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     The Cat Came Back   April 24, 2005

After 2 days of this hideous cat generally menacing me and mine, his owner decided she missed him and wanted him back. Great. And it only took two days to finally get the sociopathic fatso crammed into a cat carrier to be sent home too. Nice being able to actually sleep again.

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Yo, letter person thingy.

Here's an interesting little tidbit about the online Conan game: For the first twenty or so levels, it's essentially a single player game. It's still unclear whether or not one will be online at all through this section, but it's looking like you won't have to pay any subscription fees until you reach the online portion of the game. So, essentially, you get a traditional RPG that just happens to becomes an MMORPG when you're done with it.

So my question would be: Do you think this is a good idea? And why/why not?

- Person -

A lot of people try gimmicks like this actually, and it never really seems to work. Either you end up with a shortish offline game with an online mode that gets little support, or is cancelled altogether, or you have an online game which encourages you to play a really limitted and nasty offline mode at times. I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one game that does both actually.

If I seem like to much of a pessimist here though, keep in mind that there's still plenty of time for a lot of things to change. PC games with release dates a year away are far from set in stone.

Who really cares about a Sailor Moon RPG though?

No chance of SMRP coming to the DS because Nintendo and Sqeenix don't get along? Isn't their relationship improving? What about Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles? Sure....the game sucked...but it seems like they've been getting along better. AND....isn't there word on the horizon that Secret of Mana "could" be ported to the DS? So why no SMRPG? a side note...that solution to the riddle was awful. Maybe he/she didn't realize that it said you can only do one weighing, where as in that solution, up to 5 were being done. You know my solution was better.

an RPGfan

Yes, and more to the point, I'm fairly sure Nintendo has complete control of the rights to said game. That's how most such arrangements go, especially when you're working with the characters from your biggest franchise. Thus, presumably, Nintendo could take any old dev team lying around and have them port the game over to whatever. A bigger concern here I would think is that, while they're hypocrites about it at times, Nintendo is generally opposed to doing ports and remakes.

As for that riddle, who even needs the scales? That's a difference you could spot no problem by holding them in your hands.

An independent thinker! Get him!

To the ones with Answers

Hey hey hey...your recent QnA...was quite hilarious...especially the halo 2 guy.

I don't know which one of you played the Wild ARMs series, but I would like to know if there is any new information on the remake, and WA4.

I get alot of flak because I choose games like Megaten series, SaGa and Wild ARMs over FF(not counting computer RPGs). So far i am considered heathen to RPG's. I will play an FF game, just prefer the others before it. Am I wrong to do such a thing? Am I not true to RPG's?



No, you're fine. Anyone who thinks that the FF series is the be-all end-all of RPGs and that no other RPG is worth playing is, well, a creepy little fanboy who needs to get out more quite frankly. I mean, it's kind of like saying that pizza tastes good, so anyone who eats anything else when they could have pizza is a terrible person. Crazy.

As for WA news, well, everything that comes out about a game goes onto the bottom of our page for that game, so just hop over to the Games section and see if there's anything new since last you checked.

Combo Fun

Hello Andrew, I bring forth Creamsicle of peace.

I want to know your opinion on RPG battle system. More specifically, special feature of the battle system. Things like the Double Tech in Xenosaga 2 or those multiple tech in Tales of Symphonia.

How come when I play Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger, two game that can take about 24 hours to beat, I get to use everything the battle system has to offer. But when I play recent RPG that can go on for up to 60 hours, I barely ever get the chance to use these special tech.

I must point that I don't use any sort of guide when I first play a game. So, for Xenosaga 2, I didn't know I had to steal from boss... I mean, I didn't know I had to work toward learning the steal command extremely early in the game THEN steal all the time from bosses. Same with ToS, I was able to do a double tech once, which I replicated multiple time afterward and only got it right 2 times... out of 800 battles (or so).

This makes no sense to me.

Also, let me add a personal question. Do you happens to be in a RPG slump from time to time? I started a game of Shadow Hearts 1 and wanted to beat, I actually liked it... but I couldn't continue. That's when I realised it was time I do something different (in this case Splinter Cell) So, does it happen to you. Does it happens to people who play RPG exclusively too.

Oh, by the way, I read recently that you still had not the chance to play Metroid Prime 2. That is terrible and if I was even remotely in better financial health, I would buy you a copy and mail it to you. Being a mutual Metroid fan, I can't even begin to understand you pain (I have sold my Soul from Metroid Prime 1 and Fusion in the same week. Damn you Nintendo!) Seriously, you are missing out on something amazing, You can remember that I wasn't too hot for MP1 mainly because it's in 3D. With MP2, the improved everything from MP1 and made it feel much much better. What sold is the pace, the pace at which you find the power ups. Only thing I didn't like were the new suit (except for the Light Suits, this one rocks) I mean, can Samus transform into a motorcycle in her Dark Suit?

Soul Maru

I managed to get my hands on MP2 right when it came out actually, and enjoyed it immensely. The developers of these suckers have a better grasp on what makes Metroid work than the original Metroid team these days, and it's nice to see what happens when they get to demonstrate it when they don't also have to make sure they're visually similar to the original games for the sake of the skeptics like me. Plus they crop off less of the screen in 2. Huge help.

Anyway though, the problem with games and crazy options you aren't going to use is this. RPG developers, as a general rule, never have to worry about balance. "Is this boss going to be too hard?" "Eh, if it is, players can just go up a few more levels before they try it." "Are these two characters equally effective?" "Who cares, they get to use'em both." When you don't have that sort of pressure to make sure everything is balanced out, you tend to suck at balancing things. Hence, many RPGs, especially those that give you a lot of abilities you can only use under certain conditions, end up with a lot of things you CAN do, but have no real reason to want to. Some developers of course put more thought into these things than others.

Quite a bit too late.

"Reinforcements? I am the reinforcements."

This is said by Ashley during one of the opening scenes that you don't see unless you wait after the opening movie plays without hitting the start button.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

That would indeed be the origins of yon quote, but the tilde for it was given away about a week ago. Also, you forgot to ask a question.

The Last Laugh:

So yeah. Back to my usual total of cats. Nice and peaceful and calm. Unlike the status of RPGamer's servers. Anyway, while we wait for a new game of note to finally come out, feel free to ask me about various obscure old games. It'll be fun.

Googleshng "Mrrrrrrrrrr......"

And then blessed silence.

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