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     God Wad   April 10, 2005

The title of today's column could very easily have ended up being the U.S. title of Katamari Damacy.
It also pertains to a good chunk of letters wedged in my inbox today which I won't be printing.

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I'm still traumatized by that piece of garbage for the SNES myself.

Well, now that the hype over The Lord of the Rings seems to have completely fizzled, do you think there's any chance that we'll see a worthy RPG based off of the trilogy? Don't get me wrong, The Third Age had some redeeming qualities (mainly the music and the integration of scenes from the trilogy into the plot)...but honestly....who cares about those people? I'd like to see an RPG that revolves around the true heroes of the story, and one that also has a good battle system. So...what are the chances?

an RPGfan

Well, it should probably be noted that all RPGs are indirectly based on yon books, and many are good. It goes Norse Mythology - J.R.R. Tolkien - D&D - Then it honestly fans out a bit with Ultima here, and Palladium there and bla bla bla.

As far as actually basing a game off what goes on with Frodo and Sam though, if you wanted to make it simultaniously accurate and fun, it wouldn't really work as an RPG. You'd have to go more for one of those "stealth action" games like Metal Gear Solid or Tenchu. RPGs have entirely too much killing of everything and not enough sneaking around.

The only thing I'm going to say on this subject.

Heh. Sorry. I should've made my question a bit more clear.

First of all: the Catholics pray to Mary and think that they need to confess to their preist......In the Christian religion, they go straight to God for forgivness. If I remember right, there's a confess option at a few of the churches.....or I am I thinking of something else? If there is, wouldn't that point to Catholicism?

ACK! I'm not saying that Catholics and Christians are two different religions, they just have some different beliefs. And the beliefs in BOF2 pointed towards Catholicism.

Catholicism is a subset of Christianity. It is impossible for something to be a based on the former and not also be based on the latter. This is especially true if we're talking about something based on yon religeon as it existed a thousand years ago, before it splintered into the various flavors with minor variations like allowing people to get divorced, or the worship of Lex Luthor.

This is extra true if we're talking about a Japanese game developer, who isn't into the whole monotheism scene at all personally, and just wanted to set up an evil organization modelled after his basic understandings of the structure of one of the more powerful political bodies in history, or more likely, after the dozens of other RPGs which have that exact same plot.

By similar token, were you to write some story about giant robots, you most likely wouldn't actually go and research every company experimenting in that sort of field (or even the creators of other works of fiction based on the concept), comparing the various strengths and weaknesses of their techniques, the engineering principles involved, etc. You'd just doodle something that looks kinda like Voltron.

I don't line these up ahead of time, these segues just happen!

Hey goog

I thought I remembered that one of the q and a guys was interested in anime, so I checked your bio and - what luck - I was right. So getting onto the actual question, I'm just getting into anime, and I wondered if you could point me in the direction of a good series or two. I watched an episode of Gundam Seed the other night on TV and have decided that I like mech anime, or at least stuff with plenty of action. Is there anything along those lines that you could suggest, or just anything in general that you think is good?


I can't stand most mecha anime myself on the grounds that the vast majority is boring, derivitive, and oddly lacking in giant robots smashing things. A few noteworthy exceptions that just about everyone seems to love include The Vision of Escaflowne, Gunbuster, and Giant Robo. There's also a lot to be said for weird old shows like Mazinger-Z (which is what Nadessico is spoofing with the whole Gekiganger bit).

Both tend to involve a lot of insects and rats too.

Dear Q&A column writer (Abby? Is that you?),

First a small comment on religion in games: Given that earthly religions have such a diverse and fleshed out mythology, and RPGs tend to employ mythology, you will always find random connections between a games mythology and that of world religion. Props to SMT:Nocturne for not only using real mythology as a basis, but actually going so far as to describe the origins of its myth based creatures in the game. Great stuff, great game.

Anyway, questions. Did Microsoft pay magazines and websites to not mention FABLE's shortcomings? A decent game it was, but a certain trusted magazine of mine seemed almost reluctant in its praise--- as if some cosmic force was draining life force with every attempted criticism by the writer.

And am I the only one who, for some bizarre reason, can help but equate MMORPGs with Reality Television? I don't know what it is, but whenever I think Everquest I picture the group of 30 something housewives talking about the last 'hot episode' of [insert current Reality TV trend here] standing outside my office. Weird.

How many petition signatures do you think it will take to get a DS remake of Valkyrie Profile?

Peace out,
Sal Pancho

No game publisher that I am aware of has ever made any decision based on some random person waving a petition in their face. It could potentially happen anyway though I suppose.

As far as Fable goes, I'd be more inclined to pin that on the unjustified adoration the gaming press has for Peter Molyneux. Don't get me wrong, I loved Dungeon Keeper as much as anyone, but for some reason, people perpetually make his games out to be these incredibly ambitious affairs that let you do whatever you want when all he's ever done really is nice simple little games in the strategy/sim vein, usually with a big emphasis on the whole good vs. evil shtick, and again, very simple and unambitious gameplay for the mostpart.

Oh, and I do indeed see your point on the reality TV/MMORPG notion. They're both fads that are pretty much at their peaks (I hope at least), neither has much appeal to anyone who doesn't particularly enjoy being constantly reminded of the average person's grasp on the english language and basic social skills, and depending where you work, those people by the water cooler may be the people playing those games.

What the heck?


Yeah, I'm willing to buy those Shaman King DVDs Uncut if you want. Yes, I am serious, and my question is how can I buy them from you? Mail you cash or a check or what?


Well, first, mailing the Q&A addy with this was an odd thing to do, but more importantly, someone or other eventually put in an 11th hour bid on those. Right now they're most likely in said person's DVD player being enjoyed. That reminds me, I should toss the next hunk up on there tonight.


Aeris is so similar to Jesus that it's crazy! Don't you think Squall is like Joseph Smith and the life of Mog is analogous to Buddha?

Google:Nah, I'd say Mog was more Krishna-esque, and Gau was so totally Lao Tzu.

The Last Laugh:

There. Now hopefully that got all the religeon out of everyone's system. Incidently, I see no less than 5 letters in this here inbox with a double digit file size. This scares me. I generally make a point not to print any letter that appears on my screen with a scrollbar, so I shouldn't be seeing anything over 6k or so, unless of course you attached something like this. Even then though, I'd rather you just include a link to it. Spam filters and all.

Googleshng "I have brainwaves!"

Doesn't everyone?

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