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     Victorian Swimwear   April 12, 2005

If anyone out there cares about such things, my liquidation of random anime continues with DVDs 1, 6, and 7 of Kiddy Grade. One of the few things in the stack whose target audience isn't 8 years old that.

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Is it worth it?

Dear Googleshng,
I ask this question last time, but I decided to ask again as I need to know the answer!
Is it worth it if I level up to the Max in Xenosaga 1 so I can get extra skill points in Xenosaga 2?

Oh yeah, tell Nick I'm gonna give him what he wants. Rpgs girls in swimsuits! Just couldn't decide which rpg/rpgs I should use...I cross out FFVII as so many people have already done it. Maybe Xenosaga?

>From Emerald_Mara85

Not at all no. The skill point bonuses based on your levels from XS1 are honestly quite pathetic. If you finished the game around level 50 or so, spending maybe half an hour killing things in one of the few places where you don't have to hunt around to find things to kill will make up for the 49 levels you didn't get. Plus you get some experience and items while you're at it.

As for the swimsuit notion, I'd suggest the Koudelka/Shadow Hearts series for a change of pace. Go for accurate turn of the century swimsuits. Bound to get a laugh.


Hey Google,

You mentioned in the passing during your Q&A on 10/04/05 that the history of the RPG that stemmed from:

"Norse Mythology - J.R.R. Tolkien - D&D - Then it honestly fans out a bit with Ultima here, and Palladium there and bla bla bla."

What I'd quite like to know more about is the "bla bla bla" bit. Could you maybe elaborate on this a jot and tell a poor RPG innocent a bit more about the modern RPG's family tree?


Well, J.R.R. Tolkien's books had a setting lifted primarily from Norse mythology (heck, he even calls it Middle Earth). All other fantasy settings are based off that one to some degree or another, D&D's for instance. Every other RPG out there pretty much came about by looking at D&D, and deciding to do the same idea with a different setting and/or rules that don't suck so much. Then you've got Ultima, which took D&D and tried to put it onto a computer (I'm arguably skipping a couple things in here, because I don't think they were really sources of inspiration). Dragon Warrior is pretty much a simplification of Ultima. Then any other RPG from that era is pretty much mixing and matching bits of games that came before, and some new concepts being thrown in, until a general concensus on what works came around, continued for a while, more experimenting, more congealing, over and over until you end up with Xenosaga 2.

What do we want? Obscure remakes! When do we want'em? Now!

First off, when I was a child, I wanted nothing more than for Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie to be real characters, or at least a real series of books. However, you can make Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs by pouring chocolate milk over Count Chocula or Reese Peanut Butter Cup cereal, or that short-lived Oreo cereal; sprinkle brown sugar and watch a small child spin like a top for a few hours. My mother hated when I figured that one out at a birthday party when I was 8 ŠŠI think we wound up playing Calvin Ball for six hours straight.

At any rate, I do have a question for you: With the remake of Dragon Force imminently coming out, do you think there are any odds that weÕll see it over here (and, I know the answer is no, but any shot of ever seeing Dragon Force II?)? I do adore my Saturn for that game, but damnit, I could do with some updates and game play changes. And whilst weÕre at it, I could really go for the completion of Shining Force III translations. Why is it that people keep pumping shoddy things like FF VII remakes, and yet overlook the smaller, much better games that have gone heinously under-lauded by the public here in the West? FF VII had a bloody cat riding a bloody moogle. Mog was spinning in his tiny (much nicer because it comes from FF VI, fanboys) grave when that happened. Games like Dragon Force and Shining Force had the epic rise and fall of empires. It really is tragic that people donÕt have the attention span to play games that donÕt have shiny material and a lead character with huge spiky hair. So, do you blame TV or the education system for breeding the morons?

It's hard to predict what Sega's going to do these days, but here's hoping they throw that goodness at a system people actually own some time. Oh, and DF2 isn't neccessarily as great as you'd think. It might help if I had a translation, but from where I sit it seems to be bogged down by nasty looking graphics, and more importantly, leaders who can consistantly slaughter troops without breaking sweats. I don't think I've ever had a fight not end in a pretty even duel, which kinda cancels out the coolness of being able to use 2 troop types at once from a greatly expanded selection.

As for why you don't see a lot of people clamoring for this sort of thing though, well, basically, the people who ask for remakes are people who had a change to play a game way back when but never owned it. When you have a great game for a system not many people owned, not a whole lot of people are going to play it, and the people who do and love it probably aren't going to part with it. So you have a dozen people shouting "Let's have a remake of Dragon Force!" getting drowned out by the 5000 people shouting "Hey, I only rented FF7 and now they don't sell it anymore! Gimme!" You pretty much explained that yourself really. It's all a question of giving the most people who agree on something what they want.

Who's where and why?

Dear Googs,

What is the relationship between James and Elaine in Koudelka. I realize you may not have played this game in some time, but I seem to remember you saying many good things about it. I just snagged it off ebay, but on disk 3 I have a very annoying scratch which freezes up the game right at the point where James starts telling Koudelka and Edward why he is really at the monistary (the point where Koudelka meets back up with the group). Sorry for the off topicness, but missing parts of the story in games really bothers me.


OK, thinking back now to a game that I played once about 5 years ago over a period of maybe 2 days, I'm a LITTLE rusty, but if I recall, she was his girlfriend.

My brain hurts.

I was just wondering if you think that Grandia III will be as hard as the other ones. I loved all the Grandia games but Xtreme only had the battle system going for it. Randomly generated dungeons is NOT FUN. BTW, Xtreme was so hard that I had to use codes ON THE FIRST AREA! But the double techs were awesome. For Grandia I I'm at the begginning after that ghost ship part, I got stuck on the Squid for a little while now I'm just stuck on random battles. In my opinion, Grandia II was the best, I liked that story a lot and the voiceover and everything was really good, some of the noises the monsters made creaped me out a bit though. Anyway, I didn't use any codes to beat that game and it was really fun and only a medium difficulty. I don't think I got stuck on any bosses in that game. Anyway, do you think that Grandia III will be as insanely hard as 1 and Xtreme? I hope not, near impossible random battles just make me want to explode. Though the difficulty is really refreshing. Not to mention the battle system rocks.

Anyway, quicky question, have you played Valkyrie Profile? I really want to play it now because of how insanely powerful Freya is in Star Ocean 3. Now THAT is a battle that....well you almost can't win. Die in 3 seconds kind of thing. Ouchy. Anyway I'm done asking.

"Stalker of RPGamer" MUWAHAHAHAAH! *cough*

I fail to understand how you could find Grandia hard. It's the easiest RPG I've ever seen in my life. For at least the second half of the game if not the whole thing, I didn't so much as get hit by anything. So... I'm going to have to pass on that one.

As for VP, yep. Played it, loved it, now that one's on the harder side.

The Last Laugh:

Some people do some really scary things with Flash. Things that are over half an hour long. Single gags that are stretched out to over half an hour long. Creepy.

Googleshng "My hardware will live on, inside you!"


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