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"That would have been great if it had hurt me at all!" March 30, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Ahhhhhh... bad anime from the 80s. How I've missed you. Your mecha so funky looking, your dubs so campy.


Greetings (Gogo Sings) Googleshng Now I am replaying FFVI this week that I'm home for spring break and I noticed something amusing. How was it at the opera scene that the impresario was at the stage and the balcony at the same scene. That and he was on the phantom train. My crack theory is that he has teleporting powers or is Kefka in disguise. *not to be taken seriously* Now as well I think you should be considered "master of the simulcarum" as a title, can you then mimic anyone else's attacks here?



To the first part of your letter, a more plausible explanation would be that there's more than one. I mean, it is a title and not a proper name after all.

To the second... huh?

Giving credit where it isn't due...

Hello google.i got a question for you now.

i was thinking whats your thoughts on say nintendo and square-enix teaming up to bring us super mario rpg legend of 7 stars or earthbound? or even mother 1+2 stateside?

on the nintendo forum so many want to see those games for the gba or ds.

anyways i wanted to here what you had to say on it.

i will have more questions in the future. but right now i ran outta them

All the best



Uh... why the heck would Nintendo need to team up with S-E for that? Neither Square nor Enix developed the Mother games, so there's absolutely no reason their help would be needed there. That said, it is something of a shame Mother 1+2 didn't skip the pond, but it's been out for a year and a half in Japan, so you should probably stop holding your breath on that one.

Business Law 101

Hey Google,

Actually one question I forgot to ask. See, I don't know if this would have worked if Sony had tried it, but if the company that sued them knew about most of the games, and knew how long the Dual Shock has been out, I'm sortof guessing they had a PSX or PS2 of their own. One of the people had to you know, and I'm guessing they knew all this time, and Sony probably never knew of the patent, which is still their fault. But Sony might have gotten away with countering that the company waited all this time to sue so they could get more out of it. Seeing as the original Dual Shock came out a few years before the PS2 came out, so maybe like 1998? Do you think that they wouldn't have gotten as much if they used that as an argument because of the company sueing them for that reason. Because it's been going on for atleast 5-6 years, and then I don't know how long the DualShock for PSX has been out, so that's even longer, so they can't be that stupid and not have known. Also, after a patent has been created, once 7 years are up, isn't it too late? If it's the same company that did the rumble paks for Nintendo 64, hasn't it already been too long for them to do anything about it? What is this, laws are changing now? Maybe I'm totally wrong, and have no idea about the 7 year thing myself, but I can tell you Sony is getting screwed out of more than they should.

-andrew- -kupomogli-


"...I can tell you Sony is getting screwed out of more than they should."

Well... yes. In a technical sense, you can tell me this. Similarly, I can tell you that 2+2=5, or that dogs can't look up. All of these statements however share the fact that they have absolutely no basis in reality.

I'd rather not point out every single flaw in your logic here since I have more letters to get to tonight, so let me just skip down to the big one for you.

When someone infringes on your copyright, and they're retroactively forced to pay you a licensing fee, the amount of money they have to give you is based on what they would have had to pay you if they had initially gone through proper channels. So really, it would be an extremely bad idea to wait on such a lawsuit, because as a general rule of thumb, the sooner you get your hands on money, the more useful that money is to you.

As for the "screwing" angle, it's a bit like saying that if you steal $5000 from me, when I finally manage to prove it and you're forced to pay me back, I'm "screwing" you out of $5000.

For more information on this topic, go find someone who actually knows business law. Please.

Alternate title: Bride of the Hegemon (Seriously.)

Oh Ye Designated Google,

I couldn't help but notice in the last couple Q & A's that you made some references to Orson Scott Card, and I got all giddy and whatnot. Why? Who knows, but the point is, Orson Scott Card is my absolute favorite writer....ever. I just recently purchased and finished in the same day the new book, "Shadow Of The Giant". And I must say, I was throughly pleased. Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow are my 2 favorite books, and I have read them a billion times each (give or tak a hundred thousand.), and will continue to do so until I die. Aside from the questions I have, I just wanted to express my sentiments to someone who appreciates him as much as I do. Ok, question time.

1. What are your feelings on the "Ender's Game" movies? Personally, I'm fearing for my literary life. I'm scared to death that some bastard producer/director might ruin my most favored of novels.

2. Do you know if Orson Scott Card is in fact working on a video game? (If so, which one, etc.) I think that it would be brilliant.

3. Have you read the new book yet? If so, thoughts? (Like, dislike, etc.)

4. (Last one, promise.) Which saga do you like better, Ender's or Bean's? Mine? Bean's. Mainly owning to the fact that his brilliance was astounding, and I wish with all my being to be as smart and perceptive.

Many Thanks And Happy Readings!


Oh, the 4th Bean book is out already? I'd run out and grab it, but being the 4th book in a series by Orson Scott Card (or 5th, or 9th, depending how you count), I'm rather dreading a plot summary that goes something like this:

Shortly into the book (or possibly before it starts), Bean dies, and the focus is shifted to one of his d6 kids, who goes on to spend 80% of the book having a long convoluted conversation on a topic which is basically a blend of evangelical Mormonism and a summation of the author's latest game of Alpha Centauri.

I really dig his stuff and all, it's just that past experience tells me I'm a better judge of when one of his series should call it quits than he is.

As for yon movies, I'd worry less about the director than the cast. CHild actors who can actually, you know, act, are very hard to come by. Especially in the required quantities. Plus there's huge logistical problems with making a movie about a bunch of naked twelve year olds fighting in zero gravity.

Finally, no, as much as it would bring this on topic, I don't believe he is at all involved with the development of any videogames... although surprisingly enough, he has in the past. LucasArts graphic adventures no less. How the frell did I only just learn this?

Getting really specific.

You had stated to a reader, well this.

Well, a big part of your problem here is that the dev team for Phantasy Star 1 2 and 4 (Overworks) wanted to do a trilogy and end it, so last I checked they still don't plan on touching it, and have been keeping busy with stuff like taking over Sakura Wars and doing Skies of Arcadia. Thus anything with Phantasy Star in the name is going to get cranked out by Sonic Team who, well, don't quite get it.

As for yon remakes, I'd certainly hope they find their way over. Here's hoping dates cement a bit after E3.

The problem being there is no Sonic Team anymore, or overworks. Since Sega restructured itself and moved all the people around.

From Play Magazine:

The new heads at Sega Sammy Holdings (Or Just SEGA) has officially terminated all development studios such as smilebit, sonicteam, digital rex, amusement vision, etc. and has instead divided them into three sectors dedicated to different sectors in the gaming industry.

Here is the new structure:

Three divisions:

1. GE = Global Entertainment

* Focus: Develop games for consoles.

2. NE = New Entertainment

* Focus = Develop new content for the arcade and home console markets.

3. AM = Amusement

* Focus = Develop games for amusement machines.

(All following studios led by Hisao Oguchi & Yukio Sugino)

Global Entertainment Software R&D (Led by Yuji Naka)

Dept. #1 (Headed by Akinori Nishiyama [Sonic Advance]): Working on TBA projects.

Dept. #2 (Headed by Akira Nishino [Sakura Taisen]): Working on Sakura Taisen V for PS2.

Dept. #3 (Headed by Yuji Naka [Sonic: The Hedgehog]): Working on Phantasy Star Universe (platform/s TBA).

Mobile Content R&D Dept. (Headed by Kazunari Tsukamoto [Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's Dororo]): Working on new mobile titles and technology.

Sega Studio U.S.A. R&D (Headed by Takashi Iizuka [NiGHTS: Into Dreams, Sonic Heroes]): Working on TBA projects.

Sega Studio China R&D (Headed by Makoto Uchida [Project: Altered Beast]): Working on TBA projects.

New Entertainment R&D (Led by each dept. head)

Dept. #1 (Headed by Toshihiro Nagoshi [Daytona U.S.A.]): Working on SpikeOut: Battle Street for Xbox.

Dept. #2 (Headed by Yu Suzuki [Virtua Fighter, Shenmue]): Working on Shenmue Online for Japan/Asia.

Amusement Software R&D (Led by Hiroshi Kataoka)

Dept. #1 (Headed by Atsushi Seimiya [Shinobi]): Working on new arcade titles and technology.

Dept. #2 (Headed by Hiroshi Kataoka [Fighters Megamix]): Working on new arcade titles and technology.

Dept. #3 (Headed by Mie Kumagai [Virtua Tennis]): Working on new arcade titles and technology.

Racing Games R&D Dept. (Headed by Kenji Arai [Initial D: Arcade Stage]): Working on Sega Rally 2005 for PS2.

Sports Design R&D Dept. (Headed by Takayuki Kawagoe [Panzer Dragoon]): Working on baseball titles for Japan.

Family Entertainment (Headed by Hiroshi Uemura [Beetle Mushi King]): Working on kids arcade titles and technology.

The SEGA Studio R&D happen to be the former Sonic Team USA and Sammy Studio.


That's a heck of a lot of very specific information there, which I appreciate, but next time a link would be easier on everyone's scrollbars.

In any event, I maintain the right to refer to arbitrary groups of people by the names of development teams comprised primarily of them at any given point in history, until such time as someone gets around to setting up an IMDB sort of database detailing the complete work history of everyone involved in the videogame industry. Seriously, what the heck is the hold up on that?


Have a good weekend... and don't forget about those auctions for Shaman King Vol. 1 and Shaman King Vol. 2.

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