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     Fuego   June 13, 2005

It is hot around here this week. Very hot. My bottle of water I left in a car seems to be boiling sort of hot. It's a good thing I have air conditioning in here and nocturnal habits, or this might effect me in some way.

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When you stop and think about it, this really is a strange tradition.

I've never done one of these before, so I may mess it up, but here we go: The headline bar quote is from Mario & Luigi, Fawful says it during your first actual battle with him. Do I get a tilde?

-Joey Janowski

You certainly do! ~

History Lessons

Just curious why is there no listing for the game VAY on your site?
It is very similiar to the Lunar series.
LUNAR is better though.

I did enjoy the game on Sega CD, and wish they would have re-released it on the Playstation like they did LUNAR. Thanks.

Well, the short answer is this. RPGamer didn't cover games not made by Square until around the release of FF7. When we made the jump we started scrambling to cover everything else as it came out, as well as all the various other games released before that point. Unfortunately, back then we had a staff of maybe a dozen people, all of whom were rather overworked and couldn't handle everything. As the years went on, we grew, but so did the rate at which new RPGs were released. So to date, there are still a fair number of RPGs for the NES, SNES, Genesis, and Sega Master System, to say nothing of PC games, which we still lack coverage for, but unless we hit a point where 200 RPGs a year are being released, we should eventually get around to filling in all the holes.

... are we talking about the same games here?

Hey Google or Andrew,

Do you think Twilight Princess will be a remake of the original Zelda? Have you guys heard anything on the actual story or plot of the game yet? I'm just hungry for some info, and this is the first place I go to. Thanks for reading my question, and thanks for doing such a good job! (Y'all probably don't hear that often enough!)


Well, Twilight Princess has a strong emphasis on mounted combat, a definite horror-ish theme, and the interesting gimmick of Link becoming a wolf when entering creepy black and white areas. There's nothing close to any of that in the original Zelda, so I think we can pretty safely rule out it being a remake.

Nippon Ichi

I have been reading various gaming sites that praise Nippon Ichi as the Squeenix of TRPGs. What makes their TRPGs so popular? I have a hard time understanding this since I don't particularly care for them myself.

For example, so many of the gameplay details in Phantom Brave annoyed me that I couldn't enjoy the game as a whole. I really wanted to give the game a chance and forced myself to keep playing. I finally gave up after devoting forty hours to the game.

This experience does not mean I do not like TRPGs. I actually like the Fire Emblem games a lot and hope to get my grubby little hands on the GC installment in the fall.

I still am willing to give Makai Kingdom a chance. Hopefully, Makai Kingdom won't feel like the typical level grinding in many MMORPGs.


OK, things people like about Nippon Ichi include:

  • Plots not involving a corrupt church secretly run by demons in a setting resembling Europe in the 1400s.
  • Their sense of humor.
  • The depth of their game mechanics (Disgaea's number of classes, Phantom Brave's weaponry and customization, etc.).
  • The fact that they try new things with battles (Geo panels, weird gridlessness, the whole Confine idea).
  • Prinnies. Just look at them.
Tech Demory

Just curious becasue I don't recall seeing it on rpgamer.... but have any of you seen this clip that's sure to make FFVII fanboys needto soil themselves?


I would hope that everyone who reads this Q&A column fairly regularly has seen that yeah, as I spent a full week after E3 having to explain to people how misleading tech demos are after it was shown.

The Last Laugh:

Yesterday I had a chance to play Bloodbowl for the first time in forever. It's a big huge epic season with a dozen teams being played over the next month or two. This first game was my team of werewolves and large monsters vs. a team of almost all goblins. So uh... yeah, next time he has a game with that team, he's going to be fielding one snotling short of a full 11 players. He came really close to scoring a point with only 2 players left on the pitch at one point though, that's impressive.

Googleshng "OK, I block you with all three of these! I'm just at -1 now!"

Attackers are knocked over.

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