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     Ominous   June 6, 2005

Hmm... I'd bet good money that one year from today, some lame movie about Satan is going to come out.

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Better hardware has nothing to do with more interesting gameplay people.

I whould like to know why final fantasy RPGs uses the same battle system in every installment with little to know improvements. For exampe why did do every FF game feature the battle system. The characters stay in the same place and jump back and forth. I can understand FF9 on the playstation. But why on the PS2 whan there is clearly space for new and improve battle system using the old battle system for a foundation, not like a a complete depature or anything. But I get tired of hit and run in the same place after a hundred times of playing. Grandia 2 had an innovatiting battle system. I'm eagerly awaiting FF12, hope this wasn't a stupid question. Eather way thanks for reading my question.

Well, first off, they have messed with it some over the years. The first FF games worked like every other RPG out at the time. With FF4 they added in the whole ATB shtick. Later they added in a few more gimmicks, like some of the special abilities in 6, or the summon boosting in 8. Really though, you aren't going to see a major shakeup in any RPG's combat system, partly out of tradition, and partly out of the fact that if you do anything major it's going to tick people off. Especially with a series like the FF games, where you have familiar gameplay elements with ever changing settings and characters. Something has to be maintained.

Oh, and the implication that the PS2 is capable of delivering a more interesting set of combat mechanics and the PSX isn't makes my eyes bug out of my head incidently. Please never say anything like that again.

Disgaea and Fame

Hey Googleshng,

I would go on a tangent about why I hate FF8 or why most action RPGs usually boil down to you got a three hit combo with whatever weapon you were using, now go charge a spell or alchemy or whatever, you want puzzles/npc interaction/sidequests well too bad, but instead I bring two questions about Disgaea and one about names

Question 1: Recently I got my PS2 repaired and went on a two day long Disgaea binge because my girlfriend wanted to know if she had another shot at getting the Horse Weiner since her party didn't steal it from that kid's zombie, after that I decided to make a prinny named Dood, and this brings me to my question, I can create Pvt., Gen., Capt., King and God Prinnies(the Gen. and Capt. might not be right but still) where as with every other monster and humanoid class I can create six different varities, so is there a sixth creatable Prinny variety in the game?

Question 2: Still Disgaea, my girlfriend brought up an interesting point when she was making units, do you get anything special if you make 1 character of each class? I doubt you do but still thought I'd ask

Question 3: This has happened to me twice, so have you ever played an RPG where you ran across someone(hero, npc, bad guy etc.) who shared a name with you or someone you know?? games where you can name heroes/npcs don't count nor do internet aliases cause a certain search engine isn't a game despite it's rampant name theft, and just for refrence the two games I encountered this in were FF4 and Boktai 2

Arros Raikou

I've seen a few characters in games who share the names of friends of mine yes. I've also played a game where a random NPC actually was named after me, so do I get bonus points?

Anyway, it IS odd how Disgaea seems to be a Prinny short, yeah, but there you have it. As far as having one of each class goes though, I assume you mean one of each chain of classes, because actually having one of every single possible permutation is a scary concept. You need to have quite a wide variety of characters to get access to the Angel and Majin classes, but that's about it.


Okay, I never played the original "Final Fantasy" on the NES. I've recently finished the "Dawn of Souls" version on the GBA. My question is: how do the endings compare? In DoS, after beating the last boss, there's this long reflection about how you've changed the world and what a great thing you've done....and it just seemed like garbage. It was like the designer wanted to see how many ways he/she could state that you've just done something great. It came across as being REALLY cheesy. Did the original FF have this problem?

And, am I going to find unnecessary cheese in FF2 when I get around to playing the other half of DoS?

an RPGfan

All I really recall about the ending of FF1 was that it took quite a while to watch the last boss die, and that getting to it involved a lot of frustration at the hands of that oh so random magic damage. FF2 I can't really comment on firsthand, but you shouldn't expect shakespeare from an NES game.


Andrew and Google,

RPGamer certainly has come a long way since the days of U.O.Squaresoft board. I extend my warmest congratulations the talented staff that is directly responsible for the success it enjoys. Having had employ in the electronic entertainment industry since entering the United States seven years ago, it is absolutely splendid to discover those who share a genuine sense of enjoyment with the product of ones’ labour. Individuals akin to those of RPGamer are one of the driving forces that inspire many tried-and-true (and occasionally jaded) developers to continue producing quality content. Spoken or not, those of the industry -sincerely- thank people such as you for support of the art.

Having been interested in video-games long before earning a paycheck to do so, it is understandable that I have accumulated a small personal collection of games. Many of these games are of the RPG genre. Specifically, many of these RPG’s belong to a series entitled “Final Fantasy”. To be sure, this collection is –complete- including all titles, domestic (NTSC) and import, from series onset (see list below). It is regarding this collection that I have a question of you. My contemplation is to place this collection to be sold, yet I have no idea of a fair value, nor have I the ability to find resources by which one may estimate said value. eBay has provided a ballpark value with similar, but much smaller partial collections. Furthermore, the IGN tool was of moderate assistance, albeit limited in scope. Nevertheless, neither resource has been of substantial aide with this collection evaluation. It is to your expert assistance that I turn seeking certainly better information. Regarding collection condition, all titles are in new (most de-shrink-wrapped) packaging (C9-C9.5) with complete inserts/maps/instructions and new-game-smell. Additionally, there exist some foppery I have acquired from my time at Square – figurines and their ilk. Any assistance you are able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for your time and Good luck with your endeavours. Cheers!

- J.Stocker

I'm omitting the list for the sake of length, but for those who were curious, it included the whole lot, Japanese and U.S. versions. Anyway though, I have no clue what you'd make off that in the collector's market, but I can tell you that the recent glut of ports is going to cut back on what people who want the games for the sake up playing them are going to pay. At a guess, I'd say you can probably get maybe $5000 for the lot if you can find a collector, otherwise half retail for the recent stuff, double for the 16-bit, quadruple for the 8-bit.

Again, I'm lousy for pricing stuff.

I just want to know how much it will cost for me to get an imported Final Mix.

Uh... it depends who you're importing from. If you have a friend in another country, probably cost (roughly the same as it'd cost here) plus shipping. Otherwise cost plus shipping plus whatever the exporter wants as a profit.

The Last Laugh:

Someone I know wants to play Bloodbowl. Woohoo! It's been forever! Zoom!

Googleshng "Step two: It'em!"

Yay for silly games!

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