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     Post-E3   May 22, 2005

E3 is now officially over. I'm rather disappointed at the lack of really screwed up concepts this year. Usually you can count on all sorts of crazy concept like Resident Evil Online, or The Sims Tactics. All we really got this year though is Odama, which hardly counts because I actually think an RTS/Pinball game could work.

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If I thought about it, I could probably list more.

Were there any games that had one or possibly two absolutely shining or horrendous aspects while the remaining aspects in the same title were pretty much the opposite? One thing going for a game even when everything else was completely subpar. Thank you.

Lost Kingdoms sticks out there. The basic gameplay to it is actually quite spiffy, but you can finish the whole thing in something like 6 hours and it looks hideous.

I also recently overheard someone discussing how Parasite Eve 2 is irredeemably awful in all respects, save for the shower scene FMV. Perssonally, I think when you're going for that level of detail, you should have the hair actually look wet, but hey.


Why would anybody actually want a Gameboy Micro? Smaller screen size? Controls that will cramp your hands even more than the current portables already do? Why? I can't see any logic whatsoever. And...the big killer...a smaller screen? That's silly. As far as I'm concerned...the SP is still as good as a handheld can get (overall).

Okay...RPG question. Based on the fact that a CG of what FF7 could like like on the PS3 was shown in order to show off the system's it at all likely that a remake is in the process?...or was this just a successful attempt at annoying many wishful thinkers?

an RPGfan

Well by all accounts, it's a very very nice high res nicely backlit screen, and I suppose there's something to be said for making it smaller than the average cell phone. Keep in mind though that you're talking to someone who has been playing all GBA games exclusively on the GC since the ability to do so has been around.

Your second question has the same answer as the next letter's, so just read that.


Hey Andrew,

I was reading your column of RPGamer about a week ago, the one person talking about they need to do a remake of FF6. Well, personally, like you, I don't think any games need to be remade but anyways, you know FF6 was going to be a launch title for the N64 until Squaresoft went to Sony because N64 delayed release? The N64 FF6(it was a demo movie though) actually reminds me of Wild ARMs when I think of it, other than that, I'm pretty sure you already know about it, but just incase you don't.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

No... that was never intended as an actual game. The N64 FF6 footage, and the PS3 FF7 footage (not to mention the PS2 FF8 footage while we're at it), are all just tech demos designed to show how system X can deliver graphics so amazing compared to system Y.

It did look like WA though, I'll give you that.

Power up!

Wait, the PS3 controllers are only supposed to have a 24 hour charge? The Wavebird for the Gamecube gets at least 100 hours on two double AA batteries. I swear I've gotten close to 150 hours on games that don't require constant input.

Also, what is with Time magazine pimping the XBox 360? That almost felt like a paid promotion.

--Herandar Luciferage

I'll let you do your own investigations into what publications are owned by subsidiaries of what companies on the Time bit, but as far as battery life goes, I could see two potential explanations. First, less batteries? Second, Sony has this really stupid gimmick of making every button on their controllers (except presumably for Start and Select) analog. Very few games actually use it, and I wish they wouldn't, but it has to transmit to the system exactly how hard you're pressing X, whereas a wavebird just has to say it's being pressed.

Quick and easy.

i for got red 13's real name could u tell me what it was again?

Nanaki. Or Clifford. Yeah, I know he's not a dog, but it's close enough to make the reference!

The Last Laugh:

So yeah. E3's done. Lots and lots of news stories and game footage went up. Feel free to ask about it. Or ask about the Dear Friends concert I somehow managed to get to at the 11th hour.

Googleshng "Fun with Lycanthropy!"

Those twilight world shots just scream Stretch Panic Vs. Metroid Prime 2 though...

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