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     Name a game with blank.   May 11, 2005

The title of today's column sure has been the format of a lot of letters these days. Not that I'm complaining or anything, it's just on odd phenomenon.

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You are mistaken, Google, Evolution: Seventh Cross was released in the states. I own a copy. I actually thought it was pretty decent; kind of like EVO: The Search for Eden.

Anyway, my question is: do you think that Dragon Warrior 8 will suffer the same tragedy that other RPG series did when they received significant graphics overhauls (i.e. decreased gameplay and annoying fixed-perspective area maps)? It would sadden me if even Dragon Warrior was no longer a bastion of old-school RPG goodness.

--He Who has not Written to Q&A for Several Years

Yep. Me, Andrew, RPGamer as a whole, and nearly every other site with which such things can be checked. Weird that.

Anyway though, I wouldn't worry too much about DQ8 looking better. They made the hop to 3D graphics in 7 with no ill-effect (except looking nasty) after all. I would be somewhat worried about other aspects, in light of the stuff they've done since. Port around the earlier games in the series with difficulty thrown out and those nasty white backgrounds.


All this tlk about jhonen vasquez and no one mentioned "i feel sick". Now, JTHM is the best of his works, but ive always been quite partial to Devi. so, um trying to track down rpgs that take place in modern days(no futeristic crap) but really all i can think of is persona, parasite eve and its evil malformed retarded little sister PE2. Can you think of any others?


Actually, I DID mention I Feel Sick. Check out the very bottom of the column.

I also recently answered this question, just a week or two ago. Here we go again though. Earthbound with a bullet. Shenmue. And the Koudelka/Shadow Hearts series is close enough I say.

Harry Porter

ay Q&A Guru. i had a large giant beer like you suggested. :P

anyways here is a idea that i think would rock and the rest of the gaming would would say would suck

since snes reigned supreame in the 90s with square-enix games.

my game idea is this

final fantasy 7,8,9,10,10-2 and legend of mana downsized to snes grafics and put on the GBA system.

tell me what you think? i think it would pwn with those types of grafixs.

and it would be technically a new game. :P

let me know your opinion on it ol wise Guru


Well no. It technically wouldn't be a new game. It would be a collection of ports. Also, I never suggested beer. Anyway though, it's been my experience that GBA ports of games with polygonal graphics originally tend to be handled with a distinct lack of care, yielding lukewarm results.

Profit Margins

Do you think that while some games should not be reduced to bargain bin status, such as Valkyrie Profile and Lunar titles, that they should still be made available for purchase, perhaps at their original suggested retail price? And even then, possibly on an online store, made-to-order basis, even? Thank you.

Well... no quite frankly. If a game is hard to find used, it's generally because it had a short production run. If it had a short production run, it's because the publisher either didn't have enough money to crank out more, or something about the game makes it something of a risk. Reissuing it later would cost more than a larger initial run, and you'd lack the initial release hype. It's even worse when we're talking about games for dead hardware like this.

On the bright side, there is no game you can't find used and in good condition if you try hard enough.

All the freaking time...

In this game after you defeat the 4 bosses in the earth cavern what do you do?

This is the sort of question I can't really be expected to answer unless you specify what game it is you're talking about, and at that, you're better off looking for a walkthrough.

The Last Laugh:

It's the weekend. Not the bigkend, just the little weekend. Don't step on it. Do ask Andrew things.

Googleshng "Wee, Not-So-Wee, and FRIGGIN' HUGE!"

There's a reference you don't get too often.

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