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     Ia! Ia! Egon ftaghn!   May 1, 2005

Last night, someone showed me the episode of the old Ghostbusters cartoon where they fought Cthulu. The first time I saw this, I was too young and ignorant for this to stand out, but watching it NOW, it's just plain priceless.

I also recently learned that Resident Evil Outbreak 2 changed David's voice actor, with hideous results. Shame that.

Oh, and I suppose I should point out that I have about a dozen anime auctions on eBay, still at 50 cents with a day to go. Here's hoping for some 11th hour bidding on these...

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Followup Fun

Googleshng, if Andrew: save for GS,

I'm more than a little curious why you printed today a letter that I think I wrote five months ago while hammered. It wasn't very funny when I read it the next day and I thought it graciously forgotten.


PS. I don't think it's realistic to deny that that stupid Arano no Saumurai Sakura Part 3: Part 0 War 6 game is Japanese as hell or, more specifically, a horrible translation of Japanese, which was what I was getting at in the first place; Japanese game companies need to have native English speakers proofread their work--even if it's some bartender who happens to be drunk at the time.

PPS. Not that I remember the little I knew about Arabic from linguistics classes, but if Baten Kaitos is an Arabic word (set of words), then the vowels aren't how they're supposed to be in the latin alphabet. It might be that some astronomer somewhere blew it, but it remains blown.

Every so often a letter gets stuck in limbo like that. I think the best I ever saw was when around two months ago, a letter appeared in my inbox asking when FF8 was supposed to come out. That was impressive.

Anyway though, I still can't see how you can gripe about yon Sakura Wars 5 prequel having a Japanese title when it hasn't been announced for U.S. release, I suppose you can gripe at sites for not translating it in stories, it's a bit heavy on proper nouns. I can give you the Wars, and tell you that "no" means "'s" but that's about it. With Baten Kaitos though, yeah, feel free to gripe to astronomers.


Okay, in response to this mysterious individual who posted some crap about a hidden Alfador character in CT.


Okay, people, first, the battle system limited attacks to 999 damage. I can't, and won't, show above that. you toke daily, or only when you emailed this comment? I mean, c'mon...

As for a question...hmm...


Nah, I can't do something like that, wasting yours (and everyone's) time. Here's a legit one:

Why doesn't a company (definitely not Squeenix...maybe Atlus or some weird off-brand) look into some of the fan-fic writers or science fiction/fantasy writers at big posting websites like (shameless plug: I'm thinking: cheap writers, decent writers, fresh talent, easy labour, and the opportunity to give some unknown a game credit. Maybe it's a bit of a wild idea...but perhaps it's an untapped resource?

Maybe I'm a bit of a dreamer...


RPG developers will never hire writers to come up with new ideas, because RPG developers are founded by people who have a ton of ideas for games, and just need to hire programmers, artists, composers, etc. to actually make games out of them. That said, these people aren't necessarily TALENTED writers, and many would likely benefit from paying someone to punch up their dialog and such. Of course, when we're talking about Japanese developers, that's exactly what localization teams are there to do. Take garbled, literally translated text, and rewrite it as something snappy. That one is an entry level job too, so you'd figure more fanfic writers and such would constantly be applying.

Chrono Cross

Hey Andrew

Just curious as to why you hate Chrono Cross so much. I don't necessarily want to write an email defending it, as you have the final say as an editor and will probably put a zingy one liner to make me seem like a ghey n00b.

I can see how the many characters would turn some people off. I think they could've done without 20 characters as playable, but some of them were pretty cool. None as memorable as trigger, but that's forgivable.

The plot was pretty complicated...especially if you didn't know trigger inside out. Is that maybe why you hate it? There's an entire FAQ on how the plot ties into trigger, so is that TOO complicated you think? Or did it not have ENOUGH tie-ins to trigger?

I thought the soundtrack was phenomenal, almost on par with trigger. The girl who stole the stars, the homeworld and another world theme were all amazing. I though the graphics were just gorgeous for a psx game, very colourful.

So, why DID you hate cross so much? To me, it's one of the best games i've ever played. Gamespot gave it a perfect score. It's the sequel and so far the ONLY tie in to my favourite game of all time (chrono trigger, duh) so maybe that's why I love it so much.
Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts.



PS-About 5 hours into skies of arcadia (for cube), loving it. Does it stay lovable?

Yeah, SoA is a wonderful game, although I'm told the GC version would be better off without the changes they made.

Anyway, I can't speak for Andrew, but here's a few problems people in general have with Chrono Cross. First off, it has this generally unfinished quality to it. There's a few sections of the game which stand out to me as sketchy notes someone intended to flesh out into full plot points/dungeons/boss fights but didn't have time for. Switching characters is a horrific chore. There's the treatment of the cast of CT. Overall it really just seems like they should have taken more time with the thing.

What the heck? Part 1

where do chocobos come from

OK, someone sends this question in at least once a week. I know I've printed it plenty of times over the week, mentioning that they were pretty much ripped off directly from Nausicäa. I seem to recall this being a question in some silly FF trivia contest on Square's page forever ago, which is how it first cropped up, but I can't imagine that's still running. That just leaves it as a running gag, and even there, it lost steam a long time ago.

Anyway though, on the off chance you were seriously curious, it's from an old manga series/anime movie which Disney has had the U.S. rights to forever and recently decided to release on DVD.

What the heck? Part 2

how do you do magic combos i can not figure it out and i can not find any place that tells me how to do them or how to get them or what they are

Normally when I see a letter like this, I grumble at how I have to go back and look for what game is being asked about in the subject line. Here though, all I have is "Question" though. So if you're still trying to figure it out, feel free to ask again tomorrow, and remember to specify the game in question.

The Last Laugh:

Something I hear a lot lately: "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy couldn't work ask anything other than a book." Whenever I hear this, I can't help but wonder if these people haven't heard of the radio play, TV series, or text adventure, all of which people seem just as fond of as the novels, all of which are by the same author, and all of which have some pretty significant differences.

Googleshng "42"

The magic number for nerds.

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