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     Balancing the Books   June 1, 2005

Ah, Wednesday. The day any mishaps, delays, or other weirdnesses during the week get dealt with.

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Who's been talking about voice acting?

Hey Google!

Since the current topic fad is Voice Acting, and how good/bad it is, what about Kingdom Hearts?
I thought that game had some incredible acting to it, but no one seems to mention it. Also, interestingly enough, it had VA's normal people have heard of, not just us anime watching freaks. =P
Also, on that note: I heard recently that Hollywood Actors may not be able to lend their voices to games anymore, due to the SAG not sure if they'll sign some contract...If that doesn't go through, what do you think it'll mean for Kingdom Hearts II? I guess they could find sound alikes, but I'd prefer the originals....

And to reply to Andrew's comment from the other day, Sora was played by Haley Joel Osment, who is a teenager, not another Thirtysomething, lol.

-Joey Janowski

I wouldn't worry there, for several reasons, the biggest being that I'm fairly sure all the voice work for KH2 has already been recorded by this point.

Musical Delays

Dear Googleshng,

To start, let me just make note of the comment you made about the (I believe) More Friends concert: the one about the "overly loud FF7 fan(s)". If you were referring to the man who kept screaming out "Sephiroth" near the end of the performance, I must regretfully inform you that the person in question was actually my uncle. Before you ask, yes, he was drunk. I deeply apologize for this. I don't claim to know the man. However, he bought us the tickets, so I won't complain too loudly.

On to an actual question, I'd like to know your opinion of the upcoming (in Japan, at least) Grandia III. The graphics look beautiful, as the developers commented that they would. However, with the emphasis on graphics, do you truly feel that they will use it as means to complement the grandeur of the game's size? Grandia Xtreme's battle system was an enjoyable piece, in my opinion, though the world and story (and characters, and music...) were a bit lacking. I'm hoping the third of the series returns to the original feeling of adventure tied to the first game.

At the moment, I'm still a bit peeved at the delay of Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, given that I was hoping it would provide me with something to entertain myself over the first part of the summer. I notice the official site still hasn't mentioned that delay, though your site was quick to announce it. You guys wouldn't happen to have any extra inside knowledge, would you?

Utmost apologies,

No, I was refering to the Dear Friends concert in Connecticut, where I don't particularly recall any screaming of Sephiroth per se, but a fair deal of general cheering and applause at inappropriate times.

The only insight I can give you about Atelier Iris being delayed is that 98% of all release dates are made up on the fly with no real basis, and almost always get pushed back at one point or another. Personally, I just make it a point to ignore them completely until they're a week away.

As for Grandia 3... well, I'm really not a fan of the series, and I didn't even think the first one really delivered the feel of exploring some great big interesting world. "Wow... on the other side of the jungle is... another jungle!" So... I'm probably not the best one to ask there.

Unhealthy Fixations

Dear QNA,

After getting all of these RPGs strewn about my room, most of them unplayed and the rest of them played a third of the way through, I ask you, how do you stay the course and keep playing games even after your head starts spinning, your eyes start to glaze over, and both your legs fall asleep? Do you have any foods, drinks, games, or activities which can help me stay motivated on RPGs?

Moderation is what I'd go with. I can understand the urge to keep buying games when you're still playing the ones you have. Eventually you'll have time for'em, and if you wait they get harder to find. Don't feel obligated to play'em though. On the exceptionally rare occassion where I have two new RPGs, I'll play one then and there, while the other goes on a shelf, to get to after I finish the first one and feel like starting another RPG. Then usually, if I'm not obligated to rush through a game (like, say, because I'm getting tons of questions about it) I'll take my sweet time playing it, while also spending plenty of time on various other interests.

Another option would be to learn to discriminate, and not buy any games that don't have you rabidly drooling in anticipation months before you get them.

Not in my job description...

In the Earth Level of the Star Ocean (Till the End of Time)(PS2) game I'm stuck at Airyglyph Aqueducts (After escapingfrom the dungeon with the red-head lady & Cliff)
Fayt, Cliff & the red-head just fought this HUGE brown beast in its icy chambers...though when I try to go across to see if there's a door or another exit, I fall through the ice! And to top it all off, before fall through 2 ict slides...I can get up the first (which has a chamber with just a white, slimy monster & an empty chest) BUT I CAN'T GET UP THE FIRST SLIDE! so i'm stuck and i'm confussed...HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!


If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. When you have a question like this, don't ask me, check a walkthrough.

Little late to be griping about this, no?

Dear Google/Andrew

Well, I hope I'm doing this right... I'm kind of new to RPGamer. I used to visit it in years past, then I stopped. But then I randomly have started visiting again.

Anyways, I was just wondering what your opinion is on the Final Fantasy 3 (not FF6 of course) remake that is scheduled for the Nintendo DS.

I know I'm not the only one that sees something wrong with this. I mean, there's the perfectly good GBA and the perfectly good PSP that are way better platforms for releasing this game onto. What the heck are you gonna do with a second screen in FF3? Show a map of the dungeon? Ooooooh, big fricking deal.

And seeing as how a DS is one of the last things related to gaming that I'm planning to buy, the release of this remake really pisses me off. I've been looking forward to a remake of FF3 for a long time. But to put it on the DS?! What is Square Enix thinking?!

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that Square Enix has decided that making profits are no longer their concern. Of course, I don't know how well the DS has been selling in Japan, so maybe that's influencing their decision. But still! I hope that by some act of whatever deity above, they change their minds and make it for something worth purchasing.

So yeah, I was just wondering what you thought of the FF3 remake being made for the Nintendo DS.


Heck if I know. It'd make much more sense to do it on the GBA, unless or course they're feeling bored and gimmicky for some reason. Like, actually using the touch screen, or wanting to update it with polygonal graphics. That's not really their style though.

The Last Laugh:

So in D&D, I end up making an elven fighter I actually like, and in Heroes, I make a nigh-invulnerable freak who becomes comatose literally the very second combat starts... which is totally in keeping with the character concept. Anyway though, enjoy the weekend.

Googleshng "Oh hey, it's June!"

I should tell my family what I'd like for my birthday or something.

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