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     Cranking things up...   April 26, 2005

OK, enough dragging things out. I'm just going to start flinging DVDs up on eBay left and right. Beyblade, Detective Conan, Dragon Ball, Tenchi, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, creepy disturbing stuff... if it's not up there yet, it will be some time over the weekend.

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"...considering that Square-Enix made another production run of Xenogears to cash in on Xenosaga, most likely..."

Here's a question. Why would somebody say this when Xenogears was released by Squaresoft and Xenosaga was released by Namco/Monolith Soft? Maybe I'm missing something.

an RPGfan

Uh... because it's good business sense? When something is coming out similar enough to something you own that people are likely going to want to check yours out while they wait, you throw it back out there. Am I the only one who remembers when they were pushing Willow DVDs while everyone was drooling for the Lord of the Rings movies? "Before there were wizards, before there were hobbits, there was Willow" and all that. I still have to wonder about that tag line though. I mean, not only were there the original books, and a number of other adaptations first, but there's wizards and hobbits IN Willow. Heck, the title character is both!


sup google,

Gotta love that Evil Dead. Didn't know they were gonna remake it. Do you know if Sam Raimi is directing? Also of the trilogy which is your favorite? I'm an Army of Darkness guy.

Also do you welcome the lull that rpg releases will be going through this year? Just wondering cause it happens to give me time to catch up on some games that i havn't beat yet.


Yes, Sam Raimi, yes Bruce Campbell, and yes just about everyone says AoD is the best (although ED2 has quite a few fans).

As for yon lull on the RPG front, no, that's not really a good thing in my book. The more RPGs out there, the more interesting this job is.

Fun with Xenogears.

Hey there Googleshng,

First off wow my memory really sucks, oh well onto a question, but thanks for clearing the dragon question, now i need to find where i remember a poison breathing dragon from...

Ok since I haven't played Xenogears or Xenosaga 1 or 2, was the "Clearly, you haven't played Xenogears." a reply to the human in a mecha fighting a god/alien/stereotypical final boss instead of another human in a mecha or to stopping some weirdo from unleashing freaky world killing powers and stuff question? just wondering cause I know nothing about the Xeno series outside of Cast's hatred of it and my friend owning two of the games kinda sad really..

Just curious, I'm now sad that I probably won't get to randomly yell it's a Gundam while playing an rpg unless i learn Japanese...

Also why would anyone even think they needed a port of FF4 through 10-2 right now those games are easily available to buy though some of them aren't worth buying but still, SD2 and 3 are the only two games on that list that actually need to be ported to some new system...

so uh yeah... does Xenogears ends in mecha versus something non mecha or what?

Arros Raikou

Keeps himself in the dark on many a thing

I also can't fathom why someone would want ports of games that are readily available... especially when past letters from the people in question make it clear to me that they already own them.

Anyway though, yes. Xenogears has you stomping around in giant robots for the bulk of the game, but still manages to follow the standard RPG god-smacking motif.

People don't ask this as much as you'd think.

Dear Q & A... person.... thing....
Do you feel bad Google stole you name? seeing how they're worth $16+ billion?

With your luck they'll most likely take you to court for your name... or whatever....

Funny thing about that. A few months before yon search engine sprang up, I was actually considering registering, as my site had a really nasty url at the time. I couldn't rationalize (or afford) paying 10 bucks for such a thing though, and boy did I ever miss my chance. Anyway though, I wouldn't be bothered by the whole thing, except that at this point in time, the popularity of yon search engine wreaks havoc with my e-mail. I can't sign up for certain e-mail services, and most spam filters reject everything from me. Sucks.


This is my first question... here I go,

How come nobody "Posts a reaction" on the front page news anymore? I havent seen 1 reaction in days and i'm to lazy to do it myself...

also is that quote from Suikoden II?

It's not that nobody's been posting, it's that a bug is keeping it from displaying the counts. We seem to have a lot of those lately. I'll call Skuld.

The Last Laugh:

So many auctions to set up...

Googleshng "Confirm confirm confirm..."

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