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Oh yeah! I do Sundays now! March 13, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Almost forgot about that one. Yikes. Anyway, over the course of this weekend, I managed to throw some things I think are fairly interesting up on my page, and randomly came across Idle Hands on TV. Funny movie that one.

Paintings and sculptures of air circulators.

Q&A Dude,
Does the fanart section accept 3d art? Because I never see any and I thought it was odd.
Best Regards,


I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't, I'd just assume it's a question of people not sending them in.


Hello to Google, I think ?

I have been noticing something more and more about myself with RPGs lately... In the past several months or so, only 2 games have motivated me enough to conitinue playing them. Those two games are 1. Xenosaga 2 (which, though you may bash it, I enjoyed a ton), and 2. Suikoden 3, which I just picked up not too long ago after reading the manga and deeming it worthy of a purchase. Other games I've picked up recently (within the past few months) include Knights of the Old Republic II, Paper Mario 2, and Baten Kaitos. None of those games gave me any drive to continue after the first several hours. They all just seemed too... generic. KOTOR 2 is too much like KOTOR 1, which isnt a bad thing, I'm just looking for something new. Baten Kaitos tries too hard to be a Final Fantasy, and falls short, and Paper Mario 2 seems to have lost all the charm PM1 had for me.

Maybe it is just the fact that I am looking forward to well over a dozen RPGs this year, from Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII (hopefully this year) to Stella Deus, Fire Emblem and Makai Kingdom. Most recently, I want Digital Devil Saga, but I won't be able to pick it up for a while yet because I spent my meager savings on Suikoden 3. I'm positive I will love FFXII and DQVIII, and most likely the rest, so I think that might be my lack of motivation. And anyone who knows me could tell you I read about games all the blasted time- via RPGamer, RPGFan, and Gamespot... So, in any case, I seem to be rambling, but have you ever had this same problem?I'm just looking forward to so many games that the ones I have seem.. dull?

There's my ramble. I have one more question though- out of the games I named, which do you want most?



I think that's a pretty darn odd criticism to make about Baten Kaitos given who made it and how very strange it is, but honestly speaking, I haven't had a lot of games really catching my eye lately either.

As for which of those I find most appealing, that's a tough call. I'd have to say it's a toss-up between the two TRPGs really. Challenge vs. Prinnies... why must I choose?

This is pretty clever really.

Hey Andrew,
Read in the last "unfit for print" That you mentioned your ps2 stopped reading psx games properly, or something to that effect, I was kinda curious as to the problem, what it's actually doing, or not doing as must be the case, because problems with ps2's and psx games is actually quite common, specially with the older model PS2's. Mine for instance has a common problem, since the system has a cd tray, instead of top loading, when the disc is loaded, the central grip that holds the cd in place is formatted specifically for dvds and ps2 games, if you look at the central circle portion of ps2 cds and psx cds there's a hair or more difference in width, ps2 discs are actually thicker then psx ones, so when the system goes to play a psx game, the grip slips, and the cd will either spin out, and wont read, or grind and get chewed up by constant attempts to hold and spin the disc, it also causes problems for the lazer to read it. Most common solution and one I use (Other then getting the new thin top loader). Tape, simple clear scotch tape, put it on the edge of the central O in the middle of the disc, as close to that opening as you can, on two sides, opposite each other, adds thickness, ps2 grips cd, walla plays discs once more, sad you have to tape up your cds, but, well it's better then shelling out buncha $$$ for a system you already own, just a different model. And since you're using clear tape, it wont hide the picture on the top side of the cd, so it's not much of a inconvenience. Sorry if I rambled too much, hope this helps some. If none of that was the problem with your ps2, my apologies on making you read all of this.


I'll spare you the "I'm not Andrew" bit since I slipped on that a little today too. Anyway though, that's an interesting solution. Most people just try and use some sort of voodoo on the console itself. Reminds me of how I used to tape over the holes in floppy discs because the locking tab had been broken off.

He could just as easily mean God Sim or Garden really...

Hey all-knowing QnA person.

I just fineshed Suikoden 4, and get this; there is an event in the game that prevents you from geting all of them 108 stars. That is just wrong. in all old Suikodens i get them charcters right before the end....but now? if you saved after that event, you are doomed to redo a game that was not that good any way.

what is up with that? were all gadin games like that?

oh there a way to get the gadin games? and are they worth it?

some dude"GG, you are t3h uber n00b


Uh... I can think of plenty of ways you can miss out on characters in the other Suikoden games, so I don't really get what your problem here is.

Anyway, assuming that by "gadin" you mean "Gaiden" then I suppose you could import them, but I've heard they aren't really anything to write home about.


I remember that Nintendo remade Crystalis for the GBA, presumably after acquiring the rights to Crystalis from SNK.

However, they changed the music around, changed the plot a bit, and make a bunch of unnecessary changes.

I find that this is one of the rare instances where I prefer the original version over the remake. Have you had any other games where you prefer the original over a remake, for anything other than nostalgia?

R. Bemrose


Personally, I tend to avoid remakes like the plague, on the grounds that 9 times out of 10, by "remake" they mean "sloppy buggy port" and a good chunk of the rest, you have a bunch of stupid changes that mess things up, like the GBC Crystalis there. Honestly speaking, the only remakes of games I can say I really prefer are the GameCube version of Resident Evil, and the version of SMB3 from Super Mario Allstars, as the ability to save my game and/or play on a system I can leave on for several hours without it freezing make it much more enjoyable. On the other hand, it should be considered that there's a few games where I've only played the remake. Like, say, just about everything from Game Arts. So I might prefer Lunar: SSSC to the original version were I to play it.


Ah.... so nice to have a working connection again. I really missed that. Even better, now my router is actually working, so I have this connection on two computers.

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