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     Rocket Punch!   May 24, 2005

This makes me happy.

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I'm not sure how this works. Do I just tell you where the quote is from? Or is there a waiting list? Are tildes currency? Ahhhh, hell. May as well guess the quote.

Ash, from Phantom Brave.

Now the question. I want to get into the Wild ARMs series, but I'm a little concerned about how exactly I should do that. I can buy WA3 no question, but with WA1 getting remade, I'm not sure about the best course of action. A general consensus seems to say that the remake will do more harm than good, but since I know nothing of the WA series, I'm not sure exactly what that means. And assuming I decide to get the remake, should I wait for a possible WA2 remake, or is that likely down the tubes?

The Pezman

Like that, but not a week after someone correctly placed it.

Anyway, I'd suggest you track down the original Wild ARMs. It had this very nifty deal with 3 equally important characters, each of which had their own unique system for gaining special abilities, and this bit where you have one set of abilities that cost MP (or ammo for one character), and another set based on a meter that charges as you take damage. Plus the best translation Sony ever churned out. WA2 dropped all of that in favor of bigger casts of interchangeable characters with one obvious main character, a decidedly flawed system of magic where all spells are free if that charging meter is over the cost of the spell (so mages never use special charge abilities and have infinite MP), and was generally icky. 3 fixed some of the flaws in 2's take on things, but homogenized characters even more.

So... while everyone I've ever met prefers the mechanics of the first game, it is, for some reason, being remade to use those of the sequels. Shame. Anyway though, WA1 is good. WA3 is good. WA2 has... issues. Might as well go in order.

What the heck?

Hi Google,

Recently, I was looking through some of the projected release dates for PS3, Xbox 360, and N-Revolution games and because of this I have a question for you. I didn't pay much attention when the current systems originally came out so I don't remember what the prices of the games were prior to their (the systems) release. However, currently all the next-gen games are priced at $59.99. Did I miss some news release stating that the next-gen games were going to see a $10 price increase, or is it just the norm for game retailers to "increase" game prices when new systems are on the horizon.

Its been quite some time since games began seeing a $54.99 price tag or in the case of Collectors Sets to get a $80-$90 price gouging, but are games really becoming that much more expensive to make? I myself am surrounded by advancing technology day-to-day and I understand that with the release of a new console prices are going to be high (console wise), but it has been years since the media for the consoles has made such a dramatic price jump. In fact, if I am not mistaken the switch from cartridge to cd media was supposed to drastically decrease production cost, and thus the amount, as consumers, we pay for games. As I understand it the PS3 is the only new console that will be producing blue-ray disc games, and though this may be reason enough for Sony to increase their prices I don't see how MS or the "Big N" benefits from increasing their prices as well.

Should the next-gen games carry the burden of such a price increase, this is one buyer, collector, and player of games that will finally have to become content with the games on his shelves.


Well, better graphics=more artists=higher production costs, but that's somewhat irrelevant, as any store taking pre-orders for systems this far from hitting the market is making up any information they give you anyway really.



Just add this to my last letter.

My friends and I have been at odds about whether Red XIII was cat or dog. I say cat, they say dog. The piece of evidence I use is that in the end cinema he roars like a liion. They use the fact that he has a move that deals with a moon or something and howls at it. I cannot remmeber exactly because it's been forever since I played that game. So yeah, cat or dog?


I'm going to have to go with cat, based on the roar and some basic anatomical comparisons.

Odd one.

Can great things be expected from Mist Walker? I mean, the more important people of Mist Walker were key figures of Final Fantasy, especially back in its heyday. So, with slightly less restrictions of not having to have Chocobos, signature equipment and the like in each title, can we expect Mist Walker RPGs, and possibly other assorted genres, to be more creative, greater alternatives to Final Fantasy?

Eh? The only way anyone who runs their own company is "forced" to include something in a game is when it's something they know everyone wants... losing the ability to do that can't help you. There is something to be said though for having to drop all the stuff you haven't changed in forever in terms of forcing you to be creative, but you aren't dropping restrictions.

Anyway though, I'd give'em about the same odds as all the other many many Square offshoots. Most of which take some of the most talented people from yon developer, and go on to produce really nifty new games, which are largely overlooked because many people won't buy RPGs that don't contain "Final Fantasy" in their names.

I detect a timewarp.


Okay okay, saying hailing from a FF title was too vague. a NEW ff title, like X or XII. Koudelka could be from FFVI and Yuri, well, not sure, but he's a badass brawler.

I still have yet to play SH:C, I mean i played it for a bit then put it down. I'd just finisehd Koudelka and then SH so I needed a tiny break. Going to pick it up as soon as I'm done with Skies of Arcadia: Legends.

You a fan of the Tales or Wild ARMs series? I'm pretty sure you liked Wild ARMs, but cannot remember. DId you like the third installment? How about each in the Tales series?


This here is in reference to character designs from the next Shadow Hearts game if there's any confusion.

Anyway, I suppose the main character looks a little Nomura-ish (read: Dorky and uninspired), but that's pretty much what a kid is going to look like from that time period and region of the world. So what are you going to do?

Oh, and as partially explained above. WA good. Tales of whatever isn't really my cup of tea though.

The Last Laugh:

If I open my skylights all the way, my floor is less wet when it rains than if I seal them up. That's sad and strange.

Googleshng "Pringer-X!"

Seriously. I'm happy.

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