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A-Cocoa March 2, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Odd bits of internet troubles today. While technically, I had a connection, I could reach a grand total of one site/service, and this wasn't it.

Send in the Clones

Okay...This is in response to Foozy's comment.
I would like to know how the Xenosaga series could possibly be described as a "Final Fantasy clone."  The two series are as different as night and day.  Xenosaga is one long story, Final Fantasy consists of isolated stories.  Final Fantasy stresses gameplay, Xenosaga stresses plot.  The final fantasy battle systems and the Xenosaga systems are entirely different.  The Xenosaga series will end, the Final Fantasy series will never end.  Xenosaga is not a "Final Fantasy clone."  As to anyone who says it is...well....fooie on you (awful pun intended).
Second, I wasn't actually being serious about that Xenosaga questions.  My comment was made just to continue the sarcasm based of the original questions.
Okay...I guess my question is how anyone could refer to Xenosaga as a "Final Fantasy clone" when it obviously isn't one.
an RPGfan


Well, all console RPGs play so similarly that you can collectively refer to them as [insert RPG name here] clones as well as I can refer to "Doom Clones." It is true though that FF and XS are pretty darn different as console RPGs go.

Chocolate Sky Castles

Hey there Goog

First regarding the Chocolate thing, RPG characters do say chocolate or at least some form of it just not in comparison to the yummy candy but NPCS/Mascots(Case in point Tales of Symphonia and La Pucelle) and in regards to RPG heroes scarfing it down and not busting into acne we have the Seiken Densetsu/such and such of Mana series were if memory serves correct the healing items were gumdrops and chocolate bars so yeah...

And also Precis of Star Ocean 2's favorite food is Chocolate Crepes so there isw chocolate in SO2 don't know or care about 3

Now a few questions

Question 1: Since you brought it up a few times recently just what the heck is Laputa??

Question 2: Do people ever aknowledge the story writers behind an rpg or do they just stay in the shadows while the music, graphics, etc take the limelight? Just curious about that because whenever people gush and gush about their favorite games composers and artists are usually mentioned but story writers get no mention from what I've seen

Arros Raikou

Eater of chocolate, writer of random comments and questions


People acknowledge the people who do the graphics in RPGs? That's news to me. Character designers get credit yeah, but the people who actually get the results into the games tend not to. In any case, the story of any given RPG is typically written by the producer of it, who gets more credit than anyone.

As for Laputa, it's a very famous movie by Miyazaki, about a giant flying fortress made by an ancient high-tech civilization, and an evil empire trying to get ahold of its secrets. Sound overly familiar?

Don't use HTML to make the body of your e-mail giant bold and orange in the future please.

In regards to Emerald_Mara85's question about chocolate, chocolate and candy are both actually used as healing items in Secret of Mana.  Maybe some other games, too, but that was the one that immediately jumped out in my head.
Okay, now here's a question.  I've been on quite a Capcom stint lately; I've played RE4, Onimusha 3, and BoF 2 & 4.  I was wondering, is BoF 5 any good?  I never got around to playing it.  If it wasn't that good, got any other rpg recommendations?  I really liked the combo system in BoF 4, and I have both PS2 and GC (already played Tales of Symphonia, another game in which I enjoyed the combo system). 


BoF5 is... different. Take a BoF game, inject a pretty strong concoction of Resident Evil juice and a bit of Tactical combat. I rather dig it myself.


OK, Japan, not big on chocolate?

Sorry, just had to get that out of the system.  I just survived February in the land of the Rising Sun, and you would never have been able to say that if you'd seen the Valentine's marketing blitz over here...

It is true that they don't have much in the way of candy bars, on the other hand, being restricted to only Snickers for some odd reason...  But there are at least 10 kinds of pure bar chocolate available in any given convenience store, and the hordes of pastry places always have a decent number of chocolatey offerings.

As for games that have chocolate in them, the first that come to mind are the Seiken Densetsu series, with the Pakkun Chocolates.  As far as I can tell, only the original GameBoy game lacked this mid-range healing item, and that was rectified in the Sword of Mana remake.  I'm pretty sure I've seen it in other RPGs, but I can't come up with any names at the moment.



The point still stands that the nation as a whole really doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. On Valentine's Day the whole planet eats chocolate, and yeah, there's cake at Christmas, but not so much for anyone to find a lack of it in most RPGs to be odd. Honestly, even if there were, I'd find that to be perfectly reasonable. I mean, how many RPGs feature someone going to the bathroom? That's a common everyday occurance too.

No mention of chocolate! YAY!

Hello Google!
         I am just wondering why people seem to dislike the story of Final Fantasy 8??  In many discussions with friends/college students in the area the general decision is that FF8 is the worst.  I brought to attention 10(*sigh*) and that they were comparing the story of 7 to the battle system of 8(which made no sense trust me....)  I honestly feel that 8 had one of the best stories out to date.  Ok a main character that you spent forever leveling and gaining the 4th limit break to didn't die, but a close friend did turn traitor, a possesion happened and an actual crisis concerning time warping and world control happened.  We didn't have a bad rip off of the dragonball Z storyline happening and the evil characters don't look like inflated pigs only to die for NO reason before the end of the game.  What are your thoughts???

Final Fantasy 8 fan.


Well, in fairness, the plot of FF8 was largely contrived, and the whole "it's a love story!" angle didn't really pan out in my eyes, but yeah, people are unfairly harsh when it comes to FF8 I find.


I find it very odd how many people felt the need to point out that chocolate heals you in Secret of Mana. I myself figured that person was speaking for a trend, not an absolute rule.

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