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     Dammit Jim! I'm a Doctor, not a Walkthrough!   May 30, 2005

There is an unusually large number of questions in my inbox today which I would answer with "go check a walkthrough" if I were to post them. Seriously. A lot. It's odd.

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What Q&A hosts do when they retire.

Greetings (phantoms sing) Googleshng

Now I am playing Phantom Brave right now and I noticed that I hope I'm not the only one who found a creepy similarity between Walnut and Thor or Q&A fame. Also, how is it you have all of that free stuff?

Imperial Mog

You aren't the only one who noticed that. As for the big wad of anime I've been throwing at eBay, well, a family member works for a distributor of books and movies. They get freebies. They really don't want those freebies, they get passed on to me, I don't want'em either, I find people who do. Everybody's happy.

Button button, who's got the button?

"Just for example, how many RPGs can you name for the SNES that actually used Start and Select? Or L? Or R?"
Final Fantasy IV, V, VI: L and R are used together to run from battles.
Start pauses.
Chrono Trigger: L and R are used together to run from battles. Start pauses. Select brings up the world map.
Earthbound (Mother 2): L and R have various uses outside of battle.

I almost mentioned The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, but since I don't consider it an RPG...

R. Bemrose

Earthbound gives buttons redundant functions so you can play it with one hand. No problem tossing that on the GBA (and it's been done). With all of these you can get by having Start pause in battle, bring up a menu out. If you need another button for something out of combat, L and R are most likely going to be free. The only SNES RPG I can think of where there'd be a button shortage is FF6, but I think we could live with a different button combo to have Sabin suplex.

Just this once...

Hey Google,

I'm finally home so I can play Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2, but I want to get everything there is to get on the original so I haven't touched it. Even though this isn't a question about RPG's, I've been playing the Below Freezing Point scenario alot trying to get No Damage Clear and No Weapon Clear.

So my question is, have you got both No Damage Clear and No Weapon Clear on Normal, Hard, and Very Hard(on the offline mode?) Because I can get the No Damage Clear, but because of the end part on Normal and up, as well as your allies wasting ammo like it grows on trees, and they're complete recklessness when fighting the boss. Currently I've got the high scores on all Easy scenario's with both No Damage and Weapon Clear and high scores with both on Normal and Hard on a few of the others. I'm wondering if you think on scenario's with bosses it's impossible to get those so just shouldn't be attempted.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

I could see it if you just tossed this to my personal e-mail, but the Q&A column?

Anyway, just this once. Outbreak- Duh. BFP- Smack it with the train. Hive- Run back to the door and kick it to death (your friends will die). Hellfire- Hope your friends don't waste all the good ammo on the little lickers. DD- Uh... you MIGHT be able to tackle the locker open and pass the rocket to someone, and/or hope a partner can use the shooter.

I still want the balloon.

Yes, I now that it was suggested for the next topic... I distinctly remember hearing about a photoshoot involving the family of Dragon Quest Slimes and the Katamari during one of the roundtables--well, the part of it I got to listen to because Winamp decided to cut out every 5 minutes. And I missed the first part.
In light of the above, when can we expect said slime pics, if ever?


That feature went up a bit ago. There should still be a link on the main page if you want to check them out.

Wait wait what?


Note: Significant SH: 2 spoilers contained herein.

**************** I just finished SH: 2 recently, and I was a little unclear on the big twist at the end. Am I mistaken, or are they implying that Karin was actually Yuri's mother? Going back, the game did give some hints to this effect, but this twist seems sort of unnecessary and opens up all sorts of holes in the plot (as time travel so often does). The biggest hole is the photograph of Anne and 3 year old Yuri. It was taken in 1893. If in fact Karin is Anne (given that identity by Anastasia earlier in the game to disguise her being German) and in fact arrived in 1887 by traveling through time to meet Yuri's father with the picture in her possession, how was it taken 6 years later since it already existed when Karin arrived in the past? Did I miss something?

Hmm... I'm a bit too rusty on SHC to properly tackle this from every angle for you... so I'm going to make a rare exception and toss it out to the public.

The Last Laugh:

Nothing like a perfect spring day to really set off alergies. Gets you a lot of stares from some people though.

Googleshng "Sneezey"

Very Sneezy.

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