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     Enough of That   April 5, 2005

This is something I've been meaning to do for a while. I have "secretly" replaced the template I was graciously given when we switched to the gold look with one that looks more or less the same, simply my own design. It also has room for multiparters and quickies, which were missing beforehand. Huzzah.

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My sister, having recently beaten Paper Mario 2, asked me about Gamecube RPGs that she'd like. I know she liked Final Fantasy 6 and 9, and Wild Arms 1, so I was thinking something along the lines of "slightly more difficult than button mashing but not by much." I suggested Skies of Arcadia Legends, Megaman X Command Mission, and even Pokémon Colusseum. I was wondering if you had a few more to round out the list. Please don't mention Evolution, I've wasted my money twice buying that game (DC and GC).

Well, you might want to throw Baten Kaitos onto the list, but otherwise I think you pretty much have your bases covered here. Then of course if you dig BK, there's something to be said for finding a copy of Lost Kingdoms, if you don't mind the freakishly short length and somewhat... spartan graphics.

Fun with the Dreamcast

Well, that just managed to turn me off getting a dreamcast.. *prepares to spend money on Digital Devil Saga instead*...

I have Skies of Arcadia Legends for Gamecube, so I don't deem it a necessary purchase, and I just discovered both evolution games are in one on the GC, so that purchase is unnecessary as well.. hmm...

In any case, do you think that game publishers ever listen to the fan mail they get? I just did my monthly rounds, sending an email to Namco: Bring more Tales games over to the States, Sega: stop sucking, and bring over Phantasy Star Trilogy and Dragon Force for PS2, Square-Enix: Make more MANA games, and Capcom: make another Breath of Fire. Do you think it will ever make any difference? Sega actually sent something back last time, saying they hadn't even heard of the games, idiots.

In any case, there you have it.

Well, when you tell people they suck, odds are against them paying much attention to anything else you say. Politeness is your friend. Beyond that, I wouldn't chew out a random PR person for not knowing about an obscure game on a system that died quickly before they were hired. People who work for publishers aren't required to commit this stuff to memory. Honestly, a good chunk don't know much about their current projects.

eBay and Obscura

Hi Googleshng

The reason Shaman King did not sell well on Ebay is because you have 0 user feedback. That means buyers have no idea if they will get screwed or not. Usual person who have 0 user feedback will try and sell you a PS3 or a Xenon or how about a XBox box that ended at 450$ (on XBox launch day). These are all things I have seen in the past on Ebay. The only person who knows you are not going to mess up with the buyer is us. So I guess not too many RPGamer want Shaman King... That, unfortunately, also means you will have problems selling everything else.

Wish I had a better question for you. What do you think of Saiyuki Journey West? I bought it and never got around to play it(busy busy).

Soul Maru

Yeah, I know. That's why I didn't start the whole wad on the same day. It actually did eventually sell though it seems, looking at my mail here. I'll have to get that out.

As for Saiyuki, well, at the time it came out, I'd just finished playing 5 other TRPGs back to back so I just got my feet wet then shelfed it, but from what I've seen, it's pretty nifty. There's some battles with non-standard objectives, and the odd gimmick of changing party members into giant monsters. I'm told it gets a bit boring later on, but it's better than a lot of other games out there at least.

Here's a funky concept.

Hi Google. With all the innovation in RPGs that threatens to STRANGLE the life out of us, I was wondering, isn't it possible to make some kind of an RP-FPS? The normal course of the game would be played from a traditional RPG perspective, but when a battle begins your party would scatter for any nearby cover. As their action bars fill, or their turn comes up, or whatever, you would pick one of them to attack. When you pick attack, instead of just leaning out and firing, you'd get an actual first person view of the character, and, say, five seconds to get out from behind the bombed out pickup you're hiding behind and line up a shot before the enemy get wise to you and you lose the, I don't know, extra 50% dodge rating from the cover. After the time, you could still take the shot, but you're more likely to take a hit of your own. And after you shoot, or chuck a grenade, or even use some kind of magic, the game would go back to the overhead view until a different character's turn came up. Set it in a ravaged city in the middle of a war for atmosphere, and there you go. I'd buy something like this. And it would even be easy to include some kind of multiplayer over X-box live. So, do you think that RPGs will ever take a drastic turn like this, or do I have to suffer through 500 more games that say, "Sure, it looks turn based, but we added this NEW thing to it! Now you, uh, take your turns based on cards! Yeah, that's right!" Or whatever asanine thing they want to include to muck up the ol' tried and true turns.

Hmm... I'm not sure if I've seen that EXACT concept in a game, but there's a large number of PC RPGs which claim to have an option of using real time or turn based combat, where selecting turn based pretty much boils down to this here. Of course, the ones I'm familiar with don't let you spread your party out so there's actually a point to it, so it'd be a step up from this perspective.

Reasons I need money...

hello Google,
Long time reader, first time writer. In a post on the site not too long ago I learned of the highly acclaimed Dear Friends is coming here to Hartford. I actually think this would have been a great April Fools day prank for the site had it not been true, as well, we never get anything real good in Connecticut. My question is if you plan on going to the show this May and reviewing it on the site? If not, I've already got my tickets and would be happy to assist with that if everyone at the site would like.

Prof. Thor E. CoolGuy M.D.

I'm not sure if I'm going to have the cash handy, but yeah. That being so close to me I'm going to attempt to see it. And what's with all the weird nerdy stuff coming to Connecticut this year?

The Last Laugh:

Ah..... comfy clean code. This is nice.

Googleshng "Yay!"

Much better this.

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