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     Steamy!   April 18, 2005

OK, between Steam Boy coming to U.S. theaters recently, people talking to me about Arcanum constantly, and Girl Genius by the Foglios changing into a webcomic, I think I am offically Steampunked Out. I could really use some other sort of exotic setting for a while. Can't we mix Cthulu with samurai for a while or something?

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Nothing to steal!

Googleshng -

I thought that Java Final Fantasy VI spoof was amazingly clever!  I keep reading that only someone with "way too much time on his/her hands" could make this.

This may seem like a dumb question, but just HOW long (in terms of minutes, hours, days even) would making something as "complicated" as this Java thing take?

Mr. Craktroop

Well, let's see. Ripping the backgrounds and music from the game probably only took 5 minutes, getting little sprites of all the consoles you can do just by going to the right site. Actually writing the script though, I'm sure that took a good chunk of time.

It's a little kazoo looking thing that goes "uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Ok...I just finishish The Third Age (Gamecube version).  Very mediocre game...but somewhat fun.  I was wondering if there is any extra bonus for playing through the game on harder difficulty levels.  I tried looking up the information and couldn't find any specific comments about this.  If you're not sure, maybe someone who reads the column may know.  By the way...fighting with Aragorn and his Call of the Dead ability is great.
an RPGfan

Not as far as I can tell, no. Sometimes a hard mode is just a hard mode.

Fun With Side Quests

According to GS
Campaign #4, I'm supposed to talk to Jessica in front of the Bakery after talking to Yolanda in Second Miltia. I've talked to everyone on the sest side of the urban area and no one is named Jessica. I thought maybe there was a glitch in the software, so i actually started my entire game over. She's still not there. I would really like to complete this campaign so i can obtain the 20 skill upgrades. If you can't tell me where to go from here, do you think you could tell me a cheat code to get more skill upgrades?
I'd really appreciate your help in this matter; this game and strategy guide were both valentine's day gifts from my fiancee that I've enjoyed playing tremendously. I would really like to be able to complete all the side quests you have created, so i may fully enjoy this game.
book ISBN: 0744004691
game bar code #22674 10017
sir prize

I've never understood why so many people seem to get the impression that the staff of RPGamer actually develops the RPGs we cover. It's just plain odd.

Anyway though, the best advice I can think to give at the moment here is to point out that the order the GS campaigns are listed in doesn't come close to the order you can actually be done in. Campaign #4 if I recall actually can't be completed until you're pretty far into the game.


Dear Googlemeister,

I noticed in the RPGamer news recently that in addition to the Dear Friends concert in Texas, several other concerts were announced last month.  Somehow, I missed that announcement.  When were those announced?

P.S.  I fully intend to be at one or both of the Detroit, MI concerts.

R. Bemrose

Well, the Texas concert was announced on April 15th, the others evidently on March 24th or so. I really should try to hit the one in Hartford myself. Assuming of course I can find the money, and someone nerdy enough to want to check out live orchestral music AND something videogame related at the same time. There's the real tricky bit.


hay q and a dude. how come square-enix never replys back to you via letter if you got an idea for a game? i submited 2 ideas. mostly spinoffs and mostly no replys. nintendo replys back to me with wait for E3 for the earthbound games and konami does a reply 5 months later. but square-enix never has once.
please shed some light on the subject

Well, in a nutshell, absolutely no videogame publisher will ever take some concept some random fan mails to them and actually pursue it. There are innumerable reasons for this. For a lot of them, it probably doesn't even seem worth the record to toss out form letters to the effect.

The Last Laugh:

Steam steam steam steam steam steam water vapor!

Googleshng "STEAM!"

It burns me so!

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