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     Ye Be E3!   May 17, 2005

Oh hey, it's E3! That really snuck up on me there. The only thing I feel the need to say at this point is... Sony, what are you thinking with that controller?

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Play nice kids.

So...I don't really understand how the whole Q&A system works. For some reason, you guys always accept letters from Paine and Mookwarrior or something like that, and all they ever do is...
A) Write unintellible letters with horrendous grammar.
B) Use plenty of anatomical references for no apparent reason
C) Don't even really ask questions...and when they do they're questions that have been asked 2000000 times before.

Well, if it seems like an awful lot of letters from Paine end up getting printed, it's because she sends in like 2 or 3 a day. Anyone who writes in on a daily basis is bound to get printed a lot. Meanwhile, that other guy's letters get printed because for some reason Andrew likes to feed trolls.

Anyway so here's my question. In Final Fantasy V, even though I'm getting close to the end of the game, I always feel that my party is very unbalanced no matter what I do. For example, while a Monk, Black Wizard, White Wizard, and Ninja seems like it would be balanced, it is'nt. All characters have bad defence, and one has no attacking skill whatsoever. Is there anyway to combat this problem? (Red mages don't work; their skills are mostly useless this late in the game) I can't seem to find a class who can heal well as well as attack other than Black mages w/ White skill or vice versa.

Thanks for your time.

-ben...who's favorite game is FFIX

Make everyone a mime. Mime is the official Broken Class. Also better than you'd think is having no class at all. You get every passive ability you've ever earned, and you get extra slots for more commands. I also seem to recall it being nice stat wise.

Where did this come from?

So, if you're looking for an 'old-school' type game that's got the newer graphics and play style, I'd suggest going for Digital Devil Saga. It's definitely making me think of the old SNES-era games as far as storyline goes.

I don't recall anyone asking recently, but well noted.

Big and scary.

Fellow Meister,

As the proud owner of a shiny new Xbox (door prize, woot!) I have only one question. Has this thing shed ANY pounds since Microsoft released it in 2001? They still lose money on the hardware, think how much they could save on freight costs.

Having experienced the space crunch of Japanese apartments, I realize why the sales there were lackluster. The old controller was larger than most pets. Glad they gave the 360 a girdle.


Yes, the Xbox is still large enough to have a noticeable gravity well.

How can something so generic have a fanbase?

I have an issue. Years ago I played a game that I thought was really good called Legend of Dragoon. It was very innovative in graphics and was a good use of the playstation console. Anyway, do you know if they are doing a sequel? Or why not? Because if they don't make one I think it would be a waste. It wasn't the best game in the world but it wasn't bad. It was a Greatest Hit, for god sakes.


Well, most people tend to agree that LoD really wasn't much to write home about, so I'm not sure how well such a sequel would be received. LoD also had an insanely long development time, so should they make a sequel, I wouldn't expect it any time soon.


"for her sake I will not fail!"

that is from Phantom Brave the main hero Ash says it.
He said it so much it's almost annoying....

Who actaully is HER is my question. Not 100% sure it's Marona.


Someone already identified yon quote yesterday. Two people in fact. Thanks for playing though.

And, I would assume either Marona, or Marona's mother. Of course, in that case, he'd probably say "their sake" I'd think.

The Last Laugh:

It's E3. Go look at all the shiny happy E3 stuff, and then come back and ask some shiny happy E3 questions please.

Googleshng "Eethree"

Electronic Entertainment Expo... Expo.

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