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Fetch the Amnesia Ray! March 21, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Certain people out there sure have gotten good at cranking out simple little Flash games. Like that one there, and that other one over here.

I never thought I came off with enough maturity to be considered an adult...

I'm that guy who didn't like Final Fantasy Tactics. I'm sure you remember me; there aren't many of us out there...

In any case, I finally found a tactical RPG series I liked: Arc the Lad collection. Turn-based combat, tactical style, and only about 5 useless moves per character (as opposed to FFT's 200 or so).

Anyway, to the question. It's mostly rhetorical, as I'd be able to answer it better than you, but here goes: What is it I like so much about Xenosaga? I'm only a few hours into ep.1 (inside the giant Gnosis), but it's like crack. It has what I dislike about so many other games: using the same attack over and over, myriads of meaningless customization (I've never extracted abilities from accessories), constant worrying over whether or not I've missed a Segment Key or somesuch, etc.... The story is banal and predictable (any good RPGer would be able to second-guess it). The entire game is mostly an amalgamation of every RPG stereotype, yet it's so enjoyable.

What do I like about it? I have no idea. Maybe you and the other readers can figure it out.

On a side note, I thought you were a woman for the longest time. Sorry.



If you dig Arc the Lad, you really should track down the Shining Force games some day.

As for Xenosaga, uh, the ability to always backtrack? The fact that you have to think a little before you hit the attack button? Staring at the creepy china doll characters in skimpy costumes?

Speaking of Xenosaga...

dearest darling love of my...ermm life *creepy i take it back*,,,

anyway i just rebeat Xenogears, which remains my favorite RPG of all time and i got to thinking *which can be dangerous*

soo, if the a precursor to xenogears *xenogears is number 5 i believe wait yea 5 it says i at the end...* are they going to remake xenogears?

not exactly that id be for that it would just be cool..

thanks ^_^

p.s. <--this is what the alphabet would look like without q and r~M.H.



Well, the whole Xenosaga series is a remake of the whole big long story that is Xenosaga and the backstory thereof, so it would stand to reason that they'll eventually get around to more or less remaking Xenogears yes.

*cue a bunch of people with misconceptions about various laws and definitions squabbling for a week*

Fun with misconceptions!

GDC 2005 has riled up a lot of fans on the internet. Speculations about astronomical development costs hit home with me as a consumer.

RPGs have the potential to be one of the most expensive genres to develop for in the videogame industry. RPGs currently tend to be more expensive than most video games. Do you think the MSRP of RPGs will increase significantly with the next generation of consoles to recover costs?

With the money involved becoming a greater limiting factor for smaller development companies, do you think we will see a decline in the variety of available RPG titles?

What are your thoughts about UMD discs for the PSP? Since it is a proprietary format created especially for the handheld, do you think that the price of RPGs on the PSP will be within the reach of casual gamers?



Those would be pretty important concerns, except that RPGs are absolutely not the most expensive games to develop. Especially if you're actively trying to save money. You don't need snazzy physics/lighting/whatever the buzzword of the day is engines. You don't need high powered 3D graphics workstations. You don't need teams of big name voice actors. Honestly speaking, you can't even get too far trying to use any of those as selling points. The only time developing an RPG has ever been costly was back when you needed to spring for extra capacity carts to fit all your maps and text, which isn't even close to the case these days.

As for your other question, yes. Any time anyone uses some unique proprietary disc format over, say, CDs, it's safe to assume it'll be more expensive. Simple economics there. Thus PSP games cost $20 or so more than the competition.


hey Googly Eyes,
After reading the weekend Q&As, then feeding my brother's dog, a question came to mind. If you had to make a RPG given an "x" amount of blank (time, funds, etc.) to allocate to the different aspects of the game, how would you dish out the points based on a hundred point scale?
Think of this as experience points to build your character. The categories are: Graphics, Story/ Plot, Music, Gameplay, and (Originality/ Replay Value/ Character Development or Interactions). That last category is left open to you (cause ya like options, yes?) cause I don't what should go there. Anyways, this came to mind cause of the email from Pointer (?), who was wanting to make his own game, and everyones' constant debate over graphics/story. take care,

"He wouldn't stop talking. Like a parrot of the sea he was!"
- Zoidberg (Futurama 4th Season, episode 12:The Sting)


Well, first of all, I'd like to object to this on the grounds that none of those are mutually exclusive, as well as the grounds that my actual ability to dig up people to provide some are far better than others. That and all these partially finished games...

Anyway though, if I'm some greedy publisher spending these points instead of money, I'd most likely slam the majority into graphics, hoping to get enough pre-release hype to start with a rabid following who would buy the game in droves, then shout down anyone who complains about everything that's missing.

Otherwise, the bulk presumably goes to originality.

Dammit Jim! I'm a Q&A host, not a walkthrough!

in star ocean till end of time i am in the sacred cavern what wall do i hit with the desintigrading hammer


I'm going to go out on a limb and say the breakable one. This is the sort of question you should consult a walkthrough for. I'm here more for things like "What was the first RPG with a female main character?" "How exactly are the Koudelka/Shadow Hearts games tied together?" or "What's Baten Kaitos like?"


I can almost guarrentee all three of those questions will be asked tomorrow. Try to toss some real ones in too though.

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