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French Dip February 10, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

A french dip sounds like it could be a whole lot of things, ranging from creepy to chocolatey. However, it's actually pretty much a Philly Cheese steak dipped in sweet delicious BLOOD! This has no real connection to anything at all, but now that I mention it, I could sure go for one about now.

Direct and to the point.

Dear Googinator and Castacular,


There's an instant classic.

I was curious if you could recommend any SHORT rpgs. It seems like nowadays that the games are designed to suck away your life for weeks at a time. I'd like a game I can blitz through in under a week... blasphemy, I know, but what the heck. I'm starved for time here.

So, is there anything clocking in at about 11 hours or less?

Sariel V


If I'm allowed to list Action/RPGs, most of them. Otherwise, there's Koudelka first and foremost, Parasite Eve, Chrono Trigger for the 5th time, and come to think of it, the Phantasy Star games are on the light side.

Of course, your problem strikes me as kind of odd, because you'd have more time for other things if you never stared these in the first place.

I appreciate ambition.

Howdy Howdy Howdy,

First off, the comment onthe last Q n A about Altered Beast was hilarious, I mean, there's nothing like a homo-erotic thriller with steriod-filled wolves to get one's blood pumping, I remember playing it when I was younger and thinking to myself how weird that was. Anywho, onto the question!

With the new-look graphics, voice acting, etc....Are you in any way, shape or form looking forward to the new Xenosaga? Do you think you'll give it a chance?



Most likely yes. The Xeno games have a lot of problems, but also an overambitious premise, and I'm weirdly drawn to that sort of thing. That and I'm totally hooked on that card game.


What's up with all these Four Swords-bashing letters? Okay, yeah, it doesn't have the most engaging story, but for the love of God, it's Zelda...what the hell did you expect? And yes, if you play it alone, many people have a problem with the extremely modular design of the game, with nothing carrying over from one level to another, but the game was NOT designed to be played that way. The game gets proportionally more insane and hilarious with each added player, and the bite-sized chunks of excellent puzzle design and combat are perfect for groups of players who can't begin to play a game nearly as easily as a single person could alone. The unique mix of competition and cooperation is a completely new kind of gaming experience, and it's a whole heck of a lot of fun. Yeah, Maniac Mansion. Day of the Tentacle was hilarious. How come we don't see any more of that zany humor in today's games? Sam n' Max, DotT, and a lot of those old LucasArts games had some of the best game dialogue ever written. And the beauty that was The Dig...ah, the good old days. - Feep "Back in the Day"


Because Lucas Arts stopped making adventure games. As for why that is, evidently Grim Fandango tanked. I blame Myst, just because I like doing so.

Anyway, the problem a lot of people have with Four Swords I would assume is that, well, they wanted Zelda and they got Gauntlet. Freely exploring a big open world is the main appeal to the series after all.


Hey Google, I'm a first time writter, long time reader of your colum on RPGamer and I recently thought of a question that you might be able to help me with.

Recently I was watching G4TV, you know the network for gamers. anyway i was surprised how much hammering they did on RPG's and final fantasy specificlly. While Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Madden are placed in high satus. Now, i'll be the first to admit that final fantasy has some freaky fan boys/girls out there but i didn't understand why they would take it out on the rest of us. This seemed very odd since the network is decated towards all gamers. SO, my question is why is it that within a group of nerds it seems that there is still a higharche or nerdom? You know, like "I'm a Geek.. but at least I'm not THAT geek over there." To me were all nerds :-D.

Can't we all just get along?


That's a part of human nature for the most part, but not everyone falls victim to it. For instance, I personally can't stand playing FPS games, but I'm not going to say you suck if you dig'em.

A certain TV network though, them I'll pick on. I once caught a soundbite from yon station wherein Tomb Raider was cited as the first videogame to feature a female main character. Even assuming for a moment that they had somehow managed to forget, say, Ms. Pacman, or any other game they didn't have sitting right in front of them, they had been talking about Metroid 5 minutes before this.

Strange Coincidence

It's funny you should mention Altered Beast in Wednesday's column.
I just recently saw some stuff for a sequel, Project Altered Beast, that looked interesting, to say the least....


That is odd. I still say it's weird how popular that sucker was though, particularly since I can't think of a shorter platformer ever being made.


Just 2 weeks let before NonCon. I have a lot of work to do...

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