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     Gundammit   April 25, 2005

Scott McCloud has a freaky degree of influence. I can't count of how many people I've seen doing 24 hour comics this year. Fun concept though.

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Hey there Googleshng,

Question 1: Ok since you are the anime fan of the Q and a guys, and since this is an RPG, do you think the recently announced Gundam RPG will make it stateside?? I know you don't like most mecha anime but I'd rather ask you rather than Cast about your thoughts on it's chances of leaving Japan

It's not that I don't like most mecha anime. It's that I don't like Gundam, and Gundam accounts for most mecha anime. Anyway though, while there's always a chance of any RPG coming to the U.S. (unless it's by Banpresto), if you see a game mentioned in one of our Japandemonium columns, odds of seeing it on this side of the Pacific are slim.

Question 2: Since you or someone else might remember/research it, but do you remember the old cartoon movie version of the hobbit? I'm trying to remember if the dragon in it breathed poisonous smog and if it did in fact breathe poisonous smog then what was the poisonous smog called? Sure I could buy the book but I'd rather be the lazy bastard I am and ask you guys at rpgamer about it since Tolkien's stuff is the base for a good ammount of rpg stuff

No, the dragon was NAMED Smaug. It was your standard fire breathing dragon.

I'll skip the voice acting topic and the WA2 vs WA3 topic, but as far as the why doesn't your goal to stop the evil corporation/empire/republic/kingdom/whatever else stay with that instead of building up to your rag tag group of heroes versus either A.) Something/somoeone from space or B.) Some god/demi-god of death, destruction, and creepy undertones etc is because well, triumpth over the corrupt leader of the evil organization isn't as stunning as spikey headed mofo and goody goody girlfriend beat pretty boy demi-god and save teh world, that and it's hard to explain how an "ordinary" human/whatever has an exorbantly high HP count unless they are from beyond the planet or a god, then again the standard double crossing characters HP is higher than that of his/her hp count when they were/become good, so maybe it isn't that hard to explain but still RPGs have never had any roots in reality so yeah, also I would assume any human in mecha VS human in mecha kinda rpg wouldn't have the robot pilots killing a god or an alien but rather some evil jack--- in another robot but I could always be wrong... I personally think a game were you fight to stop some crazy general from unleashing some weird ancient powers that actually ends with the general defeated before the ancient evil is unleashed would be refreshing...

Arros Raikou

Resists the urge to yell "It's a Gundam!!!" for no real reason but caves into the temptation

Clearly, you haven't played Xenogears. Anyway though, there's actually quite a few RPGs out there which don't boil down to the standard last minute "kill god" endgame twist. Let's see, off the top of my head, there's Dragon Warrior, Vanguard Bandits... the SNES Shadowrun game is particularly interesting, as it actually ends when you bring down an evil corporation in a non-combative fashion.

As for why it's such a popular gimmick though, well, WA2 put it nicely. You can't save the world by having a big showdown with an abstract concept. You have to personify it as some big thing you can kill. Plus there's something to be said for plot twists... usually. When everyone uses the exact same one though, it's not much of a twist.

Nintendo and Licensing

"Nintendo is generally opposed to doing ports and remakes."

Are you talking about the same Nintendo I am? You know, the one that remade 4 Mario games for the GBA, ported 1 Zelda game to the GBA, and ported 4 Zelda games to the GC?

Anyway, as I understand it, Square-Enix owns copyrights over all the original characters introduced in Super Mario RPG, such as Mallow, Geno, and Smithy. Geno made a small appearance in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and due to that, at the very end of the credits, you see this: All Rights, including the copyrights of Game, Scenario, Music, and Program, reserved by NINTENDO. Regardless of the above-mentioned, the copyright of Character "Geno", reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.' (Taken from this screenshot: )

R. Bemrose

Like I said, they're a little hypocritical on that front. Heck, when the GBA was first released, I was standing there listening to a speech on how Nintendo takes pride in not recycling their old stuff, while people were walking around with GBAs linked up to play Mario Bros.

Anyway though, yes, Square created some original characters for SMRPG, but as we see here, they don't have any ironclad exclusivity based on hatred going here, as Nintendo was able to have someone else develop a game with those characters, and also an example of that whole new game instead of a port notion.

Quotes and WA

Greetings, O sagacious one!

First off, the quote:

"If it's not found out, a lie becomes the truth"

....comes from Suikoden II and is spoken by Rowd to Nanami and several others held in the Unicorn Brigade HQ.

As for my questions, (since Wild ARMs seems to be back in vogue for a while), how much more popular would you estimate the Wild ARMs series is in Japan than elsewhere? If it is, why do you think it hasn't gotten more recognition here?

Also, do (m)any other RPGs have a comparable system to the tools system in Wild ARMs? That's always been one of my favorite features. I love the anime, too, just as an aside... beautiful work!

Thank you much!

-Nomi Sunrider

The closest game to the WA series I can think of is Lufia 2, although it lacks the gimmick of giving each character unique tools to help with puzzles. In that sense it has more in common with Lost Vikingss or Goblins. Really is a shame you don't see more of that sort of thing.

Anyway though, I don't believe the WA series is notably more popular in Japan. It came before the big boom FF7 started, so a lot of people missed it, and it didn't jump on the ensuing bandwagon either, making it something of a last bastion of oldschool design appealing mainly to geezers like me. There may be more such people in Japan, but I doubt it's a major difference.

Oh, and here's your tilde. ~

2 or 3 times a day...

Hi Q and A dude.

i got a question do you think square-enix will give us more final fantasy spinoffs then what they have all ready?

also my last question is the following games do you think square-enix will give us em for the gba? or psp? or DS?

1.chronotrigger fantasy 4 fantasy 5 fantasy 6 fantasy 7 fantasy 8 fantasy 9 fantasy 10 fantasy 10-2?
11.secret of mana?
12.seiken densetsu 3?

all the best


Uh... maybe? Hopefully not? I'd rather see them working on new games than regurgitate old ones every time they see a new platform on which to do so, but seeing how I'm not in on their corporate meetings, I can't really speculate to that degree. Heck, even if I was, it's safe to say they aren't thinking that far ahead. They're working on a bunch of things now, similar to the above. If these things do well, they'll likely continue along those same lines, if not, they might give the port wagon a rest for a bit.

Supply and Demand

Just to get your opinion on this as well, why has Square-Enix not yet tried to cash in on the inflated sales of Valkyrie Profile over the Internet? It is selling for a lot more than the initial price, and selling preowned, more often than not, at that. I honestly consider this to be a proper excuse to make another production run of it, considering that Square-Enix made another production run of Xenogears to cash in on Xenosaga, most likely, and thus viewed "Greatest Hits" more as another run than selling a lot of initial copies. What is your opinion on this?

Well, I don't think eBay has much impact on companies rereleasing games, but yes, it would be nice to see that one on shelves again.

The Last Laugh:

I always have mixed feelings when someone reminds me that they're doing a remake of Evil Dead. On the one hand, the original version didn't have anything to work with besides Bruce Campbell, a camera, a rope, a motorcycle, and a sunday bar, but on the other hand, the original version didn't have anything to work with besides Bruce Campbell, a camera, a rope, a motorcycle, and a sunday bar! You know?

Googleshng "Klatu! Verata! N-*cough*"

OK then!

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