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     Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie   April 11, 2005

I haven't heard much random quotage of Calvin and Hobbes in a while, figured I should do something about that.

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Dear Google,

I'm confused. For the past several years, Points of View said that they won't be using the /10 system again, but now .5's in the /5.0 system is OK? Don't they realize that it's EXACTLY THE SAME THING???? 1.5/5.0 is the same as 3/10, 4.5/5.0 is the same as 9/10, etc. Someone over there needs to teach them about fractions. Fast.

Alan, the Elementary Level Math Whiz

P.S. The title "That won't matter after we beat the snot out of you anyway" is from Tales of Symphonia, said by Zelos to Mithos.

It's all a question of psychology, but yeah, it is a little silly. Anyway, here's your tilde. ~

Game Arts Woes

So what, even if all the talented people that made Lunar wonderfull left GameArts like 10 years ago... a new Lunar might be good right? Right? Maybe the people who messed up the remakes left... Please don't shatter my dreams. It's just too painfull to think that after all this time of wishing I could wander Lunar in an all new adventure, that like pretty much every single other RPG series it will get pissed on. At least if it's released on the DS Working Designs won't touch it since they don't do carts, and that's one hurdle of crapitude it won't have to go through. Does all tis also mean Grandia III is doomed to suck? I only played the first one, thought it was awfull, felt betrayed by GameArts, and refused to play the second, despite peopletrying to tell me it was good. Was I right in this assumtion?

Pontiff of Zargos

Well, generally speaking, if you like a developer, and then a few years go by and they start cranking out nothing but games you can't stand, the best option tends to be to find a new developer to like. Perhaps one of the many offshoots of Square.

Do they fit?

i was curious q and a person.

how big is final fantasy VII,VIII,IX? could they fit on 1 umd for the psp?

its a stupid question i know but i am curious and i was playing final fantasy 4 when the question came to me


Let's see... a single CD holds 700 MB. The games in question take up a total of 11 CDs, or 7.7 gigs (give or take). So, while I don't have the stats on that particular format in front of me, I'm going to go out on a limb and say "heck no" on this one.

At least she admits it...

The reason that Square is milking FF7 so much is because it's absolutely awesome! FF7 rocks, everybody knows it, and everybody should worship that fact! Everyone is going to spend tons of gold to buy that stuff! I'll probably have to buy a couple new game platforms, too! Money doesn't matter compared to the sheer amazingness of FF7!

*ahem* Now that I'm over my fangirlism, is EC really going to be made? I thought that was an April Fools joke..

That one would be a joke, yes. For now at least.


Awesome! I just picked up Grandia 2 for the PS2 and am loving it so far, this is a really great game. I can't wait to see where they take the series in 3. Those screens look _awesome_. I really hope they bring this to the US (do you think they will?)

Now if a Breath of Fire VI and Skies of Arcadia 2 were announced at E3 that would just make my year.

I was rather underwhelmed by Grandia 2 myself, but the series seems popular enough that I couldn't see any reason not to keep bringing them over here.


Quote is Zellos in ToS. I forget where but I very clearly recall it.

Google:Yep. Have a tilde. ~

The Last Laugh:

I am, as ever, mildly disturbed by the existence of ground chicken. Certain types of meat shouldn't be given the consistency of dough. Meanwhile, fish paste doesn't make me bat an eye. Go figure.

Googleshng "Cooooooooowwwwww!"

The cow pylons bother me the most.

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