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Catalog Fun March 27, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Three notable things happened in Google-land this weekend, which I will now list in increasing order of you all giving a smurf.

  1. Just after finally getting everything unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak, ready to carry it over to the sequel in a couple weeks, my save became corrupted. Joy.
  2. I had a big publisher express some interest in this game of mine.
  3. I started in on the preparations to sell off a huge wad of anime I've amassed over the years on eBay. The actual auctions should go up next month.

type reply

Say there, Q&A person,

As much as I really really like good ol' epic stories and such, I was thinking how cool it'd be if someone went ahead and made a thoroghly comic rpg. Now, I realize a lot of rpg's include humorous portions in the beginning of the game, but it'd be so much better if you could use a live trout as an efficient weapon mid-game. Or summon a squirrel demon. It wouldn't have to be, say, THIS over the top, but still, a change in the overall mood would be nice. (It occurs to me that maybe a game like this exists that I just haven't played. Disgaea sounds close... I dunno)

On the other hand, seeing something seriously dark would be cool too. What do you think? Another Earthbound game? Perhaps a character who actually follows through with his deep desire for revenge?? Sex???(perhaps that last part was uncalled for)

Thanks for wasting your time.



You know, you just gave yourself two perfectly good examples of consistantly silly RPGs. The original Mother works too. Meanwhile, if you want some not so standard driving force for an RPG, Koudelka's your best bet.


Okay, I know that Sega isn't exactly made famous by their RPGs, but come on!
They've been bastardizing all of their RPG series this generation! Shining Force NEO- an ACTION RPG? What are they thinking? Phantasy Star ONLINE instead of PSV? WHY?
Now I keep hearing that the Sega Ages: Phantasy Star Trilogy remakes of PSI, II, and IV, might be cancelled, and the chances of Sega Ages: Dragon Force coming here look grim. Why, Sega?

It seems they are on a mission to abandon their loyal fanbase. There has been one RPG this generation from Sega I've played and liked- Skies of Arcadia. But of course, THAT game doesn't get a sequel, because heaven forbid Sega make good games.

I digress though, I do indeed have some questions, and, being rather lazy, instead of sneaking them in throughout this e-mail, I shall list them all in a row. Muaha!
I keep hearing Phantasy Star Online does indeed have an offline/single player component. Is this true? Is the offline storyline any good? I recently read on RPGFan that Phantasy Star Universe will indeed feature a fully playable single player component along with lots of story line. This owns. Do you think it will head over to American shores? And finally, do you think we will ever see Sega Ages: Phantasy Star Trilogy or Dragon Force?



Well, a big part of your problem here is that the dev team for Phantasy Star 1 2 and 4 (Overworks) wanted to do a trilogy and end it, so last I checked they still don't plan on touching it, and have been keeping busy with stuff like taking over Sakura Wars and doing Skies of Arcadia. Thus anything with Phantasy Star in the name is going to get cranked out by Sonic Team who, well, don't quite get it.

As for yon remakes, I'd certainly hope they find their way over. Here's hoping dates cement a bit after E3.


Hey there, googlechap,

Have you noticed how many people write in and cite their opinion as that of the majority? I may be off, but it bothers me all the same. I mean, really, outside of anyone's given circle of friends, how can they suppose to know what joe shmoe in nebraska thinks of final fantasy ___ (I was going to say final fantasy x, like a variable, but... that would just be dumb)?

Related to this, it seems to me that a good deal of the rpgamers around me, myself included, really really love FFIX. Oddly to me, the Q&A section hardly ever makes mention of this title. I mean, I don't even hear negative things about it. It's like it's so incredibly mediocre that nobody even bothers mentioning it for any reason whatsoever (why do I feel like I've answered my own question?). Anyway, I really love the 4 party-member battle system as well as the fun characters with actual class designation as opposed to, say, 7 or 8. So, to end on a question, what's your opinion on nine?

Happy answering,



Very good point on the majority angle. Heck, I have access to a bigger pool of people on these matters than just about anyone else, and even I know that the opinions of everyone who digs this here site don't collectively represent a true majority. They're a good sampling for my purposes though usually.

Anyway though, FF9. In a nutshell, I liked it better the first time I played it, back when it was several games on the SNES. When you compile a new game from the best aspects of your most popular old ones, the end result is going to be enjoyable on some level obviously, but ultimately really forgettable.

To correct me, I have to be wrong.

I'd just like to add a correction. This movie was released in the US a LONG time ago, as Warriors of the Wind. It did not have the Disney label back then, Disney only recently bought up all the rights to miyazaki movies, which, incidentally, they do a horrible job of dubbing. I remember watching Warriors of the Wind when I was 4 and so here is a link to imdb. Thanks.


Yes... it was released in this country 20 years ago. By Disney. Who own the U.S. rights. And have been sitting on them instead of making it available in the interim. Like I said.

Double-yew Tee Eff.

Kuishinbo~Meow~ Friday, March 25, 2005 When Monkey lost its 'Ye'?? Kekeke... Dear everyone, today I present my cute little monkey to you. Oh~ see the very nice thick dark hair he got... when he was 3 months. But wait, what if 'monkey' suddenly lost an 'e' and a 'y'?


Coming from "" with the subject "Lower your AutoInsurance bill" this is clearly spam, but this is the entire message, and there were no attachments. I am absolutely baffled.

To answer your question though, a religeous devotee living in isolation.


Seriously, what's up with that?

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