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Appealing Ideas March 14, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

I see it's DNS renewal season once again. That special time of year where websites become hard to hit for a few days. Lovely.

Paintings and sculptures of air circulators.

about that using tape solution, I would be very careful when removing the scotch tape, because if its to sticky, then the disc will be permenately ruined, no amout of cleaning will save her. This happened to my first FFVII disc for a different reason though, and I had to buy a new one.

on to a question, i was just wondering if a lot of those ps2 that broke down, maybe broke down because of a mod chip.
so bottom line america, do you think that a mod chip is worth it?


Well, the idea there was to put tape on a data-free surface and leave it there, so even if you were for some reason inclined to remove it (and I don't see why you would), having lint glued to the disc isn't going to cause you problems.

As for whether mod chipping plays a role in the PS2 being prone to spontaneous breakdowns, no. The main problems with the PS2 involve a faulty disc loading system, and a laser with some alignment issues. If you take the system apart so you can solder a chip in to bypass security lockouts, yeah, you're running the risk of screwing up and breaking the sucker, but it has no impact on how the system likes to bite discs in half.

Games for Several People

Dear Googleshng,

I would like to start by giving you a heart felt thanks. I wrote to you in September asking your suggestion for a game to play, you suggested Tales of Symphonia. I was not able to pick it up untill about a month ago, and I am two friends have just beaten it. We all really enjoyed the games, especially the battle system. Now that the game has come to a close though, we find outselves having nothing to do to pass the time. Can you suggest another multiplayer RPG for us (atleast three players.) Between the three of us we have the three main systems. So anything will do. I know FF Crystal Chronical is multi-player, is that any good?

Put down the machette, and get another beer!


FF:CC would probably be your best bet, yes. On the other hand, if you can dig up an old SNES, multitap, and Secret of Mana, that's as good as it gets right there.

A followup.

Hey Googleshng,

I just wanted to confirm your response to yesterday's letter. Indeed we do accept 3-D fan art submissions. In fact, you'll be seeing a couple fantastic 3-D pieces in next week's update.

Nick "kweee" Ferris Fan Art Curator


Ooh neat. Rendered or sculpted? Guess I'll wait and see.


Dear Google,
I visit your site every few days and I love it. This is my first time writing though. My question is this: What is so wrong with effeminate male heroes? I actually prefer them that way. My dad says I am a lesbian because of this. Bah! I say. What does he know? I can think of several girly men that are appealing to me. Jin Uzuki, Kratos Aurion, Riku, Canaan, Chaos, Eliwood...*Drool* I seriously need to find me a girly man.

Megan Beck


Well, given the number of people I've heard echo your comments, and the number of games, movies, TV shows, etc. which feature shiny haired shirtless girly-looking guys, I'd have to say the appeal is pretty darn broad.

And don't even get me started on that Create-a-Bishonen panel at NonCon this year. That poor poor guy...

Ys N nd Myb

I know you're not a fan of remakes. Neither am I, normally. But the Ys III has totally given me the most intense nostalgia kick I've had in a long time. Not as bad as if, say, someone were to remake Wonder Boy III (THAT would be awesome), but still pretty potent.

In any case, I have a fundamental question. In the original Super Nintendo version, I remember a bug where in the first cave (or any of them, really), you could set the right side of the screen to hover at the spawn point of a monster with a fixed range. Then, you'd get a rubber band, wrap it around the controller on the "A" button, plop your character down on the edge of the monsters range, and the monster would come in close, be killed, respawn, come in close, be killed, respawn, come in close, etc. I can't tell you how many times I made it to level 99, or 255, or whatever the heck was the max level.

The question is, do you suppose that bugs/features/cheats/nostalgia pieces like that are going to be more likely to be fixed or more likely to be left in? I wouldn't use it at this point (10+ years gives a bit of maturity). But I think I'd love to see it still there.


That particular one isn't so much a bug as a nice little trick, so I doubt anyone would intentionally recode things to get around it.

As for a remake of Wonderboy 3, that could potentially be cool, but people have been trying to use the same concept a few times over the years with fairly mediocre results. A proper remake could be cool, although it could stand to be longer I'd think these days.


Did I remember to point out earlier how I called that new Shadow Hearts game years ago? Anyway, that's the column. Expect the next, tomorrow at uh... whenever you can get through to the server I suppose.

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