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Again! March 16, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

OK, so Resident Evil Outbreak 2 is out shortly, and thus I'm encouraged to gut Outbreak 1 of all secrets. This involves finding various items that are only in there half the time. Thanks to a fun little quirk of programming, when you first turn on the game, you're always going to start on the same item set, so the other set is a pain, and requires you to play at least one scenerio first to have a chance at finding them. So naturally, having gotten every item from the first-turned-on set a long time ago, any time I end up playing, I'm inclined to keep going until I'm sure I'm not on the set I need. Anyway, bottom line is, I had a freaky good lucky streak going today and only have 2 things left to find.

Corpse Bunker!

Dear Googleblob,

I just recently got around to beating Koudelka after buying it several years ago. Well, beating as in getting to the final boss and getting my rear handed to me. After looking around on RPGamer and GameFAQs I have found that no one has any helpfull tips other than spending time mindlessly leveling. As Koudelka seems to be one of your favorite games, what are some good strategies for the final boss?

I also came across several mentions of "Patrick's Creature" and I was wondering where to find it. One also suggested fighting the Gargoyle before 11:11:11 if you are going to do so. Is there a reason for this?

Thanks for your help and if you have any other tips you want to give they would be much appreciated. Well, on to Shadow Hearts.



Any tips I can give honestly depend on how you set your characters up. Since almost everyone puts Koudelka's magic stats through the roof though, odds are my Corpse Bunker strategy will do the trick. Cram Koudelka all he way into the lower left corner (or lower right if you prefer), and then stick the guys in the two spaces in front of her. Tada. Even if they get creamed (and they will), their corpses will still be in the only two places from which Koudelka can be hit with melee attacks. Assuming your magic defense is through the roof, the only thing you have to worry about is long range physical attacks (which the last boss doesn't use if I recall), and that freaking Gargoyle, who can actually break the rule about standing in an occupied row and come kill you from the side.

The Gargoyle also has the fun little gimmick of getting freakier and freakier the longer the game goes on. Theoretically, it's actually easiest to kill when it FIRST shows up, and all you have is Koudelka.

Making me dig out old games.

Dear he-who-answers-all-questions-asked(you could work at Radio Shack, you got more answers than they do, for sure),

I was talking with a friend of mine recently who was attempting a perfect game in FFIX with his girlfriend. After trading a few words about the game, we ran up to an arguement : I got a pretty clear memory of playing the game in 2-player mode, having my brother control the magic users and me the brutes. He said he never saw that feature. Since we were already in the shopping center, i tought "lets go to EBGames and check it out".

When we got there, all they had was the "Greatest Hits" version, which said it was only single player. But i am damn sure i played that game in 2-player mode. Could this be a feature that was removed from the greatest hits version? Could anyone clear this up for me?


Menu, Config, Battle Control - Custom, hit X. Tada. You can now let a second person control half your characters in combat, just like the good old days. The original release also doesn't try to justify this fun little feature as making it a 2 player game for what it's worth.


Yo google,

I've read stuff to you before but this is the first time writing. but yeah i just wanna ask you something, do you know how many ogre battle games have actually been released? cuz they say that Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen on super nintendo and playstation was episode 6 i believe, then Tactics Ogre for playstation was episode 7. then Ogre Battle 64 and Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis were just a couple of side chapters. so whats the deal, was there originally supposed to be a huge storyline that spanned a ton of episodes or what happened? i've always been curious about it cuz i'm a big fan of the series and its storyline.

Also as a quick question thats completely irrelevant, are you a fan of Xenogears? cuz its my favorite RPG and i dont know anybody else who has played it so the only time i can talk to people about it is on message boards.


Counting the Gaiden games, 5. You're a bit off on the numbering though (OB, TO, and OB64 are 5 7 and 6 respectively).

Anyway though, as for why the episode numbers don't match up with the order the games were released in, it's less a question of wanting to do a whole bunch of games (and they might finish it out), and more a question of naming their games after the songs on a particular Queen album.

Fun fact: When trying to search for the complete track listing of said album (as now that I stop and think about it, Ogre Battle and March of the Black Queen are pretty groovy songs), I came across a Q&A column asking the exact same thing from almost exactly a year ago.

Oh, and as for how I feel about Xenogears... I either adore it or can't stand it, depending on when you ask me.

Every so often someone reminds me that there's holes...

okay i am actually stating this to megan beck who said she needed a "girly-man" i would have to say that i like long walks, violen, singing, dancing, etc. and if you would like to go out some time i would be most willing to.
actually i am kidding however i did have a question for whoever this is repling to my message. What was your opinion on KOTOR 2 i was wondering if you liked it more then one or if you liked them at all. i really enjoyed them however i have met many people who have not enjoyed them and was wondering what you thought about them.
Reetin Abdul


I couldn't tell you. PC RPGs really aren't my thing for the mostpart, so those are on the list of RPGs I've never played.

And you know, honestly speaking, it's fairly creepy how short of a list that is.

I am neither Bumblebee nor Shaggy.

Hey Google,

What are your top five rpgs from the current generation of consoles?


Fair warning, I always forget biggies when people ask me this sort of thing. Anyway, in no particular order, Skies of Arcadia, Paper Mario 2, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Wild ARMs 3, and uh... what the heck. BoF5 can go on the list today.

I'm limiting myself to the strict definition of RPG here mind you, if I threw in Tactical ones it'd get way too hard.


OK, if my math is right, this new earlier weekend concept means Andrew is doing tomorrow's column... so I now have a work week that ends for me on Tuesday night... that's odd. OK, fair point Mr. Sun, I'm really abusing the definitions of both night and Tuesday there.

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