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Gunbuster 2 February 8, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Yesterday, I stumbled onto the knowledge that Gainax is evidently working on a Gunbuster 2... of sorts. Here's hoping this prompts a proper DVD release of that happy skippy 20 year old OAV.

What the heck is the point of this? I have an intro blurb sitting right there...

Me and Money

Greetings ILL One,
Sorry to hear you're coughing up a lung (chest congestion) or blowing out your brain (nasal congestion), but that's just Old Man Winter's way of punishing you for not drinking your daily glass of 100% Florida orange juice. Anyways, illness aside, how many games did you buy in the past year? Also, do you have a part time job? I ask this for I don't recall you ever bringing the topic up, and now you're broke. On a side note, props to Arros for making the statement of the year in yesterday's column, "Since my PS2 suddenly became illeterate [sic]...?"
Get well soon, V

"You name it, you claim it."
- Sister McKean (Speaking on the Creation and how Adam was allowed to name everything.)


I'm always broke. I work a good 12-20 hours every day, I just haven't quite worked out the trick to getting paid to do so. That said, over the last year I somehow aquired a good half dozen games anyway. Go figure.

Wow, an Arcanum letter! Again!

Hey there Goog. In reply to the guy's letter about Arcanum. 1 stat point per level is actually ok, because you have other ways to boost your character. Certain quests will give you enchantments/blessings/etc to your character, and certain items as well. There are the gods/godesses (or something around those lines) that give you major boosts, if you give them what they want at the altars (do it a certain way to get the high god's blessing). On top of that, you have skills, that count a great deal in your character's performance. And then there are 3 levels to your skills (master being the best). Another great thing about the game, you can play it in different ways. You can actually have your guy a non-fighter, and beat the game (talk your way through the game, while your party members do all the extra fighting). And all the dialogue is different for each type of character, depending on your skills and stats. (A stupid ogre can't talk right, and people will hate you for it). Plus, the music is beautiful (in my opinion). It takes a while to get used to the play style, but when you get the hang of it, it's a great game.

Off of Arcanum, how do you think the new look to Xenosaga II will work out? Personally, I prefer the more anime style graphics, but the new look is still great.

Non-rpg related, have you ever played a game called Maniac Mansion? That game was whack. I always liked stealing the crazy guy's food in the refrigerator, and when he goes looking for it, he's confused. :P

Well, good day!

- Skye


I'd still rather be able to increase a skill every level up, instead of every 5 or so. Even if levels came less often. It's a principle thing. Anyway, the china doll look for Xenosaga was... odd, so I'm not opposed to ditching it. Not sure what I think of the new look though, I'll wait until I see it in context.

As for Maniac Mansion, yep. Played it, saw the movie. Own the sequel. Odd thing to bring up that.


Hello there.

Look back on 2004, I really didn't play many role playing games. The role playing games that I did play left much to be desire. Thanks to the bargain bin price of Xenosaga which I become so bored that fell asleep during one of the FMV. Yet, my biggest disappointment was Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Here was a game that was supposed to full us in time between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Heart 2. In the end, we get a rehash of Kingdom Hearts with cards. Cards! The thought still make me curl up in a ball and hide.

For my question, what games would you suggest I pick for the GBA?



Yeah, it really wasn't the best of years. Anyway, on the GBA front we've got, off the top of my head: All the myriad Castlevaniametroid games (although HoD was a bit of a dud), as many repetitions of MMBN as you can take, Minish Cap, Fire Emblem, the joys of Pokémon with decent box management, and Golden Sun if you're into that sort of thing. Oh yeah, and Mario&Luigi.

What was I doing again?

I started the whole Recapping games idea and I think some people may have missed the point. I have a ton of games and am constantly playing games that I never have before, to go back and replay a game is tough when you have so many new ones waiting to be played, and with all the stories from the different games its hard to remember previous stories. That's why I thought a site to recap previous games was a good idea. Its not that I'm lazy its just hard to get back to previously played game, and playing multiple games at once, especially RPGs, I think would take some enjoyment out the games, though I've never tried it. Do you play multiple RPGs at once and if so what advice would you give to keep it from getting all twisted? RPGamer is the best, you guys rock.


Phantasy Star 4 was the first game to ever really take this sort of thing into account. One of the menu options is "Talk." If you select this, everyone in your party will have a brief little conversation about what it is you're doing at that particular point in the game. I have said time and again that every RPG under the sun should be required to include some variation on this.

Without having that to fall back on, and assuming you don't have some sort of freakish memory, I suppose your best bets would be to either just play one game at a time, or actually write down notes.

Sun Sea

I've seen a lot of people complaing about Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
because of the plot twist towards the end and saying it ruined the game. I think this is a terrible misinterpertation. To those of you that hated the plot twist, did you finish the game? The change in plot has some very interesting underlying themes, the biggest of which is what is does it mean to be alive or how do you prove something is alive. I think the game was a huge success gameplay wise and storywise. The only thing I was really unimpressed with was the Private Action endings as I figured they'd be a little more interesting.

If you want a game that is a true let down. How about Zelda: Four Swords Adventure. It was cute at first, but there was almost no grab in the story and the gameplay got repeatative and unchallenging fast.

-- Kalledon --


I personally skipped both of those games because they didn't even get me initially interested, so I can't really comment here.


Rar at organizers zoning out...

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