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A Window! March 9, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

As I've mentioned to a good number of people, my cable modem has officially gone into a vegitative state. A repairman will be around at some point today to replace the modem/line/whatever it is that isn't working here, but for the last week I've basically only had internet access for a laggy, major packet losing hour a day, if that. This here's a window though, so let's make it count, shall we?

Once again, my name isn't Andrew.

Andrew whats up?

I've been a die hard RPG fan since as far back as I can remember. Finishing Final Fantasy for the NES was my first achievement in what would come to be a long list of completed games. In my opinion the older (NES, SNES and some Playstation) games are, and most likely will always be the best. I know I'm old school but whatever. Anyway my question is on the character designs being used in todays games. Why are the main characters being made more feminine with every new game being produced. For example Tidus, and now the new guy from FF12. After seeing him first I didn't know if he was a he or a she. Why are the artists making the male characters more femine? And I'm sure you noticed that the female characters are wearing less and less clothes all the time? I wonder why that could be? Anyway, I just wish that if the character is a 18 year old guy, he should look like a 18 year old guy. Oh and by the way, whats up with the creamsicle obsession?

One character cocerned Newfoundlander


That's just your memory being faulty really. I'm not denying the fact that Tidus looks like Meg Ryan (thanks Thor). Take a good look at some older games though. Look at Ayla from Chrono Trigger. Look at the actual character designs of say, Locke from FF6, or Cecil from FF4 (check the closeup as a paladin). Heck, look at Noah from Phantasy Star for that matter.

There's also plenty of contemporary RPGs with manly men and fully clothed women. Take the Wild ARMs series for instance.

Decent Action/RPGs

I'm not exactly one who's 'hip' to all the newfangled gaming action the kids are talkin' about nowadays, but I remember a few decent RPGs from back in the day, and I'd like to find somehting similar to fill the void, because just finishing them over and over again s getting tiring. Plus, there's something to be said about character sprites not composed of 6 or 7 solid square blocks of color.

First off: Crystalis. Nintendo gaming at it's best. It was Link to the Past before Link to the Past was Link to the Past. 3/4 overhead view, real time fighting of monsters, build stats, go to towns, help feeble useless civilians solve their mundane problems. All good. Are there any games out there that emulate this kinda feel?

And Also: X-Com. Squad-based turn-based game. Combined squad combat (in 'time units' style) with Civilization-type research and resource management. Your soldiers grew better as you played, and could be taught psionic abilities and what not. Anything that fits that description made in the past 10 years?

And lastly, it's shameful that you drive a stolen van without a license.

-Man Icognito


Really good Action/RPGs are a bit hard to come by, especially lately. I think your best bet there would just be the [blank] of Mana games.

As for X-Com, the closest fit I can think off in recent years would probably be Freedom Force. RTS sort of interface, RPG style experience system, superhero theme. Come to think of it, I need to track that sucker down now that I have a decent computer.

For the record, a non-joke version of that story would appear in more than one place.

Upon further inspection, uh, yeah, that whole Wind Waker preorder bonus thing was an April Fool's joke. Bastards. They get better at those every year...

As for the hatred of Microsoft against the hatred of Sony. I have no great love for Sony as a company, but the fact remains that there are consistent releases of excellent, well designed games on their system, despite all the horrific trash that comes out around it. I am, of course, a Nintendo fanboy, but Microsoft. Their entire platform is based off the idea that games are only fun if they include three of the following four items: guns, sex, intense violence, and guns. And perhaps this doesn't even annoy me so much, because there will always be a place for those games in the market, but when a seventeen year old goth kid who does nothing but play Halo 2 on X-box Live nine hours a day comes up to me and tells me that playing Mario is for little kids, well, I want to drop-kick him off a cliff. As a system it offers to me less than four games that I might consider playing that could not be found elsewhere, and while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, this is mine, and with that in mind, I do firmly stand here and say, Screw You, Microsoft. You suck.

And Devil May Cry 3 is still impossible.

- Feep "Anger is of the dark side..."


I'm pretty sure there's no guns or violence in that hideous Volleyball thing actually. Anyway though, I keep room in my hideous blackened heart to dislike a variety of companies. One can frown on Sony for their intentionally faulty hardware and dishonest marketting techniques, and still hate Microsoft for using frequently illegal strong-arm tactics to put competitors out of business. If I had to pick one or the other to spit on though, I'd have to go with Microsoft, as they have on numerous occassions intentionally and willfully destroyed various things of which I was quite fond. That bugs me a tad more than a VCR or console dying on me after a year.

I'm all for griping about nasty ads, but this is ridiculous.

Chocloate covered chocloate lovers,
ok, the advertisement you guys have on your site for Xenosaga II with the picture of KOSMOS, where did you get that god awful picture and who is in charge of the advertising? it's like a stretched out elongated version of the real thing, assuming you consider video game characters real. She looks like a distorted Olive Oil with blue hair and eyes, ok, maybe not, but how often do you get to use Olive Oil the cartoon character in a sentence?


Pretty often actually.

Anyway, to answer your other questions, yon ads are handled by Some Ad Company Or Other. Gorilla Nation last I checked. The ad itself meanwhile presumably comes courtesy of Some Kid From Namco's Art Department.

So, basically, RPGamer (and for that matter, every other website) neither creates ads you see on our site, nor do we pick which ones you see. In a perfect world, we'd hand select each and every one of them, although they'd still be provided by the companies doing the advertising I'm sure.

Actually, scratch that. In a perfect world, we wouldn't need advertising... actually, I suppose in a perfect world everyone would be able to afford every RPG released and all of them would be excellent, and nobody would be unaware that any were released, so there probably wouldn't be a need for a site like this to begin with, but you get the idea.

Crystalis mentioned twice in one day?

Zup Goog?

I've been trying to find out this question for years. The game magazines have all but ignored me and my friends have all abandoned me. In short, this quest for the truth has left me all alone.

When the Neo Geo came out, I saw on their upcoming game list a Crystalis 2. Now, since I was but like a wee wee lad and not a descendant of an oil tycoon, I couldn't afford a Neo Geo (not that I would have bought one anyway).

Anyways, do you know anyone who has played/seen the game? I was wondering if Crystalis 2 actually ever came out and if it did, if it could live up the original.

Thanks for your time. You're all I have left. Please help me find the truth.

Tad Ghostal.


I used to know someone who made a point of angsting over the fact that said sequel was cancelled on a surprisingly regular basis. Between that and the fact that I've never seen any evidence to the contrary, it's safe to say it never happened. Too bad too.


Yay! My connection stayed up long enough to post! Enjoy a weirdly early weekend all!

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