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File Not Found April 4, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Daylight Savings tends to get me overzealous in my protests. Someone should probably be prepared to rope me in if I get to the point where I'm shouting "Death to the Surface Dwellers!" or building some sort of giant dome.

That one's taken.

Hello Q&A person,
I am a first time writer, long time reader. I was just wondering on what some of your favorite parts in Shadow Hearts: Covenant were. I just barely picked the game up a couple days ago and I am loving it so far. Yuri is just full of laughs don't ya think? Thats the only question I really had for you.

Cheshire Catalyst


You know you signed your e-mail with the name of someone who used to write in all the time, and actually did weekend Q&A for quite a while, right?

Anyway, I'd have to say the most amusing bits in the game are the bit with the cat, and pretty much everything involving Blanca. Especially the stealth bit.

For Dreamcast games, these are actually way too high.

Alright, I recently went through a lineup of the Dreamcast games I could find from ebgames/gamestop and discovered the ones I wanted. I just wanted your opinion as to whether or not the Dreamcast is worth buying, along with these games (sorry bout the non-RPGs).
Dreamcast- 19.99
Memory Card- 4.99
Phantasy Star Online- 4.99
PSo 2- 7.99
Shenmue- 4.99
Sonic Adventure 1 / 2- 4.99, 19.99
Evolution 1/ 2 10.99, 9.99
total - 88.91
I would use ebay or something to get it cheaper, but my account was hacked a while ago, and though I got it back I no longer trust it, at all... I also noticed that Evolution 1 and 2 were remade for Gamecube as Evolution worlds, and while I haven't seen any good reviews, the game really interests me so I might just pick it up for GC instead, making my price down to around $69 for the other stuff.

Does PSO have good single player? Also, am I missing any RPGs I should get?


Let me just give you the gist of all of these and you can make your own decisions:

PSO: Take Diablo, give it the interface of your average Action/RPG. There's a handful of unique maps, with randomized doors every time you enter. In single player, there's about 20 or so little missions to be done in each of these before moving on. In multiplayer, you pretty much just end up running through'em all with friends, getting access to better equipment and levels to help play solo.

Shenmue: That bit in old 16-bit RPGs where you have to talk to everyone in the first town in a certain order, stretched into an entire game, largely through the inclusion of crazy levels of detail, and distractions like collecting Fantasy Zone capsule toys and kitten feeding.

Sonic Adventure: A Sonic game, in 3D... about half the time. Otherwise it's a race, a fishing game, blowing things up, an item hunt, or uh... whatever it was you did with the annoying girl. It's been too long.

Evolution: A dungeon crawl.

Oh, and you're missing Skies of Arcadia. Shame on you. One could also make a case for Soul Calibur and Chu Chu Rocket belonging on your list.

I'm older than dirt.

Hey Google,

I just wanted to say that I'm amazed you're still here. I was an avid rpgamer fan back when Thor was the Q&A host, and then there were a few people between him and you. I think I quit coming to the site somewhere around your one year anniversary for Q&A. I started college so did not have time (or money!) to continue playing RPG's like I did in highschool but I decided to come back to rpgamer today just to see how the site had changed'm impressed. You must have been doing Q&A for what...four or five years now? Or did you take some time off somewhere in the middle there?

Just wanted to send you kudos as I always enjoyed your columns back in the day when I kept up with gamer life. :)


The longest I've ever been away from this column over the last... 6 years I think was a month, and in my book that was too long. I think it's safe to say I'm never going to get sick of it.

Port Ponderings

i know your april fools jokes wasbad. but my question to you is not about the jokes.

do you think trully we will see final fantasy IV,V,VI

or even VII for the DS?

or even VIII,IX?

i want to hear your thoughts on it. i always thought a VII would be made for the DS

let me know when you can

All the best



It's entirely possible yeah. Could someone explain to me though why people get so excited at the concept of playing games that are readily available now on new systems? I mean, Super Mario Bros. is still the exact same game whether you play it in the arcade, on the NES, the SNES, the GBC, or the GBA. You'd think people would be fine just owning one. I'd rather pay my $30-50 for a new game than one I already own with slightly different graphics and maybe an extra 5 minutes of new material in there.

I expected this sooner really.

Q&A Guy,

"Using Stock to perform extra attacks will allow you to Air or Down the enemy from Break without using Boost."

Have you played Xenosaga 2 yet? If you have, I just have to ask: WHAT THE HELL DOES ALL THAT MEAN??? I'm three battles into the game. After being subjected to pages upon pages of tutorial info, the above description made my head spin. Why the heck do they gotta make it so complicated?

In my opinion, if the storyline is excellent, you don't have to have a complex battle system. Wouldn't you agree? Case in point: Skies of Arcadia and the Final Fantasies. Those games are pretty straightforward. I didn't even have a problem with FFVIII's junction system.

I turned off Xenosaga 2 after my head started to hurt, about 20 minutes into the game. Why are turn-based battles getting increasingly ridiculous? I'm starting to prefer hack-and-slash RPGs. Shining Tears didn't have a particulary good storyline, but at least it was pretty basic. Basic can be fun.


Yeah. Xenosaga 2's system of combat isn't actually all that complex, but it tries to explain too much at once, and messes with your stats to take it all out of context too. Let me try and clear it up for you.

Basically, you have two different attack buttons. Basically, they correspond to "hit'em high" and "hit'em low" (don't point out the exceptions people, I'm keeping this simple). When you do a basic attack, you get to do a combination of the two, and there's a particular combination of high and low that works really well on each type of enemy.

When you hit something with the right combination, there's two nice effects. First, you might get a free stock point. Second, you leave your enemy wide open to take massive damage from anything you have handy right then. For instance, any extra attacks you want to throw in with stock points (like the one you might have just got), or anything another character has to offer if you boost'em to go right away.

Practically speaking, what it boils down to is this. When you're fighting a boss, get those stock and boost meters up, either by using the stock command, or getting freebies with the proper combo, then time things out to let loose with a truckload of damage in a round where you get a skill bonus. Typically, you can take a boss from half HP to dead in one attack chain if you work out all the details.


And it's official. Shaman King won't sell on eBay. Here's hoping the next attempt goes better.

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