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     Clearly it's a genetic condition.   June 7, 2005

As mentioned earlier, yesterday I went to the house of some friends house to play Bloodbowl, or at least make some teams. One of said friends has a 4-year old daughter. Generally, I am not a fan of 4-year olds. Most 4-year olds though don't play videogames based on Star Wars where they're good enough to still do quite well despite periodically taking breaks from the action to stalk random Jawas on the street and execute them in shadowy back alleys, or talk about Carey Elwes. Here's hoping her new little brother turns out to be as cool of a little kid.

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People really need to ask me if I love Disgaea?

Hey guys,
I've been curious what you thought of Disgaea. I got the game on the recomendation of a trusted friend, but I don't think I'll be trusting him to know my tastes so much any more. It's not that I don't like the game, it is a decent bit of fun. The battle situations they push you into are interested and definetly creative, they did a good job with keeping that interesting. And there's so much crap to do it's rather unbeleivable. But the story is so lacking, I'll admit I'm probably not too far into it, and I have a prefrence for stories like Xenogears and FF:tactics, so I'm not entierly sure the game worth playing through all the time, given that it's more like a demented story book for children some times than a serious plot. Oh well, what did you think of the game?


I adore Disgaea personally. As far as the plot goes, this is what I always say to describe it. Most TRPGs are divided into chapters. A typical chapter is about, say, an agent of the church assassinating a duke and pinning it on you, causing mass riots, and leaving you a fugitive. Meanwhile, Disgaea is also divided into chapters, and a typical chapter is about say, someone stealing your picnic basket. I think it's a great change of pace myself. As incentive goes though, I will say that they throw some new stuff into the game once Flonne starts to really get old.


To Goog and/or Andrew:

Regarding the person who wrote to you about the value of his RPG collection, I've recently run into a similar problem. I decided to take out a renter's insurance policy, even though I haven't yet been able to save up enough to move out into my own apartment. For insurance purposes, I took pictures with my digital camera of all the items in my collection and burned them to a CDR-W (so I can redo it if my collection grows). I have a copy, along with a typed list describing each item, in a safe deposit box at my bank and another in the safe with my other important papers. At least this way I'll have a record of everything. I don't know if it'll help the other person, but anyone else with a similar collection might want to take precautions, as well. It certainly can't hurt. But for my question of the day, why don't you guys at RPGamer start a section for people to send in pictures of some of the cool RPG related memorabilia they've acquired? You could call it the Memorabilia of the Month section. Or not. Thanks for reading, anyway, and hope this helps.


I'm not sure about doing that as an official full blown feature, both because we have an awful lot of features going up lately, and because I'm not sure how many submissions would roll in, but I wouldn't have any problem at all throwing up something like that at the end of the Q&A week. It's been too long since I've had wacky reader submitted stuff in the column. So long as you can keep the file size reasonable, toss those pics in for tomorrow.

Speaking of weird stuff from readers...

Hey Google,

I was playing Phantasy Star Online and using my usual character(a force) I go to the Forest and cast a spell on a Booma and a Gigabooma next to each other. The spell was Jellen.

Next thing I knew the Booma walked over to the Gigabooma, and was like, "Hey, are you Jellen(not Gel?)" the Gigabooma replying, "like a felon."

Other players were around going Resta Me, Resta Me, or Die! with the funny quirks and noises added to it, the Gigabooma going "Look at all that yelling, they're so not Jellen."

Then I realized I was half asleep and thinking up stuff. Thinking up stuff that turned out extremely lame but sortof funny. Anyways, I actually wanted to see what someone else thought of if this was actually turned into a flash movie. It's exactly like the comercial, except with a magic spell named Jellen, and different noises instead of yelling which could be used as yelling. Yeah it's lame, but you think this'd turn out to be a good flash movie?

-andrew- -kupomogli-

I don't think people who make stupid flash things are ever short on ideas. Good ideas sure, but ideas in general, no.

Bugs and lengths

Hello letter answerer.

Lately as I've been playing FFV...REALLY strange stuff has been happening. For example, in the Phoenix Tower, one of the Magic Pots I fight won't escape until I give it THIRTEEN elixirs. I thought that was really extravagant, so I reset and tried again...only to get the same results, followed by me quitting in a massive rage.

Also, ever since I bought FFAnthology (I bought it new and it's the original version), FFV does weird things on the save screen. A good 85% of the time I save, the screen gets jumbled and you can't read anything until you cancel out of the menu. Once that happens, the game returns to normal. (Luckily I've remembered the button presses it takes to save the game.)

Strangely enough...both of those things didn't happen when I played on my brother's Greatest Hits version.

Anyway...I'm having a hard time believing Suikoden 1 can be finished in 8-15 hours. I've been playing for like 7 or 8, and I've only had one duel and one big army battle, and the game isn't showing any signs of letting up. Also, I've sped through pretty briskly and haven't spent too much time in any given area...although I have gotten all the characters so far. it really that short of a game?

That's a problem specific to your copy of the game right there, yes.

As for Suikoden, well, it's been a while, and I remember it was a DARN short game, but I don't think I plowed through it as fast as 8 hours. I did however win with every character in one or two sittings the first time I played it though.

Out of my League

Hey Goog,

My friend and I were having a discussion last night, and I was wondering what you're opinion would be, since you're all wise and stuff. Who would win in a duel, Edward Elric, or Zelgadis? I say Ed, 'cause...well, couldn't he just transmute Zel's skin? Thanks Goog, for reading my question.


I can't play who would win in a fight when I'm only familiar with one participant, sorry.

The Last Laugh:

So... here comes that famous summer heat. Thank the gods for AC.

Googleshng "So hot."

So very very hot.

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