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     Zombie Elephant   May 2, 2005

There's certain concepts that amuse me much more than they should. A zombie elephant is one of those things. I suppose it'd be more threatening than a regular zombie, but I'd be willing to bet much less threatening than a regular elephant.

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Ghibbles and Bits

Hi Goog.

I was at this sci-fi convention we had here in Israel and they showed Nausicaa. I never saw it, but the moment I saw the birds I told my friends "wow, chocobos", and noticed that the movie was released about 4 years before FFI, which didn't even have chocobos. Strange coincidence that you answer that question only a week after I saw the movie.

I also saw some kind of compilation with about 12 Studio Ghibli movies from whatever was the first to Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke (forget which). I would've bought it but then I noticed that 200$ price tag...

Question - a friend of mine (different than the one from earlier) saw Cowboy Bebop recently and loved it (big surprise). He wanted me to reccomend some other anime that's also very good. I obviously told him to see Evangelion, because that's a must. But the truth is, I don't watch that much anime. What would you suggest that's funny and not 1000 episodes-long?

Another question (well, remark) - I'm played Shadow Hearts and I was infinitely surprised to read on your website that Mitsuda worked on the music for it. He's probably my favorite VG composer, what with CT, CC, XG and Xenosaga Ep. 1, all of which have absolutely gorgeous music. Shadow Hearts has *some* nice tracks, but mostly they're crap (the battle theme in the Asia part, for example). I wonder what happened there...

Zohar Gilboa

Really? You don't like that track? I thought it was a rather nice and mellow take on the sort of musical weirdness these games are known for.

Anyway though, funny anime that there isn't too much of. Let's see, in increasing order of size, we've got Dragon Half, Those Who Hunt Elves, Excel Saga, and Slayers. That should cover you.

Nippon Ichi Multiparter

Great Googly Boogly or Anatomic Andrew,

Marl Kingdom? Apparently that's the name of the Tactical RPG series Nippon Ichi has become so famous for. Questions:

1. Where did that name come from? Admittedly I own 1/2 of Ichi's US releases but haven't played either, but I'd never heard of Marl Kingdom till it suddenly showed up. Where did the name come from?

2. Aside from the ambiguous "Angel's Present" which has .05 mg of information that's four and a half years old, the only games that are in that section are Rhapsody and Disgaea. I was under the impression that none of Ichi's games were connected plot wise (aside from <Spoiler> getting some of Disgaea's characters in La Pucelle </Spoiler>). So what's going on?

There's a tenuous connection between all their games. Mainly, they have a habit of putting characters from their last game into their next game. The term Marl Kingdom comes from their PSX games, which for the most part didn't make it over here, and I believe had stronger connections than these ones.

3. Is it Phantom Kingdom, Makai Kingdom, or something else entirely? It keeps switching...

Phantom in Japan, Makai in the U.S. I don't get it either.

4. Completely unrelated. Why does the Asheron's Call section only have Asheron's Call 2? I played the first one. Very cool.

The Pezman

There's actually quite a few older games suffering from that problem. Ultima's really bad.

Tilde and Thensome

LetŐs see, main page quote comes from Wild ARMs 2, yes/no? ARMs (if it does, the last s should be capitalized) being Agile Remote Mission Squad?

-Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

Yes indeed. Here's your tilde: ~ and here's an ampersand for catching such a nitpicky typo: &. ARMs stands for Ancient Relic Machines (read: Guns). WA2 for some nutty reason decided to also make ARMS stand for something. It's almost as confusing as the hideously botched translation.

Gimme my tinfoil hat!


I remember reading something about Sony patenting the process of beaming games into your brain somewhere on RPGamer. But I can't find the exact article.... any ideas?

- John

Here it is. You really shouldn't read too much into that though.


Dear Answer Man:

Just writing to point out that "Nausicaä" has the dieresis over the second "a," not the first, as Googleshng errantly typed it yesterday. Yes, this bothers me, before you ask. The New Yorker did it all throughout its interview with Miyazaki a few months ago and earned my undying disdain.

I love you guys, though, so just a slap on the wrist.

Yes. Shame on me. In my defense though, it's hard for a spellchecker to catch that sort of typo.


wild arms 2 wild arms 2 gimmie a tilde!!!!!!! ok.... i love ham... lOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google:OK, but calm down you. ~

The Last Laugh:

These are ending today if anyone cares. I'm hoping someone does... anything that sells for 50 cents actually ends up costing me something like $2.

Googleshng "Dumbo of the Dead"

It's not like you have to worry about being bit...

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