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     THIS BOOK IS TOO LONG!   April 19, 2005

Good old Strong Mad. Quoted so rarely. Anyway though, let's get columneringifying.

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It occurs to me in all the years that I've been reading Q&A, I've only written in like three times, and only to earn tildes., why break my streak? Quote is Ashley from Vagrant Story (a game I couldn't stand but somehow finished anyway).

- Shinrai

(But, seriously, now I feel obligated to write in something substantial. Uhm...later, though.)

Yeah, well, here's another for the pile then. ~


Hey there Googleshng,

Ok i'll start with questions so if i go off on a ramble you can slim it down to size

Question 1: Is there any real purpose to seeing all the magnus in Baten Kaitos or is it just their to help completionists keep track off which cards they've seen/had?

I don't believe there's any special bonus unlocked or anything, no.

Question 2: Have you heard anything new about the Sony lawsuit over the vibrating controllers??

Nope. Legalities take a while.

Question 3: Since according to some news artiocle i read somewhere that actual actors may not be doing voices in games anymore, will this have any real effect on RPGs? Outside of KH I can't think of any RPG that has hollywood talent in it so just thought I'd ask if I should give a ---- or not

I'd kind of like to see that article. I've never heard anything along those lines, and it doesn't quite ring true. So, I wouldn't worry about it.

I agreed more with the staff picks for best/worst games for the various systems more so than I did the reader picks largely because I hate SO3

My thoughts on the trademarking of World of Mana is either A.) the online Seiken Densetsu I've been fearing B.) the North American name for SD3 simply because I was right with my guess that Sword of Mana was the SD1 remake's North American name and I was right or C.) it is the new SD they were asking for help on or D.) is the new Chrono Break

On me never playing Dragon Quest/Warrior if it makes you feel better my girlfriend's little brother bought some gameboy dragon warrior thing and neither he nor my girlfriend could figure out how to save, I have also never played a pen and paper RPG and lack a basic understanding of how to win at chess so yeah in short I'm a pretty pathetic RPG fanboy...

And since I don't have a spiffy comp and isp I can't download the AMV you made and mentioned but I'm going out on a limb and saying it is to Hungry like the wolf and features Koga or at the very least Inuyasha

Feel free to stop snipping here if need be

Arros Raikou

That would be what it was, yeah. Incidently though, I kinda miss the days when you had to go way out of your way to save your game. Made things more interesting some times.


Hi, google, my friend showed me this site that has the release date for Final Fantasy 12, they even have it for preorder for people in the UK. I really think this site is a scam though there is a possibility is true, since Square Enix has been talking about some HUGE news. What do you think? Is it fake? Here's the link.

Well, it's typical for stores and the occassional other site to throw up ballpark estimates of release dates before they're pinned down. Most have the good sense to perpetually keep them far enough in the future that you don't end up saying it'll be out in Europe before Japan. Shame on yon site.

Deeeeeead pixelllllls are not much fun.

Long-time reader, first time emailer.
I have an issue with what you said on April 17.

As for the dead pixel thing, that's a pretty common problem I'm told. Goes without saying really. Inherent design flaw, which may actually be intentional, but let's not get into that."

First, you accuse Sony of making a flaw in their hardware. I'm assuming you think their motivation is going to be more money. What's weird is they seem to be exchanging "flawed" PSPs. So my question is why would anyone make a flaw in their hardware in an attempt to get more money, and then not take advantage of it?

Second, ALL LCD monitors have dead pixel issues. The reason that the PSP's problems are getting so much attention are because they mass-produced a very large amount in a short period of time, and they also have to squeeze the LCD into a very small package.

A simple google search should give you a link like: that will answer any of your pixel problems.

I am by no means a PSP fanboy, there are obvious problems which I'm not going to get into here, however I just felt that an accusation like that without an explanation was pretty out there.

You do a great job however, and I don't want to seem to be jumping and emailing because I found an error, I just didn't want people to get the wrong impression.

Best wishes,

Indeed. Many LCD monitors ship with dead pixels. However, what I was saying is that I can see stores not taking returns for this because, well, the design of the PSP leaves the screen pretty darn open to damage, and it wouldn't work out well for them to replace PSPs every time a stray blow takes a row of pixels out. Fairly handy page there though.

But OAVs are icky!

Hey Goog I don't know if you remember me from your days in #Crystal. Thor's room on esper but one of the things that came up was more Hellsing. I told you they were planning on making more once the manga was done. Well guess what they are starting.

"One: Geneon Entertainment (USA) is involved in a new Hellsing OVA series. No number of episodes is listed but they're talking 35 minutes per episode and based on actual manga material."

This comes from so you can check out the actual links to stuff. Just thought you'd like to know. You're probably surprised I remember such a thing but just I'm just weird like that. Also I thought you'd prefer to get this mail at your actual site instead of the Q& A column but seeing the email address guess that didn't matter. Anyhoo thought you'd want to know.


That's actually pretty spiffy. Hooray for actually animating the whole nazi werewolf storyline. Still though, I'd rather have a televised season than an OAV. Ah well.

The Last Laugh:

This sure has been a slow month, good thing there's a WA game coming next month.

Googleshng "Sand!"

And giant robots!

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