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Questrion and Answrer February 1, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Has anyone ever actually coughed up a lung? I'm pretty sure it isn't physically possible. Seeing how coughing is the act of forcing out the contents of your lungs and all. I suppose somehow if you managed to get something else's lung in your lung somehow...

What the heck is the point of this? I have an intro blurb sitting right there...

Crossing Guard

Hey Google!

Well, it was destined to happen. In response to Mr. Steven's letter from yesterday, Megaman Volnutt/Trigger(the one from legends) and Roll have been announced for the game. I'm totally with him on bringing Breath of Fire Ryu into this though. Since you need a Q, What RPGs have you been playing lately? (and no RE4, LOL) What ones would you recommend? Thanks!

-Joey Janowski


World of WarCraft mainly. I'm kind of broke at the moment you see.

Merchandizing Merchandizing!

Hellooo.. ^_^. On your "Final Fantasy X - Propaganda" where can you purchase the wonderfull goodness on the 'lots and lots of stuff to buy'? n_n Rosie x


eBay perhaps? Such things are generally hard to come by this long after a game is released, and even then online stores are the place to look.

Coherence is your friend.

Heya QnAers,

In response to a recent emailers comments that:

"it's amazing that one could have a shortage [on RPGs... due to the numerous rpgs that have been released through the years, including those from the playstation."

Yes, how foolish of us. I've been eating steak for far too long too. I think I'll switch to chewing on broken shards of glass and rusty nails. Those seem to be in abundance. Quantity =/= Quality, and, if you've been playing RPGs since before you got a PS1 and FF VII, most just aren't willing to sacrifice one for the other. Good ol' steak, nothing beats steak...

I've gotta say also that the connection made to music & video games is very interesting however. But I think it only furthers my point. You have your "pop games" (GTA, Halo, Anything with Mario and/or Link in it) that everyone can bump along to for a bit, but for the most part you won't catch a Classical fan twirling their glowsticks to a techno beat. RPGs are just VERY different from most other genres. That's why I think you don't see much crossover.

Oh... question... right... uhm... Am I wrong?


I don't see where music factors in here, but no, I'd say you're wrong on both counts. There have been some very very good RPGs made in the last 10 years, and RPGs are extremely similar to most other genres of game at this point in time, what with everything under the sun lately having stats to boost and equipment to buy, not to mention big open worlds and pointless fetch quests.

Now that's just cool.

Hello Googleshng,

I used to be an avid reader of yours, and even Thor before you. Hard to believe how the years fly by, eh? Anyway, I've married myself a geek girl, and we're living the early-years-of-marriage-barely-scraping-by life. She's disabled, and not able to work at all due to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and a few other health issues. But I really want to give her a home of our own, since our apartment neighbors have been especially terrible and verbally abusive as of late.

So... we decided to build a Hobbit Hole. We've started a project to build an earth-sheltered home according to Tolkien's specifications, and are researching it, saving what money we can, and trying to find cheap land. We've made a lot of progress and even had some of our fans help us out in advice, publicity and funding, and have even been featured in the Washington Post and a few other big sites. Would you consider taking a look at our project and giving us a brief mention in your column? If memory serves, you're a LOTR fan and might be interested in reading about it personally if nothing else. I'd love to hear from you, being a fan off and on over the years (college and married life kinda killed my free time). :)

Thanks, and any reply would be appreciated - Hope you feel better soon,

Rob Harrison


I don't quite see how a lack of money fits in here, although I suppose it's easier to generate funds when you have an interesting hook. In any case, quite the nifty concept that. I just wish you'd included a link with this e-mail so I didn't have to go hunt it down myself. You're already near the top of the obvious search criteria, but here you go, your mention in the column has been made. Let me know when the construction starts if possible.


THIS box of tissues is odd... they're covered with glitter. I don't want glitter up my nose.

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