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     You remind them of Babar, King of the Elephants!   May 3, 2005

Ever brain someone's brain? It's pretty fun. Last night I managed to accomplish this with nothing more than a creepy picture someone sent me of Optimus Prime as a human girl.

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Nice selection!

Hey goog

Quick question. I've got the money to buy a couple of games now, and at a store I saw three items that looked good: Wild Arms 1 and 2, Persona, and some Lunar collection. I don't know what exactly was in the Lunar collection one. Anyways, my question is, which of these are good and why, and which ones would you think are better to get now if I don't get them all?

The Lunar games don't really get anthology treatment, they just have really fancy packaging. Definitely worth grabbing though.

As for the rest, personally, I'm quite fond of WA1, and WA2. I'd probably dig it, if not for the butchered translation and balance issues. I can't really find anything good to say about Persona though.

People are still confused about this?

Greetings Goog,

Have you heard anything about the next game in the Chrono series (Chrono Break I believe?) I heard a while back that it was cancelled, or at least postponed, and haven't seen anything on it since. Both Trigger and Cross were phenomenal games, but I'd rather see more of a Trigger-esque take on the series; at least in terms of actually being able to travel through time again. I think it'd be great to see some aspects of a classic RPG such as Chrono Trigger present in the (hopefully) new game. Any thoughts?


Uh, you heard quite wrong on a couple of occasions then. No such Chrono sequel has been postponed, nor cancelled, because such a game was never announced in the first place. Anyone saying otherwise is spreading rumors, based out of a trademark registration from a couple years back that never amounted to anything and has since expired.

Dropping off the radar #1

About a year ago, there were a couple of tiny little RPGamer news blurbs on this site about Dark Cloud 3--one announced the game's development, and the other had something to do with Sony showing the game at E3. And there's been nothing since. I did a web search and came up with pretty much nothing, so I'm guessing you can't tell me anything more, but I was just curious. Not that I know anything about game development, but a year seems like a long time to go with absolutely no news. Did they scrap the game, or is Level 5 just not as rabid about showing off their games as most other developers? Or is it just not far enough along to bother talking about?

La Matadita

Yeah, Dark Cloud 3 has pretty much fallen off the radar. Usually that means one of two things: A. It was unceremoniously scrapped, or B. It's embarrassingly behind the development schedule it was shooting for, and you won't hear a thing about it until they catch back up some. Both happen roughly as often, so I'm afraid I'll have to toss you a "wait and see" with a side order of "don't get your hopes up."

Dropping off the radar #2

Dear Almighty Q&A,

I don't know if anybody else is waiting for Wild ARMs: Alter Code F....but I was wondering if you had any information on perhaps why it continues to be delayed? I was just curious.



Well, most release dates are made up off the top of someone's head, usually an employee of a game store, who needs to enter a date into their database. That said, almost two years between the Japanese and U.S. releases is a bit odd, yeah. Maybe they're actually trying to do a decent job of localization this time.


just wondering where you got one of the quote's on the home page from. Mainly looking for the game featureing

"Reinforcements?? I am the reinforcements."

That one was from Vagrant Story. I'm honestly surprised how after all these years, nobody has ever started up an archive of these things. I've seen people do weirder things, like count the number of times I've started off a sentence with "As for..." over the course of a month.

The Last Laugh:

I really do need to make plans to see that there movie. Maybe tonight.

Googleshng "It's gradually lumbering towards us!"

Yeah, I'm still laughing at that.

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