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Night of the Living... Alive. January 27, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

Ironically enough, the Resident Evil game which takes zombies out of the picture turns out to be the one that best captures the situation of Night of the Living Dead. A few people who just met, barricading the windows of a rundown cottage, with a hundred or so monstrous types trying to get in and kill them. That's some good stuff right there.

What the heck is the point of this? I have an intro blurb sitting right there...

I didn't know there were such people...

Dear Googleshng-
I am a rather avid pokemon fan, despite the fact that I have never owned or played any of the games. However, I recently put a gameboy advance and pokemon leafgreen on layaway at my friendly neighborhood walmart. Now, on various sites I have seen reference to PC storage for pokemon. Does this mean that pokemon other than you main six must be stored on your computer, or does PC refer to something else in this case? Please forgive my obvious inexperience and stupidity, I just wanted to know if I was getting into something more complicated than I originally thought. Please, email me at your earliest convenience at *snip*


First off, the novelty of this question demands some sort of reward, so here, have a carrot. ^

Anyway, yes. Once you have 6 Pokémon on you, any others are sent to a storage box which you can access by walking up to a computer in a Pokémon center. Now that I'm sitting here trying to recall exactly what the rationalization for this is plot wise, it occurs to me that this actually makes less sense than how Dracula hides hunks of meat in his walls, but there you have it.

Actual computers don't factor into it if that's what you were wondering.

Breathes of Fresh Air

Howdy Goog,

Doing well on the zombie slaying are ya? Good. Put a bullet in one for me too. Anyways, after reading the recent Q&As, I've noticed that you guys sure do get a lot of people complaining about the shortage of rpgs or how they just can't meet players' expection due to length or tired storylines. Well, it's amazing that one could have a shortage (especially on the PS2) due to the numerous rpgs that have been released through the years, including those from the playstation.
I mean, i've gone through a lot of rpgs... well, that's a lie right there. But I have played and beaten well over 15-20 ever since getting my original playstation and FF VII. And I'm still trying to either grow money on trees or pulling it from my *explicit language* just to try and catch up to most gamers' collection or library. just recently, I spent about 80 bucks at gamestop getting Koudelka, Wild Arms 3, and other games (cause of their buy 2 get 1 free used games sale), so it isn't that easy to run out of games to play!!
Another thing. You can't just spend your entire gaming life dedicated to rpgs can you? Cause gaming is like music; There's something for everyone and you have to try everything to find what is good to you. Sure,it's more expensive to buy a game rather than a cd, but can't you just do some review searching like most and take a chance? Hell, i think this is rant in itself... crap. Sorry for wasting your time Goog, but geez man, YOU have to be tired of people complaining about such things eh? Again, enjoy the hunt (though it's a little hard to hold a weapon w/o thumbs, eh?)! V

Give the world a lift if you've got room cause mine's a two seater.


Actually, they're not zombies. They're homicidal Spanish farmers... who, if you don't mind things being spoiled for you, have a lot in common with the kindly folk of this particularly screwed up manga. Anyway though.

A lot of people do indeed spend too much time focusing on a single genre of games, and it's more common with RPGamers than anyone else... except of course FPS junkies. So, yeah, if you find yourself without any RPGs catching your eye, you probably should go check out some of the truly spectacular action games that came out over the last year or two.

I can't stand that freak...

So I was playing through the new GBA Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (which is very fun) and I came across another version of Tingle in a side quest. I mean, what is up with this guy? As far as I can tell, Tingle is an adult that likes to wear an elf costume, paints his cheeks rosey red and has the mental capacity of an 8 year old. Is there something about this guy that is lost in the translation from Japanese? Tingle was first introduced in Majora's Mask (I think) and went on to be a part of The Wind Waker and now The Minish Cap. Is this stupid elf now a part of the "Zelda cannon" and be part of every Zelda game until the end of time?

My question is are there other characters/situations/plotlines that seem to be an essential part of an RPG series that you would would rather the developers just drop? Things like chocobos/moogles in Final Fantasy or another Belmont/Dracula in Castlevania?



If I recall, the little freak wound up in Oracle of Ages too. So yeah, he was conceived, he creeped us all out, he became a fixture by way of being disturbing.

As for other trends I'd like to see stop, I'd like to see a SotN style Castlevania game give a rest to Dracula's castle and the Play as a Belmont extra. Both get old on their own, but the added replay in, say, SotN is pretty much the exact same experience as the added replay in HoD and AoS. Most others I can think of are too mean spirited to list.


Just a quick question...
There are a couple games coming out soon and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on them. Ys VI, Phantasy Star Trilogy, Wild Arms: Alter Code F, Xenosaga 2, and Digital Devil Saga are all coming out within the next couple of months according to the sales clerk in EB and their website. I'm probably going to get Xenosaga and Devil Saga but I'm not sure about Ys, Phantasy Star, and Wild Arms. I was just wondering what your recommendations are for them?


It's been too long since I've played a Ys game to rate the series as is, but I've always found any WA game to be refreshing, and the PS series are classics. Mind you though, if you're the sort of person who prefers FF10 to FF6, neither are likely up your alley.


Seriously though, that is a great freaking moment in gaming I was talking about in the intro. Anyway, weekend, Andrew, NonCon in a month, sleep.

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