslinger has a cool little fmv with a GREAT line before he blasts their head off "Dance for me!" (BTW, I'm only 18 hours into Skies so please don't give anything away :)

Thanks, and keep up the good work

aka dollerz

So which is it? Coolest, or most underrated? Eh, I'll just pick someone at random. The most useful character you get in the original Phantasy Star is Myau. More importantly, he's a talking house cat.

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of games aren't in the Wild ARMs series.

I've played through a good chunk of Wild Arms Alter Code: F and as a rabid fan of the original Wild Arms, I'm not at all disappointed. Most of the music is at least similar. There seems to be an even heavier emphasis on character development. Nothing will ever match the magic of the original, but this comes close. What I'm really looking forward to is the direct sequel - 4th Detonation.

And while I'm on the subject I have a rant.

Why are direct sequels so few and far between? The formula works for Final Fantasy, but I'm really sick of seeing it applied to other series. Wild Arms and Grandia to name two. The first game in each series was awe inspiring to me. The second game was set in a different time and place with different characters, and it just wasn't the same. You didn't get to hear what happened to the heroes of the previous game or even a reference saying that they even existed. I enjoy gameplay, and battle mechanics, but for me the story and the characters are the real draw so these things really detract from my enjoyment.

I thank God that I haven't had to endure a "Lunar Xtreme" title. Lunar is one of those rare games that really gets it right, so I'm very excited about the upcoming Lunar Genesis/Dragon Song. I guess I'm just a bit nostalgic when it comes to these things.

The Wild ARMs games theoretically take place in the same world, it's just that due to either the translations, or bad historical record keeping, story details don't properly match up.

Anyway though, the bulk of RPG sequels take the route of being set in the same world, a thousand years later or earlier. You can keep the common elements you want, rationalize ditching the ones you want to change, and it's much easier to justify having to save the world again. A fair number of other sequels, drop the setting entirely and start fresh... or oddly, drop the setting entirely but keep all the monsters, spells, and character types from it.


Dear Googleshng.

You play Settlers eh? I'm not gonna lie, I'm a a big player of it.
Would you happen to play on S3dConnector?
( If you happen to sign up, I'd accept a challenge from the amorpheous gel known as Google(shng.) (I'm Dan Rydell.)

In other news, I just picked up a copy of BoFIII. What do you know about this game? Is it going to have a bit of replay value?

Thanks for your time

DJ Carter

Actually, I'm one of those freaks who tends not to involve a computer when playing board games.

Anyway though, I've never personally played BoF3, but most people who have seem to agree it's rather long and boring. Plus I wasn't really a big fan of the series to begin with. BoF5 on the other hand is refreshingly strange.


Just out of curiosity...can the media discs used for the PSP hold enough data to handle the masterpiece that is Final Fantasy Tactics? (not that crummy, poor excuse for a game that was released on the GBA) With the surge in popularity of TRPGs...I'd love to see Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP.

an RPGfan

Uh... what the heck about FFT makes you think it would take up too much space to fit on anything? There's a single pre-rendered movie (which you could live without if it came down to it), but otherwise there's really nothing to eat up space. The maps are pretty darn small and simple, the character graphics even moreso. No voice acting, the most impressive spell effects are just flashing an image on screen while messing with that weird particle effect fog Square games for the PSX seemed to be in love with, and while there's a lot of dialog, these days that doesn't have a measurable effect on disc space. It could be ported to anything with no real problems, but where exactly is the demand?

Here I go again...

Hey Google,

There is also something I want to know. The Final Fantasy 7 Tech Demo is of course an extremely beautiful CG movie, and it's a perfect rendition of the opening into higher graphics(except where it shows flying around in space and is "supposed to" have wording telling about Shinra and the Mako Reactors.)

Anyways though, it is very beautiful, but that isn't anything we haven't seen on the PS2 before. What's so special about a CG movie like that when others we've seen, like from FF10, FF11, and even Shadow Hearts 2 are just as good?
-andrew- -kupomogli-

Well, the idea behind a tech demo is that you're showing off what the system is capable of in real-time. The suggestion being that the actual gameplay you're going to see on that system is going to look like the tech demo. The only problem is that this is absolute BS, because the people making a tech demo are going to cut every corner and use every dirty trick possible to all of the systems resources towards presenting a single movie. The only possible bit of knowledge you can get from this is how good of an in-engine cutscene the game can deliver if it switches to special high quality models just to do so (like Shenmue or FF10). To that though, I have to say "who the @#%$ cares?" because if you can only deliver these graphics in non-interactive cutscenes, there's no reason you couldn't just stick in a pre-rendered cutscene there, and the specs of your system don't matter at all past having a disc based storage medium you can pull movies from.


So what exactly is Bloodbowl?

Google:It's football in the Warhammer setting. If you don't know what that means, well, it's like playing a football board game, except that your teams are made up of chainsaw wielding skeletons, goblins on pogosticks, and trolls who can pick those goblins up and throw them down the field, assuming they can resist the urge to eat them instead. And all the other silly races with their silly rules (like how werewolves have to mark their territory when playing against treemen).

The Last Laugh:

Wow, that was something of a long response for a quickie there wasn't it. Anyway, someone just gave me a copy of The Sims 2. In many ways it's better than the original, what with the system of genetics and all, but that doesn't really do me any good until someone points me to some site from which I can grab skins of weird stuff like zombies, wookies, and Steve Buschemi. Or at least high quality blood red eyes. I found such a site already of course, but now I need to find one that doesn't require subscription fees.

Googleshng "I want to make the lovechild of Chewbacca and Terra or something."

With luck, the result will be a green furry freak!

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