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Happy Things February 2, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Yesterday, I managed to create a very nice little laser zapping sound using only a synthesized flute. This either speaks highly of me, or terribly of that flute.

Yeah, it's the flute.

What the heck is the point of this? I have an intro blurb sitting right there...

Berfdei Qs

Hey there Googleshng,

I decided I'd see if I could get a letter in the collumn today since today(02-02-2005) is my birthday, plus it looks like the collumn from the past few days was abit bare...

Anyway these are all sorta rpg related, so enjoy

Question 1: Has there ever been a tv show, book, movie etc you think would make a fun/innovative RPG? Just wondering cause I watch shows that are otherwise craptastic because they remind me of an RPG at their core, regardless of poor animation, acting, music etc etc, and my girlfriend has complaints about that so I was uh wondering if I was alone in my weirdness...


Not a console RPG no... except perhaps for Laputa. Practically every console RPG is unofficially based off it to begin with after all.

Question 2: Since my PS2 suddenly became illeterate and I have no cash to fix it, I've been playing Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube, so I was wondering were any other Tales of such and such games realeased stateside and if so what system(s) were they for? And do you know if Namco has any plans for releasing more games in the series stateside?

Arros Raikou


Yes. We also got Tales of Destiny and ToD 2 for the PSX, but not the original Tales of Phantasia way back when.

It's how they make sausage.

Greetings *groundhog sings* Googleshng Just me or would it be interetsting if today we ate groundhog? That and it shows that I'm still around and nothing bad has happened to me *yet*. People here keep saying they have found someone in their life, I can't seem to find a girlfriend for the life of me. Then again, I am in real life extremely shy. Anyways, what games are you looking forward to in the next year? Imperial Mog


Hmm... to be honest, not a whole lot is catching my eye at the moment. I'm sure that will change as soon as E3 rolls around though, it usually does.

On the immediate horizon though...

Okay...I can't be the only one suffering from this problem.

Is anyone else experiencing Xenxiety? This is a condition of feeling extreme anxiety over the upcoming release of Xenosaga: Episode 2. Unfortunately, this is what happens when such good games are made. I find my thoughts often revolving about Xenosaga. When I'm working, I constantly lose my focus and start wondering if it'll be revealed in Episode 2 as to why KOS-MOS' eyes are turning blue (possibly free will?) and whether or not Kevin is still alive.

Anyways...any suggestions on how to cope with Xenxiety over the next 2 weeks?

an RPGfan


Clearly, she has tasted the spice.

Anyway though, while you wait for Xenosaga 2 to arrive you can always just, load up your last save from Xenosaga 1 and make sure you have all your skills maxed out and card lists filled out from that REALLY nice mini-game.

This topic keeps coming up around me these days...

Mr. Google,

This is in response to the guy talking about RPGamers and steak and pop music and crossing genre lines.

First of all, you certainly cannot compare the GTA and Mario games to pop music. In general in today's world, pop music has a bad connotation - it's fun, but empty. The GTAs and Marios are among the very best games ever made - they're the Beethoven's Ninths or the best steaks in existence, if you will indulge the metaphor. A decent example of "pop" games might be the early Tomb Raiders. Not sure why we're making those comparisons in the first place, but there you have it.

Second, RPGamers are definitely not the most resistant group of gamers to crossing genres. That title belongs to adventure gamers. While RPGamers generally at least have respect for other genres, leading adventure game websites describe action gamers as "brain-dead, pimply-faced adolescents". Most adventure gamers also would like to ban 3D. Do RPGamers want nothing more than FFVI clones, graphics and all?

Other than that last one, what is my question?



Uh... where the heck are you pulling that from? I'm a huge adventure game junkie myself, and straight up adventure games more or less no longer exist. Anyone looking for a good puzzley fix has pretty much no choice but to turn to action/adventure games, like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Zelda, none of which are exactly lacking in sales figures, and the vast majority of which have 3D graphics. That and games like Wild ARMs. There. I actually brought it around to RPGs. Yay.

It's time to play... Is He Kidding? My guess is yes.

hello. my son and i read on a regular basis and turn to it everytime we are stuck in role-playing games. recently we read a promising review of 'Final Fantasy Dawns the Souls" for the game boy, so my son spent the money he earned from mowing the lawn and purchased it.

this is very troublesome and we would like to know who to inquire at your website about getting a refund. it is blatently obvious you didnt not spend any time in making this game. there is no sign of Tidus, Auron, or any other characters in the Playstation2 version. and even if they were in there, then you cant even tell because the characters are so small and blocky. my son, tobias, played through the entire game and there isnt even a blitzball minigame in it. thank you for you time

--Bill Kaiser


Well, ignoring for the moment the fact RPGamer plays absolutely no part in the production of any game, and that even if we did, you'd be looking for a refund from the store you bought it from (and I'd bet good money that they have a policy against returning opened games, that's pretty standard), it's hard to believe one could mistake a remake of the first two games in a 15 year old series for a port of one of the more recent ones, particularly after reading a review, or even looking at the box.


It's amazing to look at this little empty box of tissues, and this big trash can of their former contents... I'm going to cut myself off here because the rest of the thought is in somewhat bad taste. Anyway, here's hoping my humors rebalance themselves shortly.

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