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WRSE FRWM YR GRWVE! February 9, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

And then you walk around punching wolves in the head and becoming more musclebound, until you eventually turn into a monster that can kill everything on the screen repeatedly. Yet somehow it was a huge hit. Go figure.

What the heck is the point of this? I have an intro blurb sitting right there...


Considering there is a market for RPGs, why is it that they don't tend to very often have quality voice acting, with the possible exception to Kingdom Hearts? This may apply to other genres, perhaps, but frankly I am getting quite exasperated with the Minnie Mouse voices and other types that do not sound at all appropriate for the character. On that note, you may extremely dislike Xenosaga, but at least in the second episode some characters such as chaos now sound like someone from the general age group should sound, at least. Thanks for your time.


Well, getting a group of famous and/or highly talented voice actors costs an awful lot more money than, say, handing a microphone around the office. To make that cost back, you have to be able to make a selling point of it. Like, say "fully voice acted by bla bla bla" on the back of the box. RPGs tend to be quite long, with an awful lot of dialogue, and constantly repeated attack sounds, so it just flat out isn't practical.

Now is the time for Action!

At what point do you think an RPG has too many or too difficult action elements? I like playing RPGs where the action elements, if any, are kept at a reasonable difficulty.

I am a completionist at heart and have run into annoying secrets that require an absurd amount of manual dexterity. The classic example is in Super Mario RPG where you have to make 30 consecutive timed jumps to get an item and 100 consecutive timed jumps to get a better item. I spent countless hours trying and could never make it past 21 jumps.

I actually like playing platformer games but can't stand RPG's with ridiculously difficult action elements even if they are secrets.


I have never been one for mini-games of the action variety, or of the challenging variety. Both at once are out especially... particularly from any developer who doesn't really do action games to begin with. When you have a mini-game, it should be fun, a nice change of pace, and not overly frustrating.

Honestly speaking though, if you want to steer clear of such things, all you really have to do is avoid any game that says "Square" anywhere on the packaging. Oh, and Shadow Hearts. Can't forget the lottery.

We've got movie sign!

This is in response to Advend Children having more of an audience than TSW did because of Final Fantasy 7's popularity.

There's one main problem with this reasoning. TSW also had this audience. TSW came out in 2001. FF7 came out long before that. This may be a bit of a stretch...but my guess is that MOST FF fans went to see TSW, and it still flopped. Now, the potential audience consists of FF die hards, minus those that aren't willing to be suckered into the price of a movie ticket again.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked TSW....but not enough people felt the same way.

an RPGfan


Well no. The problem with yon FF movie was that people who weren't into videogames avoided it like the plague because they thought it was based on one, meanwhile, fans of the FF games were all too aware that it didn't really feature anything they'd recognize from the games. Actually basing something off FF7 specifically, that'll pull in the licensing numbers you want.

It's Over!

For the people asking about replaying the endings of RPG's and not wanting to play the whole thing... here's a novel idea - why not create a save game before the final boss and play through just that part. It's been my strategy for years for every major scene of a game. I always make a new save game before each "big boss" so that I can replay important scenes later.



That works if you want to watch the ending of a game later, and if you're overpowered at the end and can cream the last boss instantly. Doesn't really work with, say, Arc the Lad 2 though.

A similar, handier strategy would just be to hook the console to a VCR and make a 6 hour long tape containing the ending to every game you own. Frees up memory cards too.

With the spam I get, I prefer just checking a site.

Hi! Being a long time fan of RPGamer, and being an RPG nut, I love your website. Your release dates and upcoming games are the most complete and accurate I’ve ever seen. I subscribe to many video gaming magazines, but they don’t come close.

My questions: Do you have an “e-newsletter” that you send to e-mail addresses or any newsletter or magazine you send via postal mail? If so, I want to subscribe immediately. If not, and if you plan to do so in the future, I’ll be one of your first subscribers.

Thanks! Theresa Fischione


I believe such a newsletter may very well be on the big list of things you'll see in the not too distant future. Keep an eye out for it.


My bank has a service to check your balance from any computer. First though you have to register for it, on your computer. Halfway through this registration process is a step where you print out all the information you've just plugged in as a form to sign, bring to the bank, and get a password to finish. Someone doesn't quite get the concept here.

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