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     The Tables Have Turned!   May 8, 2005

Mother's Day is a very distracting day. Also, what I was planning for an intro is actually the answer to one of these questions, so let's just get into them, shall we?

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Has there been an RPG, possibly as of late, that is very notable for its character and style? I do not mean "characters," though they may be part of the style.

Quite a few. Off the top of my head, I'd have to say WA3, the whole Koudelka/Shadow Hearts series, Okage, Paper Mario 2, and Baten Kaitos to some extent are all pretty noteworthy in that regard.

Fan Ficcery


I don't really know if you'd have any info about the closing of RPGamer's fanfiction section, but... why? Why, why, why? No one to maintain it? I'll maintain it. No space? I'll find space! You guys are like the only reliable fanfic source and now you're taking that away from us? No! At the very least, the very very least, you need to keep the archives. There's stuff there from what, '97, '98? Noooo. I am very, very upset.


Well, RPGamer's fan fiction section has been run by this one small group of people for the last 6 or 7 years, shuffling around around which person is the official RPGamer staff member required to update it, and, well, by and large this system hasn't worked too well. So... we're ditching it.

E3 has us all a bit too distracted to concentrate on how to potentially fix things there, but next month there will probably be some announcement about what's going on.

I still say Resident Evil Breakout would be cool. Arkanoid meets zombies!

Hey Google,

Also, just wondering if you've played Resident Evil Outbreak File 2, Stella Deus, Digital Devil Saga yet. I've been in Alabama for the last 2 and a half months, so I had to have my dad pick up my reserved copies of those three titles.

I know you liked the first Outbreak, so I wanted to see how much you liked the second. The others I was just curious on how they were since I won't be able to play them for awhile, even though Digital Devil Saga will be a little like Noctourne.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

The only one of those I've played is, ironically enough, the one that isn't an RPG. For what it's worth though...

The controls suck, the voice acting sucks, and thus far I don't like the scenerios as much as last time. To be fair though, that's largely because they're a bit more complex and open ended, and once I'm used to them, 4 and 5 look to have a lot of potential. Especially given the special resource the 5th one gives you to help manage all the hunters. Good stuff that. Oh, and they really improved the character balance, gameplay, and secret aquisition issues too.

Floundering About

Why doesn't anyone like Unlimited SaGa?

Saw a few articles back that SoA was brought up. Is it just me or does the fact that Skies of Arcadia's themes largely revolve around the concept of "Exploration", and that the encounter rate and time it takes to clear battles are both exceptionally high/repetative seem to cut back on the feelings of "Look over there! I want to sail and explore lots of the map and discover new things and new islands!". I'm not a random-encounter-hater, or a turn-based hater by any means, but it just becomes insanely frustrating when you're looking for something and you hear the wonderful sound of your Dreamcast loading up a battle just 3 seconds after you got out of one. I guess the ATB system has kind of spoiled me, and now that I'm playing a game that's turn-based in every aspect of the word, I'm a little impatient. I still like the game a ton, I just think the battle system could have stood a little more innovation in a game that challenges a lot of conventional RPG ideas. What are your thoughts about it?


I find it strange how often this comes up. My guess is, people just don't pick up on how it really works. Most RPGs roll some dice after every fight for how much farther you can move before the next one loads. Skies of Arcadia doesn't do that. Instead, how often you get into fights depends on HOW you're moving around. If you just make a straight bee-line for your destination, you can do a loop around the world only getting in 1 or 2 fights (or none at all once you get the ability to fly really high and low, different altitudes have different monster densities). Meanwhile if you flounder around in one spot like crazy, it attracts monsters like crazy. Personally, I think it's awesome, because A- it makes sense, and B- it gives you the ability to start a fight on the spot if you really want to. It can get annoying when you're trying to pinpoint a discovery, but hey, you should have to work for'em some.

The problem of course is that before you figure out this odd little quirk, yeah, you're going to be fighting quite a bit.

Constructicons, assemble!

Merger? What merger? You're out of your mind.

Ignorantly your's,
-Needs a New Handle

Well, when one company gets jealous of how well another company's product is doing, they buy that company, allowing them to reap the profits from it, and frequently leave a bunch of the company being bought's other products to rot in the sun.

The Last Laugh:

There goes your column, now I have to dash off and visit with family members.

Googleshng "BWEEEEEE!"

Elephants are funny.

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