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     Less talk, more play.   May 31, 2005

In a two day period, two different people have talked me into playing paper RPGs. What are the odds of that? D&D yesterday, Heroes Unlimitted today.

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Shadow hearts Covenant Spoilers Ahead!

Shadow Heartsy Spoilers!

In regards to the question about Karin traveling to the past in shadow hearts: covenant: I don't see how the pciture being taken into the past constitutes a plot hole, just because she carried it back with her doesn't mean that the picture wouldn't be taken 6 years into the future. The copy that she takes back could be lost or destroyed, or simply hidden away. Also Karin being does kind of fit in that they bear a resemblance (although in a videogame we can't put too much faith in that). Also Yuri mentions that he was named after an old boyfriend of his mothers, although this could have been a joke.

Hope that helps,

Incest BAD! Bad I say!

Take Number 2

Shadow Heartsy Spoilers!

Concerning SH:2's ending.

Pilkman missed nothing. It's a nonsensical time-loop. But Karin is a crap-character, so who really cares.


Cool, and here I thought I'd forgotten something.

Shadow Hill? Silent Hearts? Actually, both are catchy.

Okay...when posting spoilers...please post the actual name of the game that is being spoiled. When I saw "SH2," my first thought was Silent Hill 2. Then I see the word Karin...then I see the word Yuri...and I realize that I shouldn't be reading this. Considering that I've actually just started this game the other night...I would have been REALLY disappointed if I kept reading. So yeah...let's post the entire name of the game rather than the abbreviation.


What's with that guy saying that the GBA SP/DS can't handle ports due to a lack of buttons? Zelda was ported with no problem. And please....does anyone ACTUALLY ever run from battles? I know I don't. But here's a novel idea...have it as an interface option instead of a speciall button combination. Easy fix.

So, bring on the triple threat: FFVI, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana. If any one of those games was ported to the DS...nintendo would definitely have my money.

an RPGfan

Yeah... my main point is, any given SNES game is generally going to have a couple buttons at any given moment with no use. Maybe which buttons they are will change depending on whether you pause it, or get in a fight or whatever, but you can live without two.

"Classical! Classical! Do Swan Lake!"

Dear Google,
I've been waiting to hear you tell about the Dear Friends concert, but so far nobody's asked. You'd think moving to Japan from Connecticut would make it easier to catch cool gaming related events, but it was about a wash until Uematsu played a concert in my old backyard.
Oh right. So, how was it?


Well, there were a few overly loud FF7 fanboys, there was a horribly annoying local DJ introducing pieces, and the selection of songs veered a bit too far to the sappy side for my tastes, but otherwise it was quite enjoyable... and two random girls in attendance had really great replicas of Terra and Opera House Celes' costumes. To the extent that they looked like general weirdos more than cosplayers, and seriously, I mean that as a huge compliment.

Everyone wants to know!

Yo, what's up with Mother 3. I've been waiting at least 7 years now and life is short.

Yeah... they've really been taking their sweet time with it haven't they. For now, I'd like to get that GBA port of 1 and 2 to at least tide us over.

The Last Laugh:

Now off to fight crime as a one armed English waif!

Googleshng "Blimey!"

Other cockney weirdness!

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