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Final Countdown! February 22, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

NonCon is just 3 days away. If running up to upstate New York for the weekend is at all practical for you and you feel like stalking me, this here should be an accurate copy of my schedule (scroll down a little).

Incidently, if you feel like stalking me and you DON'T consider it practical to head to upstate New York to do so, you're pretty much the laziest stalker ever... which I suppose is a good thing really.

Fight it out.

Attn: The Right Honourable Question-And-Answer Slave Googleshng

I was going to say something with a clever rhyme but it turns out nothing rhymes with "question." On with the letter and I apologize.

Am I the only person who really liked Ogre Battle 64 way back when? It's a very underrated specimen of a game. You'd think it would get more attention, being one of the only two-to-four good RPGs for the Nintendo 64. Its style of combat (micromanage, command troop movements, don't do anything in battles) worked quite well. Why is it, you think, that what with the recent (kind of) /Disagea/-induced surge in the popularity of TRPGs, no one's tried something similar to this, the RTS/RPG hybrid-majig?

Also, do you listen to Overclocked Remix ?

In conclusion,
-Bongo Bill


I haven't seen more people playing TRPGs in general since Disgaea came out, just a bunch of people still playing Disgaea.

In any case, I wouldn't at all say Ogre Battle 64 is underrated. I've never heard anyone say it was anything but great. It's just that when you look at the relatively limited appeal of an Ogre Battle game, and cross-reference that against people who really dig the N64, you don't end up with enough people to shout from the rooftops how spiffy it is. Personally, I just like having an Ogre Battle game where I can use a lich and not get punished for it.

Oh, and on the music front, no. Honestly, I don't listen to much of anything, otherwise I probably would.


Hi Google. I have a 2-pronged question.

1. Are psf, nsf, etc files legal? I could be listening to the music from a game without owning it or the games soundtrack (if it exists) but, on the other hand, it's not quite as clear-cut because all I would have is the music and that's only a smaller part of the game itself.

2. Are there any RPGs that you like where you think the music is the game's strongest feature? For me, it's Chrono Cross, hands down. The game fumbles in a few areas and is average or slightly above in others, except the music which is easily the best aspect of the game (for me).



I can name a couple games with soundtracks by Yasunori Mitsuda which I otherwise would find hard to swallow, yes.

As for your other question, I'm pretty darn sure that a file format cannot, itself, be illegal. The other side of that of course is, if you're pirating copyrighted materials, it doesn't matter what format they're in. That about cover it?

This is why you don't ask me about action games.


how is kid icarus a metroid clone... kid icarus has 4 stages each containing of 3 sub stages and a boss stage only stage 4 is 1 stage to kill medusa
the original metroid is basicly 1 big world with 2 parts where a boss resides but its not even really seperate from the rest of the world only a lift/elevator is in between worlds and boss parts of the world and after u killed dem 2 bosses u get access to the final part where mother brain is

I owned and loved both games i know for sure both are totally different games and if u say "well in kid icarus u shoot baddies and in metroid u do too" well in kid icarus u dont get level ups of the kind that they alow u to reach areas u couldnt before simply because its a stage after stage kind of game.i also loved the angel land theme music of kid icarus

hehe sorry for the rant but kid icarus is one of my alltime nes classics alongside faxanadu ,zelda 1 goonies 2, and castelvania 2

in the old times it was all about the gameplay and almost every game has a game that has a few of the same mechanics... but each game managed to get their own identity

but since this is QnA errrm and i been rambling about uniqueness and clones

whats the worst clone in gaming history

id personally say any mario clone like crash bandicoot or banjo heck i even hated sonic for this season... but thats prolly cuz i was a fierce nintendo lover and i didnt cheat on my precious nintendo... till it got all bad with the 64 ever since then i switched my alliance over to sony ^_^



Honestly, I've never actually played Kid Icarus. I've just heard from around 65 people over my life that it was a Metroid clone. So I guess I need to go and smack all those people.

Anyway, your question here is somewhat difficult to answer, since the worst cheap knockoff of a popular game is most likely some sloppily done shareware click-and-wait adventure game made in Visual Basic.

Missing, presumed dead.

I was talking with my brother about FF6 the other day and all the cool things about it and a question we never figured out. After Kefka sort of destroys the world in a way what ever happened to that Bannan guy who was the leader of the returners? You never really find out does he get killed? Just thought I'd ask since I never figured it out and you didn't get many questions last time



I think it's pretty safe to say he dies yes. I mean, a pretty thick chunk of the population does, he's pretty much at ground zero, he's fairly old, and he's the sort of person you'd figure would try to stay in touch otherwise.

In regards to FF9

who is the final boss you have to fight ?' is it Kuja?? and another one do you think this advent children movie is going to be a success? thanks for you answer.


Actually, the last boss in FF9 is Pure Evil From Totally Out Of Left Field if I recall. Same with a lot of other RPGs really.

As for Advent Children, I'd assume it will do as well as one can reasonably expect a big budget computer generated direct-to-DVD movie based on a videogame to do. Which isn't bad per se, but it's not exactly E.T.

Misconception Muliparter

Hey goog, maybe you already know this, but I've never played a game that integrated story and action as thoroughly as HalfLife 2. There're no cutscenes, the story is literally constantly happening to you (or you can gather some side info from newspaper pinups), and I enjoyed it more than most rpgs I've played recently. It also helps that the game is constantly intense (like one big escape sequence). FYI.

Oh yeah, you might know nothing about this, but it's worth a shot. I'm interested in writing music for video games. I have a decent amount of general programming knowledge, and a whole load of music sequencing and composition experience, but I have no idea how one gets into that aspect of industry. Any advice on what to do? Thanks for your time.



I'll have to take your word on that one, but that's the sort of thing I'm talking about, yes. Super Metroid is also notable for managing to convey some story without any text at all (refering to the end of the game here, mention the intro and I hurt you).

As for getting a job doing music for games... find everything else you need for a startup developer and hope you actually make it basically.


OK, now I see what that person was saying about KOS-MOS' voice. Yeah. That's pretty darn wrong all right. At least Ziggy and Jr. didn't get messed with.

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