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     I Have Head Explodey!   May 9, 2005

Last night, on the Simpsons there was a blatant reference to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. That is to say, the main character ends up going to heaven is told he has the power to do anything he wants, immediately uses this to make someone's head explode, and this is refered to as "Head Explodey."

If you're the person who wrote that episode, have a cookie.

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I guess I don't say it enough...

Two questions,

I just recently got done playing through Lufia II again (such an addictive game). I really enjoyed the puzzles in the game, most of which weren't necessarily difficult but enjoyable nonetheless. Are there any games you would recommend that not only have solid gameplay and storyline, but also have some decent puzzles?

Secondly, I finished Ark of Napishtim not too long ago, and was quite impressed by most aspects of the game (although some of the voice acting could use some work...ok a lot of work). Anyway, would it be worth my time to look for the previous titles in the series or would I be better off waiting for future titles?


Go play the entire Wild ARMs series right now. If you still want to solve some puzzles while playing an RPG after that, Koudelka should get the job done too.

As for the Ys games, all I've played is the first one really, forever ago, so I'm not the best person to ask.


Hey there Googleshng,

Feel free to mark spoilers or be a little vague or what have you on this question since I'm near the end of the game and can probably figure out the vaguery

Question: Last week you mentioned that stuff had been removed/added/changed/etc when Skies of Arcadia got ported from the dreamcast to the gamecube so my question is what all was changed/added/removed/etc from the game?

Arros Raikou

Wow under the limit for once

Let's see, they decreased how often you get attacked, increased how much you got from each fight, put in a ton of new discoveries to find so you have obscene piles of cash, added in a few clichéed boss fights like that bounty hunter and evil clones of your party, flashbacks that tack backstory onto a certain villain... all things people tell me frustrate them.


Dear Andrew (or Googleshng, if you wish to reply before Andrew's return)

Not debating the quality of said titles, but number 52 on the list of '207 RPGs that deserved to stay in Japan' is titled Evolution. Evolution (starring such characters as 'Mag Launcher', 'Linear Cannon', 'Pepper Box' [ooh... spicy!!], 'Chain Gun' and 'Gre Nade') and it's sequel, the imaginatively named Evolution 2, were both released on Dreamcast and then both titles were released as one game on the Gamecube as Evolution Worlds. (Even though they stay on the same world, I believe.)

So, unless this another case of localization changing 6 to 3, it appears that this title should be removed from the list. Aside from stupid names, I cannot remember much of these games that would recommend they be exported from the land of the Rising Sun.

Also, is 196. Black Matrix 00 the sequel to 35. Black Matrix Zero, or the same game listed twice?

Also, 198. "Mereman, Dad! Mereman..."

-Herandar Luciferage

I would assume that he was refering to that OTHER Evolution. Evolution: Seventh Cross. No relation to the dungeon crawls we all know and some love. That one didn't come over here, and was honestly more deserving of the title if I'm not mistaken. That is to say, it actually had something to do with evolution.

Darn I love that game...

Cast and Googs,

The Blackrock and Roll is the name of a level in Warcraft 3. I don't know if you wanted people to say or not, but yeah...

Anyways, for Andrew, how'd you come up with 207 RPGs? I mean, I haven't heard of hardly any of those. I must disagree and say that Seiken Densetsu 3 was pretty darn cool...I could go into detail why but you've obviously played the game (to think it sucks) so I needn't get into my reasoning why it's good. they ever re-release Phantasy Star 4? I always wanted to play it off an emulator and they were going to release it with 1 and 2 I believe for the PS2 but it got postponed or whatever. Any news?


I'm fairly certain that's still in the works, although it seems to have fallen into a black hole of delays and lack of press releases.


Curious what happened to wildarms alter code F... did it come out and I just missed it... was it erased from history... am I loosing it... or was it just pushed back?

Evidently it's currently slated for release on August 16th. I'm still not a fan of rereleasing a game, changing the mechanics to those of the sequel, when everyone seems to agree that those changes were a bad idea to begin with.

The Last Laugh:

Nailbunny says, always eat your vegetables! Wait, no he doesn't. Carry on then.

Googleshng "Ask. A different. Question."

Good ol' Jhonen Vasquez

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