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     I LIKE Wires!   May 18, 2005

I must own this shirt for reasons which should be obvious. Every time I go out in public, I'm going to have to wear it too.

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will xbox360 games be able to be played on the first xbox

No. When a company makes a new console, it's to allow for games the old one doesn't have the power to handle.


for starters, i wonder if anyone noticed how amusing the two new systems look. the ps3 has a concurve top while the xbox360 has a really odd concave body. its almost like they designed the systems so they would stack on top of eachother perfectly. i thought that was quite amusing. on the flip-side, was not amused by either company's controllers. I've never had anything wireless (except like a TV remote controll, which doesn't really count) and from what i've heard about the new ps3's controller (i'm a sony whore, so sue me) i'm not too pleased. RPGamers article mentioned that the controllers have a predicted battery-life of 24 hours before needing to be recharged. well i rarely get time to play RPGs and when i do, i usually make it count (my record is 72 hours of nearly non-stop gaming). so if these new controllers are only rated for like 24 hours, it would mean that i'd need at least two just to play an RPG, which is somewhat displeasing. so, i was curious if there has been any word yet on either a wire-controller for the PS3, or some sort of third party controller rated for longer gameplay? for now, i'm just going to ignore the ergonomically incorrect boomerang shape in hopes that it either changes or i grow to like it.

Anyway, as for an e3 question you will probably be able to answer...

There seemed to be a lot of hype about E3 and the games that were being shown at it. has anything met your expectation and/or caught your eye? Most of the stuff i was looking forward to involved the new generation of systems and non-RPGs, so i've been out of the loop on the hottest new titles that are coming. is there anything you would recomend to keep an eye on ? thanks, and sorry for the long message!


First, is there any reason you're leaving out Nintendo's system? Aside from the fact that they were just showing off a beta that is? Anyway though, I'm not a fan of funky little towers, or wireless controllers, or trying to wow me with amazing graphical capacities when we've honestly hit a wall there. Can you honestly look at, say, the GameCube Resident Evil games and tell me you could make them look better with a faster processor?

Anyway, I've honestly been too busy to really soak in this year's coverage properly, but the new Zelda game continues to make me drool, and a quick glance at that new Mario and Luigi game leaves me... disturbed. It was bad enough seeing that sort of thing in Mario Kart. In a game with a plot, I don't want to see two sizes of the same people.

The Horror!


You and I are both hardcore Shadow Hearts fants. From Koudelka to Covenant. What do you think of this new one? I think it looks kind of gimpy myself at least from screens of characters I've seen. The main character looks like he hails from a final fantasy title...


And you can't make that comment about Koudelka and Yuri? Personally, I'm very keen on everything I've heard about it, and hoping H.P. Lovecraft makes an appearance.

In. What. Game!?!

How do i make monsters and maps?

Well, I find the best way to make monsters is to meddle with Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, and the best way to make maps is with graph paper.

The original letter was 3 times this length.

Hey Google,

Haven't been able to get on the internet much, or to rephrase it, my family members use dial-up so I haven't been able to get anywhere on the internet. So, I really don't know anything they've shown at E3 besides the X-Box 360 and the new Zelda game(I'm guessing it was put up for show there.) I don't see why Microsoft wants to release their system so early though without making sure they got all the bugs and everything out of it, or make the system as good as they can get it until they put it out on the market. They think that if they release their system first, then everyone will buy that system and they'll steal all the customers away from Sony and Nintendo. The thing is, with the PS3 once again going to have the backwards compatibility, every PSX and PS2 game user is going to buy it because of that, and not to mention others. Who really wants to have five or six systems sitting around one spot when you can have three(a PS3, Gamecube/with GBA Player, and a SNES/with Super 8.)


"I don't see why Microsoft wants to release their system so early though without making sure they got all the bugs and everything out of it, or make the system as good as they can get it until they put it out on the market."

Oh wow that made for a good laugh, thanks.

Anyway, being first out the door has been known to benefit a few companies over the years. Just look at the Genesis. It launched with freaking Altered Beast and some lousy SMS ports, and people still bought it. Also, I happen to LIKE my big scary rack of consoles. I've even had'em all hooked up at once.


Sorry about the rants. Last thing I want to ask though is about Xenosaga. I'm pretty sure you've played Xenosaga, but have you played the card game? I hate Xenosaga's gameplay, but recently I just started playing the card game because visiting my family, I actually have someone to play it against because he likes it sortof. Anyways, I've spent 15 - 20 hours in the last week or so playing the card game in order to make the best possible deck that I can make, which just changed to where he redid his entire deck and made it to where my deck couldn't beat his. Anyways, not trying to make a deck type that could beat another deck type, I just created another deck I thought to be without flaws, and won against his deck multiple times without a loss. So mainly I'm just wondering what you think of it as well? I think creating decks in order to make the best possible deck, as well as playing against another person is addicting, and takes alot longer than the actual game and it's storyline put together(although I do like the storyline.)

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Yeah. They put entirely too much effort and balancing into that for just a minigame. It's better than most CCGs out there to be honest. Shame they never made a physical incarnation. Bigger shame they left it out of XS2.

Personally, my deck is mainly small children and big Gnosis.

The Last Laugh:

I'm throwing boxed sets of DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho on eBay tonight. Slayers and Trigun should go up over the weekend. No clue why it took me so long to do that. Anyway, now it's time for a quick nap, then it's back to E3 mode.

Googleshng "No results found."

And I thought Koudelka was aimed at me specifically...

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