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     Me no sound like Yoda, do I?   May 23, 2005

OK George, I watched all your prequels. Now hand over the unmodified boxed set of the real movies.

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Is it really that hard to remember I do Mondays?

Hey Cast or Goog,

So I was beginning to think Final Fantasy 12 was rapidly going down the tube. Until I saw the E3 trailer. The visuals were definitely droolish and I've played FF11 enough to feel that the gameplay design won't be horrible. I still reserve final judment for when it comes out but this game is starting to look better and better. On to the question.

I've heard that FF12 is going to be release of PS3 from some sources and PS2 from others. Do you know which one it actually is? And do the visuals remind anyone else of the Kingdom of Zeal in Chrono Trigger?

-- Kalledon --

Anyone telling you FF12 isn't going to be for the PS2 is very much out to lunch. I'd think that would be clear from release dates that I really have to wonder how anyone could make that mistake.

Not really sure if I see the CT connection though.

What the heck?

rpgamer dudes,
I read somewhere that the xbox 360 will have a usb adapter for the controllers that enables something called "trickle" charge which will enable the controllers to charge themselves while playing wirelessly. Do you know if that's true at all? or if I'm just crazy. Also on E3, is anyone else surprised that ps3 is the ONLY console going with the new dvd format technology? I figured they'd all want a peice of that action, and for my random RPG question, what do you think is the best looking spell in any rpg, discount summons and things like that from ff and other games, just actual spells

You must have misread something there. If you're plugged into a USB port, you're not wireless. If you're wireless, you're not charging batteries. I assume what we're actually talking about is that you can play wirelessly, or plug'em in to charge while you play.

As for really impressive spell animations, that's a tricky one. I'm going to go with X-Zone from FF6.

One of these days...

Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me if the Final Fantasy XI online was the same as the one for the PS2, since I think that the online version is an online mass multiplayer game.

Uh... there's only one FF11, but yes, it is a massively multiplayer online RPG.

Tech Demos 1

Mighty mighty Goog,

Whats up homie? XP You know, i just felt i should point something out. Alot of us gamers out there are sorta getting the wrong impresion with the FF7 Tech demo. First off, lemme say i am quite impressed with how it looked. But i will say this, most games wont look like that, even though it was in real time and everything. First off, when the tech demos are made, they are made with no 'outside' influence (ie, NPC interaction, Physics and all that kinda good stuff). With all that other stuff going on inside the hardware, it will slow down and/or use up alot of the resources that are available to the system. So the end result of a game will probably not look like the tech demo (Grant ya, look kick ass) but not quite like what ya saw in the tech demo.

On to an actual question, shall we? Outa sheer curiosity, what is your take on the three next gne-cosoles? I for one am excited about PS3 and the N-Revolution and cant wait to oogle at more info in the future as those are two, i think, have the highest potential!

Mr. 1 & 0

Yes, when you channel all of a system's resources into playing out one little tech demo, you're going to get much better results than you're going to see in an actual game. Not for the reasons you're citing though. It's more of a question of knowing for a fact that whatever it is you're throwing on screen isn't going to ever be on the screen as anything else, allowing you to devote all system resources to rendering it.

As for what I think of new hardware, well, I'm not at all impressed. The graphical wall has been hit. You can go ahead and make new systems which are powerful enough for each drop of a character's sweat to accurately reflect everything in the room, but you know what? Nobody's ever going to make a game where that's going to come up. I already have a system where I can make out the bags under the eyes of my character reflected in a little puddle on the floor as I run past it, and even that seems like pointless excess.

I am somewhat curious about these mind boggling shape shifting controllers Nintendo keeps dropping hints about, but I can't really get excited over something I don't really no anything about.

Tech Demos 2

Hi Google

I was reading your column today and saw that, in your reply to kupomogli's email, you mentioned that there was once footage of what FF8 would have looked like had it been a PS2 game (so that's why people thought it was getting remade! ah!). Do you know where I could view such footage?



Wow...I never knew that they showed what FF8 "could" look like on the PS2. Any chance you've got a nice spiffy link to the movie in question?

an RPGfan

The tech demo in question was a video of the ballroom dance scene from FF8, which was allegedly being rendered in real time by the PS2. The implication being that the PS2's in-engine graphics would look just like the best pre-rendered movies available at the time. This of course eventually proved to be a complete load of absolute BS, not unlike pretty much every other tech demo for any platform ever.

So... don't trust tech demos is what I'm saying basically.

Anyway, I can't find media from yon demo at the moment, but it's just an FMV clip you're already familiar with if you've played FF8.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... I came off like some sort of grizzled old fogey there didn't I. Here's hoping tomorrow's letters leave room to be more positive.

Oh, and for what it's worth, a few of these are expiring today if anyone cares.

Googleshng "Prinnies in tanks! That I'm keen on!"

No more bad acting to come get me.

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