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     Licensing BAD!   May 16, 2005

What an odd little topic I seem to have inherited from the weekend in today's batch of letters. Let's get right into it shall we?

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Hey there Googleshng,

The "For her sake I will not fail" is the line Ash says before a story fight in Phantom Brave

I think the full line is You'll go no further for her sake i will not fail or something and in the japanese thing it was something about water dragon escarlat

Arros Raikou

Yep. Here's your tilde. ~

ellSay onAy eBay

Dear person,

In a recent column Andrew recommended renting games as a great way to try them out. He suggested that it's better to spend $10 to rent a game than $50 to buy it. I would suggest that there is a much better alternative than renting: eBay. I bought SMT Nocturne a few months ago, played through it, and then sold it on eBay for a $15 profit. Admittedly, many games will not go up in price - this was the limited edition with a soundtrack CD - but most games will retain their value quite well (unless they become "Greatest Hits"). Why waste $10 renting a game when you can buy it, keep it for a few months, and then if you don't plan to play it anymore, sell it on eBay? It's cheaper than renting, and you have the option of keeping a game if you like it. I would also suggest this for people who find games to be too expensive - buy a game, play it, sell it, repeat.

Thanks for reading.


Yeah, that's the magic of people's obsession with eBay. You can sell a fairly new game for a profit. I can find that very same game in a used game bin that nobody else is looking in. Win-win.


Hey Googs,

The new Justic League of America cartoon definitly needs to be made into an RPG...I mean, how could it miss? Heck, all the superheroes almost are their own "standard rpg class"(Batman is gadgets extarordinaire, Green Latern is like a mage, Wonderwoman and Superman are straight up brawlers etc.), and they already have plenty of villians to go up against.

Anyway, as far as my question goes, its pretty much this. Are we witnessing the total meshing of video games and movie entertainment as a whole? I mean after i saw the Wachowski (sp?) brothers and John Woo start erasing the lines, i shuttered (especially with the crap the Matrix dodos have done). I'm sorry but i for one wouldn't mind seeing Hollywood sticking to movie adaptations only, and keeping their grubby lil mitts out of video game development (Chronicles of Riddick may have been amazing but its a dime a dozen man).


I think you're pretty much covered on this front. We've already got Freedom Force, and if that isn't enough for you, there's City of Heroes.

As for your second concern here... that's a few years out of date. Anyone who was unfortunate enough to be paying attention back around the early 90s may remember hearing the term "Sillywood" thrown about a lot. This was in reference to people trying to combine games and movies, resulting in hideous pieces of garbage. Nobody really had any success with this, and that looming specter died there. So now all you're going to see is the standard bad licensing in each direction, the odd company that actually does happen to make both games and movies (think LucasArts), and this new trend of game companies taking their CG workstations and cranking out movies.

What's scary is, I have a hard time poking holes in this one...

The most obvious,and likely candidate would be the original Inspector Gadget. Upgradable body parts, new skills, Penny and Brain as party members, his kick ass car to cruise in (and upgrade/ level up), and the most evil mo-fo around DR CLAW. With cool animated graphics and most of the lame kid jokes made even cornier. It would be turn based bliss.

There's something to be said there, although the window on it ever actually happening has probably closed. The biggest problem I'd say would be finding things to fight. I mean, really, in yon cartoons there's just those two specific goons in every episode.


So yeah, dear Andrew or Google or whoever:
I daresay I'd love to see an Action/RPG of Voltron: Defender of the Universe, where you could level up on Robeasts and such, control the lions, even the pilots could do stuff.  The story's there, the battles are there, you could even run around and shoot stuff, solve puzzles, etc.

There's more than decent odds that this already exists. You show me a giant robot, I'll show you an RPG featuring it. Actually, the Super Robot Wars series alone has the vast majority covered.

Then there's David the Gnome, now that would be an interesting're a little Gnome doing big things and helping people and other creatures out.  Forget the Travelocity guy...

That's an odd thought. It'd probably work better as a Zelda sort of game though really.

And since I'm here, might as well ask you a question or two.  Which do you prefer in RPGs, Synth Music/Chiptunes or stuff that's real as possible.  There's benefits to both I believe.  And lastly, I'm trying to track down all the music that's attributed to or dedicated to Motoi Sakuraba of Valkyrie Profile/Star Ocean fame, any info would be most appreciated.
I'm outta here...

Either's fine by me, so long as it's interesting. Real sounding music is all well and good, just so long as you don't stick me with flash in the pan pop singer cranking out a shmaltzy love song or something like that. I'm also totally happy with the sound track to, say, any of the Megaman games.

Oh, and this was pretty easy to find.


The main page quote comes from "Phantom Brave", spoken by Ash most times during cutscenes before he enters a fight. -Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

Google:Yup. ~

The Last Laugh:

Oh hey, lookie. New Fire Emblem game!

Googleshng "... I think I saw a TWO!"

There there Bender. There's no such thing as twos.

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