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"... and we were like, pfft, too far!" March 15, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Whenever I get a haircut, my grey hair becomes much much more visible. So, I suppose if you wanted to hide greying hair, a good way of doing so would be to stop cutting it.


Dear Foogle Google,

One, I don't know if your really frugal or not, I just needed something to rhyme with Google and was easily misspelt.

Two, the question, which of course will be buried by a few sentences of unnecessary babbling.

I happen to be a huge fan of RPG soundtracks, and I listen to them probably an equal 50/50 split along with my other musical selections. For some reason, listening to my favorite tracks from my favorite games is a very enjoyable thing to me, bringing about a sense of calm, laid-backness, and a really fierce craving to indulge in whatever soundtrack I happen to be enjoying. Nevertheless, RPG soundtracks (And video game soundtracks in general) aren't among the most popular musical selections of pop culture today.

But to me it seems as though they are in fact, slowly but surely, gaining in popularity. An example being the Dear Friends concerts being put on country wide and it appears eventually worldwide. With events such as Dear Friends being performed worldwide, do you think that in our generation that RPG (And again, video game soudtracks in general) soundtracks could one day be among the most popular forms of musical entertainment in this and other countries? I for one know that I would be thrilled if the best music from the best games was made more readily available to the public for thier listening pleasure.

And in closing, a last follow-up question, what is your personal favorite RPG soundtrack? And do you listen to it often?



Well, you're never going to hear a videogame soundtrack on the radio (discounting weird stuff like independant student run college radio), due to the way the music industry is set up; but people, who play games, sure dig'em enough for the Minibosses to be a fairly popular band.

Another problem is that a huge section of the population refuses to listen to anything that doesn't have lyrics. I've never understood why that is, but it's true.

As for me, I don't actually listen to music at all really, but Xenogears had a darn good soundtrack. As did FF6, the original Phantasy Star, and a bunch of others.

Important Imports

Hey, hey Googdrew.
Just watched that new SH 3 trailer and I'm thrilled out of my bones. It's pretty, it's gonna use the judgment ring and you won't have to deal the kind of dark, moody stereotype of a hero that Yuri was. I'm all happy. By the way, can you think of a good reason for me not go buy SH: Covenant right away. And don't say the story 'cause didn't think too highly of the original Shadow hearts'. Don't get me wrong; it was halfway decent but really nothing in comparison to Koudelka.

Anyways, as I'm in Europe, the amount of rpgs I can get ahold of are bit more limited than in NTSC lands. Therefore I need some tips on what to import for my ps2. I've gotten quite sweet deals on Xenosagas 1 & 2 and I'm also addicted to Dark Cloud so I'm thinking about getting the sequel. Anyway, knock yourself out and recommend your favourite NTSC-rpgs for me to import. However, I'm not much of a TRpgamer so you could leave those out.

Grampa, the queen of the old west


Well, there's Paper Mario 2; Baten Kaitos, if you want something weird; Breath of Fire 5, if you want something weird in a different way; and Wild ARMs 3... that covers the last few years I'd think.

Mum! Dad! Don't touch it!

Dear Google-Stuff,

Recently, there have been several discussions regarding the MOST evil villains in the Final Fantasy games. Some would agree that Sephiroth holds that epithet. Others concur that Kefka, of FF VI, is the most evil. In order to name most evil villain, one must first comprehend its meaning. Evil, according to a concise Webster Dictionary, is: wicked; Anything bad or morally wrong must be evil...Blah,Blah,Blah.
Sephiroth, in my opinion, is one of the tragic characters. Not evil at all, in my opinion. In fact, he can easily be a hero if werenÕt the villain (Duh). His tragic flaws and ultimate downfall is the misperception of his lineage. Although his anger wrought hateful deeds, anyone under influence and stress could have committed such acts. His will and goal was to restore glory and to destroy the enemy. But his confusion leads him to believe his friends are his enemies and vice versa. So his actions cannot be attributed to wicked ambition or insanity. Ok, so he went a little nuts. Who wouldnÕt get a little crazy if they had discovered that they have been biologically engineered from an ancient organism?
Kefka is essentially evil. He is naturally crazy, which augments his will to attain power. Thus, he is completely evil.
Seymore Guado is a confused, lonely entity. His intentions are narcissistic, and his means for achieving his goals are wanting. His perception of suffering is very bleak and he sees it as unnecessary. Albeit he comes off as a bit crazy, he is only slightly deranged. His overall goal culminates to something beneficial for life(or Death). But his means for doing it and the end result would be unacceptable.
I would love to go on and on, but I am getting tired. So, I ask you this: Who do you think is the Most reprehensible out of the Final Fantasy games?
Type to you later...Blah, Blah, Blah.



Well, I could sit here and give you this big, long lecture on moral ambiguity and how every realistic character has what they consider good reasons for everything they do, so the most "evil" characters are the ones with the most poorly rationalized motives; but the last boss in FF4 is just a big, solid mass of pure, concentrated evil, and thus wins by definition.

A heck of a question.

Can a Nintendo 64 game be played on a gameboy?Like 'Pokemon Stadium'.


Well, no. Seeing as how an N64 cart is roughly the size of a Game Boy (or GBA, or DS), and that there's huge gaps in what the systems are capable of, that would be in no way feasible.

The DS however IS perfectly capable of handling PORTS of N64 games, as you can see from the current library.

It's quiet... too quiet.

Hello Google or Andrew

Just was wondering if you guys heard any new news of the upcoming Phantasy Star Trilogy for PS2? I keep seeing it being pushed back every release date on ebgames, and gamestop doesnÕt even have it on their site or in the pre order book at their stores anymore. Has it been canned?


Not really, no. I wouldn't worry too much though. It's actually not all that uncommon for a game to slip through the PR cracks like this and drop off everyone's radar for a year or so. Annoying, but it happens.


Up goes the column, down goes the er uh... anti-column. Yeah. That's the ticket.

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