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No More Con Plugging March 1, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

I am now back from NonCon, so no longer shall I be mentioning it every other day. I'm sure that was getting a tad annoying. It went pretty darn well for me. You can read about it on my page.


I have a question on how to get these certain classes in ogre battle 64, and they are goetic, dragoon, princess, angel knight, and seraphim, can you please help me figure out how to get these classes, its bothering me that I cant figure out how to get these classes


There are a good number of classes which require some odd requirements. If you search for a walkthrough, you should find out how to get each and every one easily enough. I'd just explain it all here, but, well, I have a policy against giving two page responses. For most though, it's a late in the game you find a special item sort of thing, and generally speaking they can be missed easily.


okay last week me saw google say sumtin bout the snes shadowrunner game

I LOVE THIS GAME ! altho the battle system was more made for a mouse at times

you happen to know some games that are like this and by like this i also mean the setting... not in a world full of dungeons warlocks and dragons but in a world set like ... well erm reality !

muchos thankos



Come to think of it, COULD you use the SNES mouse with that one? I think it may have come out too early, but that would indeed help. I know it makes the SNES port of Civilization much nicer to play at least.

Anyway, your best bet by far I'd say would be the Fallout games. Post apocolyptic setting, somewhat similar vibe I'd say (although Fallout has more humor). As far as a realistic setting goes, there's arguably the Persona games, and (again arguably, but for different reasons) the Koudelka/Shadow Hearts series. Getting even further out as we go, we have BoF5, we have various sci-fi settings, Wild ARMs, Phantasy Star, Valkyrie Profile... and then it's pretty much back to straight-up fantasy.

Then if you want to get into TRPGs, you've got Front Mission and a truckload of 15th century looking stuff.

Da Best

Hey Andrew,

Ok, first of all, you answer a LOT of mail. Everytime I ckeck the Ask Andrew stuff or whatever, there's pretty much a whole essay's worth of replies. And every few days, too. Clearly, you must have four arms: two to reply to messages and two to play RPGs. And I'm talking long answers, too. None of this 'short and sweet' nonesense. You go right for the jugular with your replies. I want to be Just. Like. You... o_0

Anyway, my question: What would you consider to be the greatest RPG series/franchises ever made? I'm just curious what a meister like yourself would say. Oh, here are some rules for your answer: 1) The series must have at least 3 games. 2) You can't say Final Fantasy because... well... that's just too easy. 3) You can pick more than one series. That's why I phrased the question as plural.

Also, to this day I don't understand why you hate Xenosaga so much. It's basically a FF clone that happens to be set in the uber-future. What's the big deal? I mean, sure, it's not the best game ever or anything, but still...

So yeah. That.



My name isn't Andrew, nor do I hate Xenosaga. I'd say the reason most people don't like the series though would be that they're put off by the whole emphasis on plot over gameplay thing... and I honestly find that most people saying THAT haven't actually played it. The gameplay is actually better than most of what's out there these days, and the percentage of time you honestly spend watching movies isn't as much as is suggested. The only real problems with the game, aside from problems the whole genre has lately, would be some AWFUL pacing, and the fact that the dialog, by and large, sucks. Not the plot mind you, the dialog. Playing XS2 here, in a single cutscene I caught 5 or 6 instances of things like "Can I also call you Rubedo too?" Plus a lot of long random pauses.

Anyway, as for a series recomendation, I think I'll go with the Phantasy Star trilogy. Three spiffy RPGs, they did just about everything first, and they didn't keep milking the series after doing what they wanted with it... well, the developers didn't. Sega gave it to others who have been wringing it dry, but still.


Dear Andrew/Google

Don't you think it's strange that Rpgs don't have 'Chocolate'? Is it some kind taboo for the characters to say 'chocolate' or even eat it? I've seen shortcake in Star Ocean 2 and 3, so where are the chocolates?!

Also I can't seem to find any answers in guides so could you please answer this? In the Growlanser Generations there this importing characters system where I heard that if you saved the Growlanser 2 data Completed (or was it Clear?) you won't be able to get the characters or the gems. So what do I do to get them?

Ok...I...I miss the results of Rpgamer awards for my evil siblings was hogging both the laptop and I ask, can you tell me which was the best rpgs? Thank you if you answer this!

From Emerald_Mara85


Once again, with "how do I get all of the ____ in _____?" questions, you're much better off looking it up in a walkthrough than asking me. Less so if I happen to have just finished it, but my copy of Growlanser is actually a tad neglected.

The year end awards meanwhile you didn't miss. The results haven't gone up yet. We've been rather bad with our year end schedule this year, but they should be up soon enough.

As for your chocolate question, this I can answer for you. Japan doesn't do chocolate. Simple enough. Or sugar in general really. The only sweet things you tend to find are little bread sort of things with some sort of fruity coating/filling. Well, that and Pocky... and those "fruit drops" from Grave of the Fireflies. Still though, when you go your entire life without having candybars in your face, you aren't generally going to think to throw chocolate into the fantasy settings you create. By similar token, I don't recall ever seeing anyone eating squid jerky in The Lord of the Rings.

Rumors BAD.

So, now that we've established that Xenosaga Episode 3 won't be released due to copyright issues, an important question arises. When will Episode 4 be released? Perhaps when Episdoe 3 was supposed to be released? And, now that Episode 3 will be skipped, will there be 7 parts to the series, or still just the original 6?

an RPGfan


Just in case anyone was actually legitimately confused there, no, Xenosaga 3 has not been cancelled.


Hmm... whilst at NonCon, someone suggested I attend Connecticon as a guest too... I really need to find out whether that person had the authority to make that happen...

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