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     Just about gone.   May 29, 2005

Ah... the giant mountain of anime I don't want is now down to few small piles. Soon to be exchanged for things I do want... much of which is also undesirable anime, but you know.

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Hi Q&A guru

i got to questions for you. you know where i can get alerts in final fantasy IV. so far one website says from the centepede in the underworld. when i steal it gives me silk web. i wanted to know if you knew

2.i am now going to shut my pie hole on remakes for the gba of square-enix popular snes games.

why you ask i changed my tune?

a friend of mine told me to look into the button configuration for the snes

the X And Y is missing on the GBA so its impossible to have the snes rpg games on the gba.

so now that thats done i want to hear your opinion on it then we can lay it to rest once and for all


I maintain a disturbing number of random facts, but what random items are dropped by what monsters in a game I haven't played in over a decade is asking a bit much.

Anyway, while it is true that the GBA has two buttons less than the SNES, but I can't name a single RPG that this would honestly pose a serious problem to. Just for example, how many RPGs can you name for the SNES that actually used Start and Select? Or L? Or R? A for confirm, B for cancel, X to open a menu (move that to start), that's all you need. In fact, one of the most complex old RPGs I can think of got by on nothing but 2 buttons and a D-pad, and actually had a smoother interface than a lot of today's games.

What prevents every game from being ported to the GBA would be the fact that people have better uses of their time and money than producing ports there isn't really any demand for. That's it.

Voices BAD!

Andrew or Goog -

A couple letters from yesterday got me thinking about voice acting. I was wondering what you think the game or series with the best voice acting out there is? I hate to say it, but I think on a whole the RPG genre is lacking spectacular voice acting - consider the Xenosagas, recent Final Fantasies, and... well, sadly, there's not much more than that, PS2-wise (I won't name every RPG, for sake of length).

It seems to me that the best voice acting ends up with games that have a PC aspect to them - if anything, the shining pinnacle of RPG voice acting is probably Bioware, who has yet to slip horribly on that front. The Elder Scrolls are also notable, but there are few ES titles than Bioware titles.

The two series that always stand out in my mind, though, as shining examples of voice acting on consoles, are the Metal Gear Solid series and - better than that, even - the Legacy of Kain games.

And why, god, why can't more games have an option for Japanese dialogue? The few games I've seen that in (some non-RPG, even) I've been very grateful for.


Those are all pretty darn good examples of voice acting. I'm also rather fond of the voice work from Koudelka (although that wasn't provided by the localizer and thus doesn't really qualify here), and Disgaea's is just plain wonderful. Particularly Gordon and Etna. It's also one of those rare games that gives you the option of Japanese voices, and truly significant in that I SERIOUSLY prefer the English ones.

Followup from last week...

"Personally, I say if you really want to wow me with tech demos, you need to show me an RTS. 100 units fighting 100 other units, with a camera that can be moved around by the person you're demonstrating to"

Rome Total War had 1,000 vs. 1,000 and if you had a great enough computer they all were animated independantly and had pretty good textures too. You moved the camera how you wanted, and could zoom all the way into one unit, or watch the thousands fight from far away. So your request is not all that far off. In fact, if you brought it down to 100 vs 100, I bet you could get actual reflections in there, and not just shiny metal.


Uh... there's a lot of games where you have hundreds or thousands of characters running around fighting. This is why I say it would work as a meaningful tech demo.

There are some who call me... Tim!

Dear Goog,

First Aid does NOT Heal you completely, and does NOT always go first. It does go much faster then Tim's normal turn, but hardly heals to full. The only spell that does heal everyone to full is critical heal, (And I believe Blade heal, but that's not usable for much of the game) but that costs you 100 FP.

The game is definitely too easy, with the only hard bosses outside of the optional bosses being a certain Bionic supergirl, and the last boss itself (Guided story battle last boss doesn't count), but you still supplied incorrect information. Shame on you.

Also, something for both Google and Andrew, have you played the Freeware game Cave Story? (Also known as Doukutsu Monogatari) If not, it's an excellent sort of RPG/Sidescroller similar to the Metroid games, with an awesome soundtrack and storyline.

The game and a translation patch can be found here.


Uh... maybe if you intentionally keep Tim underlevelled, but I never once saw it fail to go first or fully heal everyone. That's more than enough to make a good example of how easy the game is, especially considering there is absolutely nothing to keep you from using it every single round.

Oh, and yes, I have seen yon freeware Metroidy thing, but haven't really taken the time to check it out much.

How many times do I have to say it?

I am haven trouble Importing my char form the first game every time I try it does not show any files.

I might have been able to help you out on this one, had you given me any indication whatsoever what game you're talking about.

The Last Laugh:

These are finally on their way out. No more having to post blurbs for DVDs of shows I have no desire to watch. Yay and such.

Googleshng "Out with you!"

Summer and sleep aren't friends.

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